AIESEC Indonesia Brings The Name of Papua to International Level


Not many young people are brave enough to see the outside world. Casparina Theresia Renwarin, Papuan-born girl, Ririn, at the age of 17 years after graduated from YPPK Taruna Bakti Jayapura High School Jayapura decided to study at President University majoring in Banking and Finance.

At the campus located in Jababeka Industrial Estate, Cikarang, where 1700 multinational companies are located from 30 countries, Ririn had the opportunity to travel abroad. In August 2013 Ririn held a Campus Exchange event to Europe for 2 weeks. In Europe precisely in the land of the Windmill, namely the Netherlands, this 22-year-old girl deepens his ability to speak English, which then continued to visit Germany and Belgium. One year later from Western Europe Ririn flew to Eastern Europe precisely in Russia following the Global Volunteer Program at AIESEC, the French acronym, the International Association des étudiants en sciences économique et commerciales, or an International Student Association of Economics and Commercial). Located in 126 countries that focus on developing youth leadership, and become overseas ambassadors to run social projects.

“From July to September 2014 I was in the city of Saint Petersburg to teach English and Mathematics for children from the age of 7 to 18 years,” said the first child of 3 siblings.

From Eastern Europe, Ririn changed to West Asia, in New Delhi in March 2015. This time, she joined Global Talent Programme of AIESEC Indonesia. For six months Ririn’s apprenticeship at an IT company was named Denave Pvt Ltd.

“India as the world’s largest IT country after the United States, so I want to find experience here, because the plan in the future wants to open a similar type of start-up companies that move in e-commerce,” said Ririn.

“Early in India, I had a bit of trouble with food and culture, but now I’m getting ready,” said Ririn, who was shy to be close to someone there, now she feels more comfortable.

Although Indonesia added more than 1 year, Ririn never forget the family. To overcome the feeling of miss every day Ririn communicate through the phone.

“Since I first went to the land and lectured at President University, my communication with the family was very smooth. I knew about AIESEC from the organization expo in my campus,” said Ririn who actively look at the outside world in order to have a wide network, so that later will be easier when developing the business.

Ririn who has the motto “Hard work will always give satisfactory results” still want to continue to deepen his knowledge about the IT fur that supports e-commerce business. In India Ririn knows IT a lot through workshops.
“The growth of IT business in India has been remarkable,” said the daughter of a lawyer who is planning to take a Master’s degree in Australia

Although still young and coming from the Eastern Indonesia region who is still left behind, has not made Ririn underestimate herself, even it encourages her to go further. Hopefully there will other Ririn from Papua land that can make Indonesia proud.

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