Global Citizen Program is a program provided by AIESEC as a platform for youth to do a social project for 6-8 weeks to more than 124 countries. The Global Citizen Program is an opportunity for young people to develop social awareness and responsible leadership qualities and skills. This is the platform where you will be actively involved in one social project, going through a cultural learning experience while working for projects and NGO’s that aim to create a positive impact in society.


Global Citizen  Program offers the following issues  if you choose to participate732110


Projects are available in so many countries. The image below shows popular destination countries, check it out!


Below are the phases that you’ll follow in Global Citizen Program



Administration Fee

1. Selection Fee = Rp 30.000 (Paid during selection)

2. Raising Fee = Rp 1.500.000 (Fee for registering you to Global Integrated System)

3. Matching Fee = Rp 1.000.000  (Project Approval fee for those who have matched with a project)






  1. Go to this link
  2. READ all of the instruction & description carefully!
  3. All question must be filled and don’t forget to attach your photo
  4. You are required to attach the following documents in the online form:

    – CV (Curriculum Vitae)

    – Parent’s Permission Letter

    Just click “choose file” in the last question to upload your document. Click “add another file” to attach another.

    You can find the document template in this link.  (Document uploads are not compulsory, but if you don’t upload it now please bring it over during the interview. The parent’s permission letter should be signed (signature can be scanned or image format)

  5. Use English language to fill the form!


For more information, you can contact our representatives!

syara :

line id : syarahafshoh


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