Wonderful Bangka Project : Upcoming Collaborations of AIESEC Indonesia and Bangka Belitung Local Government

AIESEC Indonesia Representative along with Bangka Belitung Governor Mr. Erzaldi Rosman andother Local Government representatives

PANGKALANBARU, BANGKA TENGAH (CENTRAL BANGKA) – The succeed of Bangka Belitung Local Government as a host of AIESEC programme within 2 consecutive years, left a good remarks for our organization. Along with kind and warm culture of Bangka Belitung people, Bangka Belitung is now hosting for internship project from AIESEC Indonesia that focusing on promoting Bangka Belitung in international level. This project will involve 20 Exchange Participants from AIESEC, with different background of nationalities.

National Vice President of Incoming Global Entrepreneur AIESEC Indonesia, Vivian when having meeting with Babel Governor Erzaldi Rosman, in Restoran Gale-Gale Pangkalanbaru Meeting room, Central Bangka, Monday (4/16/2018) , said that, “The interns will involved into a project that supporting Babel yearly programmes”.

“Their focus will be on improving tourism in babel,” Vivian continues, “all of the crafted activities will be concerning on enlarging the reach information of Babel beautiful natural scenic, while also developing the communities there to help them understand how to optimize their local resources, while leading them to create local products from Babel.”

Vivian Hasna Afifa as National Head of Incoming Global Entrepreneur Programme

AIESEC Indonesia will divided the activities in to 3 main sections, consists of : Promoting the tourism value of babel to international platform, Community empowerment in terms of creating good hospitality behaviour within the local people, and product crafting.

Mr. Erzaldi Rosman – Governor of Bangka Belitung

AIESEC Indonesia hoping that this collaborations should be really supportive, and scheduled to be ran on June 27th until August 31st 2018. While Toboali and Sungailiat will be the main area for the activities.
Babel Governor, Mr. Erzaldi Rosman, is giving good concern with the plan of AIESEC Indonesia that will held the programme in Babel, “We are hoping that the 20 participants could be separated into 3 groups, which, one of the groups will be handiling Tanjung Gunung area, as it’s planned to be the economic area that focusing on tourism in Bangka Island”

Wonderful Bangka Project is the second project that we held to support the local tourism development in Indonesia, previously held in Maluku (http://aiesec.or.id/wonderfultihulale/), we are hoping that there will be a lot of upcoming collaborations that we can create together, for creating better Indonesia.

Article source from : (http://humas.babelprov.go.id/content/20-mahasiswa-aiesec-bantu-promosikan-pariwisata-babel-gubernur-menyambut-baik)

Why we would love to work in Google?

Why Is Google A Dream Workplace?



In 21st century, there is no doubt that Google has won the heart of many Youth that are about to start their work life. Many of the young people would consider themselves lucky if they gain the opportunity to work at Google.

Aside from its name that is huge and sellable in the curriculum vitae, the young generation is actually putting more concern to the intangible things that Google can offer.

Google is the pioneer of a modern work environment, promoting many new values that are fresh and fun to be conducted. Many companies are looking up to Google when it comes to creating workplaces.

What are those intangible things?




Google shows how much it cares about the employees’ personal lives.

Google has proven to the employees how much it cares to their personal lives. It provides things like free cafeteria meals, free use of laundry machines, and a day-care center. This was intended to make the employees stay longer and spend more productive hours at work, because the employees do not have to worry about the little necessities anymore and run away from work earlier.

The flexibility of workplaces – College-kind-of workplace, as they say.

Flexibility is not something you should be worrying about at all when you work at Google. Google is aware that in today’s technology-driven world, employees can easily stay connected to what’s happening with the business without being physically present. The employees sense it and as a result, Google is now well known for its flexibility and the less-stressful trait of its workplace environment.

Google gives many develop space – Encourages emploees to try new things.

Said Robyn Beavers of Google’s Green Business and Operations Strategy in the video profile of the search company: “A really interesting thing about Google is that it always encourages its employees to try new things.” Beavers then revealed that she started out as one of the assistants of the two co-founders back in May 2004 and had begun projects in green energy for Google’s operations in 2005.

It seems like money are not most important anymore, at least for our generation. What do you think?

What Employers Want

What Employers Want

We all know it, looking for a job can be an unnerving experience.

What skills, knowledge and qualities do employers look for?

Here’s how your responses compared:


There are numerous qualified professionals out there, all competing for limited number of positions and employers fighting to the nail to hire the best talent. The competition is fierce, but due to the academic pressure, colleges and universities don’t take as much time to invest in the practical skills you need to be employable.

It’s a tough market out there, and you’ll need to go that extra mile to develop those skills and competencies that gives you an edge.

While your experience is important, it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Recruiters are looking for an array of skill-sets and competencies that will determine if you are going to be a fit for the team or not.

Unfortunately, you will never hear this from the horse’s mouth primarily because most recruiters are reluctant and in some cases, discouraged to share feedback.

Candidates are then left with no choice but to wonder where did they possibly go wrong?

HERE we sharing a list of competencies that employers want in candidates that no university will teach you.

1. Interpersonal Skills

This is not only restricted to how well you communicate, but also on how you can communicate and work effectively in groups. Being able to negotiate and collaborate with others can help you make a valuable contribution to the organization. Major components of collaboration includes when to step up as a leader and when to take direction from your line managers/ co-workers.

2. Analytical Ability

Employers need people who can solve problems. Recruiters will evaluate you on your critical thinking and analytical skills. Over and above your technical skills, you need to think laterally and develop a vision and road map to solve complex issues. In all instances, analytical skills require you to find a solution to an existing problem.

3. Enterprise Skills

Individuals with strong enterprise skills will spot an opportunity and proactively work on it. These are people who are characterized by individuality, creativity and leadership. If you are serious about your career you should have an objective overview of your skills and career plans.

4. Result Orientation

Every employer wants to hire the candidate who demonstrates a sense of ownership towards their goals. Sometimes, it may also need you to sacrifice your personal needs to get work completed. This means that you are focused on your work.

5. Innovation

Great organizations do a remarkable job at competing on the basis of both scale and of innovation. They are looking for people with a creative streak who will come up with fresh ideas that will be beneficial to the company.

6. Integrity

Integrity is the most critical professional skill. Its deeper than honesty. It’s about having the constitution to do the right thing. Employers value people with integrity. They do what they say they will do. This serves as a foundation of personal trust which translates into professional credibility.

Finding the right opportunity can be an extensive process but by knowing what employers look for, you can develop yourself as a candidate that every orgainzation wants. If you remember that employers are evaluating the full picture and not just what’s on your resume, you will be prepared to nail your next interview!

Interested in learning how AIESEC can help develop these compentencies in you?

What to avoid when dealing with millennials

What to avoid when dealing with millennials

What can be the basic mistakes when company dealing with generation Y? Let`s take a closer look. 


1. Not offering enough opportunities in the workplaces

Millennials are very driven. They need to know how deep they can dig. Give them space to discover more and make them see that there is so much to offer by the company. Held as many trainings as possible, such as leadership training, self-improvement training, etc. Make the millennial believe that the companies offer such unlimited yet well-elaborated content they can discover in order for them to give themselves opportunities to improve and develop themselves.


2. Unclear explanation of the training’s purpose

Millennials are very concern about their career development and have such huge need to know about things in details. Make sure to make them see how the training being given by your company is applicable to long-term career growth.


3. Failure to coach

When it comes to millennials, everything is about engagement, not just entitlement. Set up a great coaching relationship can help them evaluate their progress. Make them learn much in the progress itself rather than too focusing on the outcomes. Also, provide enough feedback as you coach them, because millennial really need to know if they are doing a great job.




4. Leaving the technology behind

This is the most crucial one. One of the greatest strength of the millennial is their sound knowledge of technology. In fact, 70% have “friended” their managers and/or co-workers on Facebook. Therefore, the millennials have zero tolerance for outdated system. They are very interested in connecting with others through what-so-called nowadays as social media. Welcoming the technology and keep up with it is the best way to engage with the millennial.

As long as your company is not doing any of those 4 potential mistakes, then at least your company is on the right track in starting the new engagement strategy to welcome your millennial.

Bella and Her Internship to Taiwan


I was in primary school when I started fantasizing about meeting and making friends with foreigner happen. The dream is probably brought by the Disney movies I watch and realizing Indonesia is not the same like other country. That curiosity in my 10 years old self lives and grows until I entered university.

Still having a mindset from Disney movie that “Dreams do come true” –I have to be thankful for that—, I was wandering around the student booth, looking what they offer for a freshman like me. Various flags hanging around this booth, unconsciously I walked inside. Looking at the pictures of recent exchangers and all the “international vibes” decors, my pupils dilated and I told myself  with excitement, “Yes, this is it. This is my chance.”

Just like the other students, queued for the Rp 40.000,00 registration form, which at that time was the most expensive form rather than any other booth. Looking through each page, I found out it was all in English, and the questions were like “What are your strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome it?”.  Did I just apply for an exchange program or beauty pageant?

The thought of impossibilities strikes me at that time and I didn’t finished the form, and months had passed. Summer holiday was in front of me and I didn’t have any plan. My family is not the kind of family that will go abroad for holiday. I assume most Indonesian think so. Going to another country means lots amount of money need be spent.

Short story, I registered myself for the Global Citizen Program, with only a thought, “Why not?” I went to China before and this country makes me want to explore more, so I chose “Dare To Dream Project” in AIESEC Xia Men University, Mainland of China. It wasn’t an easy decision for my family and I to let me spend one month far away from my hometown with no relatives and clear agenda of what exactly I’m going to do.

I hope it was a good decision.

Turns out it was not a good decision.

It was the greatest decision in my life.

There are so many things I never thought I could do. With super basic Chinese skill, without traveling and teaching background at all, I brave myself to go to China by myself. It took me a while to find this project, I almost give up but finally I got one just three weeks before it starts.

It was a voluntary project about teaching children in rural school, inspire and encourage them to pursue their dream. There were other 12 Exchange Participants from nine different countries, whom ended up as best friends for life. I come across a wide-range of personalities when live and work together with them. Everyone came for their own different reasons and have their own set of expectations for what the experience would be. The OC and EPs are not the only reason why I love this experience.

Teaching in a rural place was another challenge. Despite the language barrier, it didn’t bother us to communicate with the kids. They always show their affection and give us snacks every single day, although they actually don’t have much money for themselves. It took approximately 1.5 hours on bus and 15 minutes of walking through a traditional market for us to get into their school, plus the heat of summer made it worse. But because of the kids, we would willingly tolerate those obstacles.

I feel like I can do this forever, as long as I can see the smile on their face. We gave them hope. We gave them a reason to dream. At the end of the week they tell us about their dreams and also their intention to visit us in each country.

The only thing they ask me to give is… a hug. That moment I knew that I was meant for somebody, I feel loved and respected by being myself. I never knew a person like me would ever inspire others especially people from totally different backgrounds.

We realized that we also changing the kids’ life. Twelve different people could make differences for +-140 children.

But it wasn’t only the kids’ life. It is also my life, our life. This is hard to explain but you’ll know it when you experience it. You’ll look back at your time as a volunteer and realize that you had no idea how much you needed to be needed.

When I thought the magic comes from the children as the main subject of the project, more powerful ones are from our daily experience. Being chased by the police, dancing under the rain (literally), cooking with old grandmas, being lost in the city, sleeping together under the stars, swimming in the middle of the night, singing in the public transportation, and other crazy things we’ve done together.

Learning not only about Chinese culture, but also other intern’s culture and habit are I for one will be forever grateful I had the opportunity to live somewhere I had previously known very little about, made connections with people I never would have met, had the time of my life, and made impacts.

I learn a lot about myself in a way that’s simply impossible when I’m in the midst of your normal daily routine. I explore and more aware of myself, and I couldn’t be more thankful for this, knowing, developing, and loving myself more; making friends for life; experiencing new things everyday; and most importantly, making positive impacts. I’m glad to say I’m currently doing another exchange program with AIESEC as an intern in Taiwan. One thing I realized so far is that every exchange program is always inspiring, but experience it by your own will change your life forever.


I don’t know about you but if I could do this, so could you.

AIESEC UNDIP- Global Talent



AIESEC UNDIP- Global Talent

GT Logo Dark Blue

Global Talent is a youth international internship program by AIESEC. This program will help practical working and learning experience for young people to develop their academic knowledge & professional skills in a foregin cultural environtment. In shord, this program gives you opportunities to gain professional experiences through working in foreign & various countries such as Japan, Malaysia, China, Europe, Australia and many more.

Global Talent have an portal to apply and looking for opportunities that we have. There is aiesec.or.id/internshipnow

You can find the company that open for application also the requirements based on program fields.


[Link : aiesec.or.id/internshipnow]


Global Talent provides its participants with an opportunity to go on an internship in one of the following sub-product : Marketing, Information Technology and Teaching.



[Internship Program Fields]


Skill required : for examples are : “Advertising + Public Relations; Brand & Trademark Management; Consumer + Buyer Behavior, etc.

Information Technology

Skill required : for examples are “Artificial Intelligence, Database Management, Mobile Application, Mobile Techology, etc.


Skills required : for examples are : “Advanced Teaching; Child (Youth) Education; Foreign Language Education; Introductory Teaching, etc.


[short term Internship]

For you that don’t have much time, you can apply short term internship.



What will you gain?

Valueable Working Experience Abroad

Our program will enhance your knowledge into practical skill by improving your professional internship abroad, develop skills & gain relevant experiences that employers recognize.

Personal and professional life – changing – experience

Our program enable you to discover your strength and weakness, also how to utilize it for your professional carrer.

Expanding global network

Our program enables you to see business and career in a world perspective & gaining good experience in another country to bring back the key learning to Indonesia.




  1. Fill the form correctly [tiny.cc/reg-AIESECid

click apply now for Global Talent, fill AIESEC Registration Form

In Program section, choice international internship opportunity abroad and choice product global talent (internship abroad] based on program field that you want.

2. confirmation

if you done, we will contact you within 3 days. We will screen your application & your international CV.

3. interview

Virtual interview by AIESEC and/or internship company.

4. Ready to go

Horray, you are ready to go for Global Talent Program now.


General Requirements

Undergraduate-minimum 3rd years

Bachelor-two (2) years after obtaining a university degree, except joining master program – Not older than 30 years of age at the time interview with AIESEC

Master-20 until 30 years old

Excellent in English for having proficiency in another international language

Flexible in choosing internship countries and companies.


Fee details

Only 3.500.000 IDR

You can get training & preparation seminar, apply in many opportunities & also leadership development program!


Intern Returnee Story

1446362676671 1446362632029 1446362646386



For more information, please contact

Arrum Akhira




Register Now! aiesec.or.id/internshipnow

Degrees are Great, but Internships Make a Difference – Global Talent AIESEC Surabaya

Traditionally, earning a college degree has been cause for celebration. For most, the achievement signaled the onset of adulthood and offered the promise of a career that would start in mere months, if not weeks. But in today’s job market, undergraduates who leave school armed only with a degree may not be so fortunate. In 2000, more than 1.2 million people received bachelor’s degrees in the United States. This year, that number is expected to rise 30 percent to more than 1.6 million, according to estimates by the National Center for Education Statistics. That hike has far outpaced the country’s increase in population over the past decade, tripling the Census Bureau’s projected rate of population growth over the same period. “With the increased number of students, if I’m an employer or a medical school or business school, finding a student who has a good GPA isn’t particularly tough anymore,” says Dan Gomez-Palacio, assistant director of career services at Westminster College in Missouri. “So, what is going to separate you from your peers?”

“With the increased number of students, if I’m an employer or a medical school or business school, finding a student who has a good GPA isn’t particularly tough anymore,”

The answer: internships. University officials and employers almost universally maintain that partaking in an internship—or several, which sets a student apart from his or her peers even more—before graduation is integral to finding meaningful employment in today’s seemingly impenetrable job market. More than ever, schools across the country are pushing students of all majors toward internships, and several have even added them to their graduation requirements. “These internships give these students an edge that they would not have otherwise,” says Patricia Cormier, president of Longwood University in Virginia, which requires an internship of all graduates. “It always amazes me that higher education didn’t think of this sooner. For me it’s a no-brainer. If you’re going to position your students well, you’ve got to give them this exposure before they graduate.”

“These internships give these students an edge that they would not have otherwise,”

“These internships give these students an edge that they would not have otherwise,” says Patricia Cormier, president of Longwood University in Virginia, which requires an internship of all graduates. “

Longwood, with an enrollment of roughly 4,800, saw 74 percent of their 2008 graduating class attain jobs within six months of graduation, despite the fact that students were thrust into one of the worst job markets on record. Two years ago, officials at Eastern Connecticut State University decided to institute a pre-professional experience requirement for students. Rhona Free, vice president of academic affairs at Eastern Connecticut, says the school wants not only to educate students but to prepare them for their working lives after school through experience-based learning. “[Students] worry, ‘If I’m an English major, can I get a job?’ ” she says. “We want them to know that before they leave here, they will have been in a setting that’s like one they’ll go to work in.”
While smaller schools are able to ensure that their students can meet the internship requirement by forming partnerships with local companies and working one-on-one with students to facilitate their hunt for an internship, the task is more daunting for larger schools. Finding an employer base near a large university that can support the influx of thousands of interns is a daunting, if not impossible, task. For that reason, many large schools have shied away from requiring internships but still take pains to impart the importance of work experience to their students. Plus, some programs within larger institutions do require internships. It’s a common practice in fields where prior work experience is integral to the hiring process, like business and journalism/communications.
The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Villanova University in Pennsylvania does not require internships, but students are E-mailed a weekly list of internship openings and are constantly reminded of their importance. The college’s website even proclaims: “INTERNSHIPS . . . don’t leave Villanova without one!” Such marketing efforts have paid off. The school has seen a 30 percent jump in enrollment in internships in the past three years alone. Such efforts are lauded by large employers that hire a bulk of their interns. Accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers, for instance, draws more than 70 percent of its new hires from its internship program. “Schools that focus in on accommodating internships as part of their course curriculum position their students very well for future employment,” says Holly Paul, national recruiting leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“students are E-mailed a weekly list of internship openings and are constantly reminded of their importance”


Recent graduates who’ve listened to such advice are reaping the rewards. Ryan Mossman, who graduated from Boston College with a degree in English in May 2009, said that although BC did not require that he take an internship, the school regularly touted their importance. After a discouraging job search in the months leading up to his graduation, Mossman decided an internship was the best, if not only, way for him to launch his career. Instead of aimlessly searching for job openings as he claims many of his peers did after graduation, he took an internship at LVM Group, a public-relations firm, soon after graduating. The internship eventually led to a full-time position as an assistant account executive with the company. Meanwhile, he says many of his friends sit at home with their degrees, waiting for a job to fall in their laps. “Had I not taken a post-graduation internship, I think I’d be in the same position they are,” he says.

The internship eventually led to a full-time position as an assistant account executive with the company.

Source :

By Brian Burnsed April 15, 2010 | 12:00 a.m. EDT


The story in this article may not happened in Indonesia, but it shows us the importance of going for internships in this Global Era. Degree and Good GPA may not enough for your career in this Competitive Global Era. So, Don’t waste your time anymore, take a chance to go for INTERNSHIPS NOW!

For More Information about our Internship Program (List of the company, Requirements etc.) please visit :

5 Reasons Why Should You Do Internship Before 25

Internship (Magang) merupakan investasi yang dapat digunakan untuk melamar pekerjaan di masa depan. Seringkali, para fresh graduate enggan untuk mengejar magang karena mereka khawatir terjebak melakukan tugas-tugas kasar seperti membuat kopi atau membuat salinan fotokopi. Namun, meskipun tidak semua magang membayar secara tunai, mereka membayar dengan cara lain. Walaupun banyak keluhan karena harus bekerja tanpa digaji, namun magang penting dilakukan. Mari simak 5 alasannya dibawah ini!

1. Pengalaman di Dunia Nyata

Bergabung dengan perusahaan sebagai anak magang memberi Anda kesempatan untuk bekerja langsung di dalam lingkungan profesional. Sebagai anak magang Anda tidak hanya menjalankan tugas, tapi Anda berada di sana untuk mendapatkan pengalaman kerja yang sebenarnya. Magang mengajari Anda lebih banyak tentang jalur karir yang akan Anda kejar. Anggap saja seperti ini – magang adalah cara untuk test drive pekerjaan dan mengeksplorasi pilihan karir yang berbeda.

2. Jaringan

Magang sering memberikan kesempatan untuk menghadiri pertemuan dan acara-acara internal maupun eksternal perusahaan. Berinteraksi dengan para profesional dapat mengenalkan anda dengan koneksi baru, dan belajar bagaimana berkomunikasi dalam lingkungan profesional. Secara pribadi, magang telah memperkenalkan saya kesempatan untuk memenuhi berbagai kebutuhan profesional di bidang saya. Jaringan telah membantu saya mendapatkan referensi dan mencari peluang pekerjaan baru. Magang bahkan dapat mengenalkan anda dengan mentor profesional.

3. Resume/CV Builder

Sebagai mahasiswa saya tahu pentingnya resume yang kuat. Tanpa resume yang solid, maka akan lebih sulit untuk diterima di Perusahaan impian Anda. Bagaimana Anda bisa memiliki resume yang kuat tanpa pengalaman apapun? Magang merupakan kunci untuk membangun pengalaman sebagai mahasiswa atau lulusan baru. Recruiter akan lebih mungkin memperkerjakan seseorang dengan pengalaman magang daripada seseorang dengan resume generik dan kurang pengalaman.

4. Manajemen Waktu

Sebagai anak magang Anda akan menjadi master manajemen waktu. Ketika Anda bekerja dalam lingkungan profesional serba cepat yang perlu Anda ketahui setiap hitungan menit, manajemen waktu sangat penting dalam setiap keadaan. Baik ketika Anda menghindari pertemuan, menyelesaikan tugas pada tenggat waktu, membuat panggilan telepon, maupun tugas-tugas lainnya.

5. Pondasi Karir

Magang menyediakan Anda dengan blok bangunan yang Anda butuhkan untuk masa depan Anda. Banyak kesempatan magang membantu mengatur pondasi bagi karir Anda. Penting diingat bahwa Anda memilih lowongan magang berdasarkan minat dan prospek karir. Sebagai Anak magang Anda memiliki kesempatan lebih besar diterima oleh perusahaan. Perusahaan sering menggunakan magang sebagai alat rekrutmen untuk menguji karyawan masa depan dan dalam banyak kasus, perusahaan mempekerjakan anak magang setelah lulus.


Pertanyaan selanjutnya adalah dimana mencari informasi magang yang relavan dan berkualitas? Kini bekerja magang secara profesional di berbagai belahan dunia bukan lagi mimpi tak tergapai untukmu. Raih kesempatan untuk mewujudkan mimpi itu bersama International Internship Program di jaringan perusahaan Internasional AIESEC Local Committee Universitas Gadjah Mada. Tunjukan kemampuanmu untuk bekerja secara profesional di instansi dan perusahaan berbagau negara di dunia.

Adaptasi dari: http://www.kompasiana.com/faiz_ar/mengapa-magang-penting-untuk-masa-depan-anda_54f687e0a3331137028b4eff

AIESEC UNDIP – Global Citizen


Global Citizen Program is a program provided by AIESEC as a platform for youth to do a social project for 6-8 weeks to more than 124 countries. The Global Citizen Program is an opportunity for young people to develop social awareness and responsible leadership qualities and skills. This is the platform where you will be actively involved in one social project, going through a cultural learning experience while working for projects and NGO’s that aim to create a positive impact in society.


Global Citizen  Program offers the following issues  if you choose to participate732110


Projects are available in so many countries. The image below shows popular destination countries, check it out!


Below are the phases that you’ll follow in Global Citizen Program



Administration Fee

1. Selection Fee = Rp 30.000 (Paid during selection)

2. Raising Fee = Rp 1.500.000 (Fee for registering you to Global Integrated System)

3. Matching Fee = Rp 1.000.000  (Project Approval fee for those who have matched with a project)






  1. Go to this link bit.ly/gcitizenUNDIP
  2. READ all of the instruction & description carefully!
  3. All question must be filled and don’t forget to attach your photo
  4. You are required to attach the following documents in the online form:

    – CV (Curriculum Vitae)

    – Parent’s Permission Letter

    Just click “choose file” in the last question to upload your document. Click “add another file” to attach another.

    You can find the document template in this link.  (Document uploads are not compulsory, but if you don’t upload it now please bring it over during the interview. The parent’s permission letter should be signed (signature can be scanned or image format)

  5. Use English language to fill the form!


For more information, you can contact our representatives!

syara :

line id : syarahafshoh


Because Doing Good Is Always in Style

It’s a chilly Monday, a mundane and boring one. But a rather surprising view casts a little light in the tunnel of boredom: a face you haven’t seen for around 6 weeks in this semester appears before you in class that day.


Ohai there!” (from pinterest.com)

A friend of yours has just finally got back from an AIESEC program called the Global Citizen Program. You see that she was a bit tanned, you start assuming that she might have been back from a really sunny country—sunnier than Indonesia, you suppose— and done lots of things outdoor. Despite the burn and the jetlag eye bags, there’s one thing you can see in her face: a sincere smile, a pure bliss just every time she answers people’s “How was your 6 weeks?”

She looks very happy—as if she had gone through the best 6 weeks in her life. She said she had done a volunteering work and helped lots of people, and that’s what makes her elated.

Helping people? Doing volunteer work? You start to listen to her in wonder, what program Global Citizen Program really is, because you have always had this thought that going abroad for an exchange is always for academic purposes!


What Global Citizen Program Really Is

Yes, Global Citizen Program (GCP) is not an ordinary program in which you go abroad, study in foreign universities, and merely have fun. It works in a different perspective: GCP puts you in a project abroad that encourages you to do volunteer work, that lets you grow and make a change—both to the society where you are in and to yourself—that aligns your interests. There are five branches of project themes that youngsters can choose to take part and make impact in: culture, education, environment, health, and entrepreneurship. During the project, which lasts for 6-8 weeks and takes place in developing countries in ASEAN and beyond, the participants of GCP (you can be one, too!) will do unpaid volunteer work that ranges from teaching languages, giving dance lessons, and dealing with children.

The hustle-bustle and joy of volunteering. (Illustration by Quentin Blake, from http://www.sulisfineart.com/)

Besides working, having fun is also in. Global Citizen Program provides you with rich cultural experience—from living in a local housing, meeting new people with native culture, tasting savory delicacies, roaming around the town, and having a buddy who will accompany you along the project.

It’s truly a study outside of class, a lesson you cannot get anywhere else unless by participating actively—with people around you, your own experience, and the world as the teachers!

You just won’t believe how much change you can bring along with your suitcases when you’re in the airport, homebound. Your scarf might smell like your last lunch there, or your shoes dirty with the soil you step on every day on your way to the project place; but the most memorable thing from taking part in changing the world with volunteering is the smiles you bring to the faces of the people and the self-development you create for yourself. You’ve defeated your fear, you open your eyes to the world, you make people happy.
That’s why you should totally consider to take part in this life-changing project—because doing good and being kind is never out of style.