Why we would love to work in Google?

Why Is Google A Dream Workplace?



In 21st century, there is no doubt that Google has won the heart of many Youth that are about to start their work life. Many of the young people would consider themselves lucky if they gain the opportunity to work at Google.

Aside from its name that is huge and sellable in the curriculum vitae, the young generation is actually putting more concern to the intangible things that Google can offer.

Google is the pioneer of a modern work environment, promoting many new values that are fresh and fun to be conducted. Many companies are looking up to Google when it comes to creating workplaces.

What are those intangible things?




Google shows how much it cares about the employees’ personal lives.

Google has proven to the employees how much it cares to their personal lives. It provides things like free cafeteria meals, free use of laundry machines, and a day-care center. This was intended to make the employees stay longer and spend more productive hours at work, because the employees do not have to worry about the little necessities anymore and run away from work earlier.

The flexibility of workplaces – College-kind-of workplace, as they say.

Flexibility is not something you should be worrying about at all when you work at Google. Google is aware that in today’s technology-driven world, employees can easily stay connected to what’s happening with the business without being physically present. The employees sense it and as a result, Google is now well known for its flexibility and the less-stressful trait of its workplace environment.

Google gives many develop space – Encourages emploees to try new things.

Said Robyn Beavers of Google’s Green Business and Operations Strategy in the video profile of the search company: “A really interesting thing about Google is that it always encourages its employees to try new things.” Beavers then revealed that she started out as one of the assistants of the two co-founders back in May 2004 and had begun projects in green energy for Google’s operations in 2005.

It seems like money are not most important anymore, at least for our generation. What do you think?

November is a month of actions towards Sustainable Development Goals


November is a month of actions towards Sustainable Development Goals

 Exactly one year ago, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals. During this time the initiative Youth4GlobalGoals become one of most powerful movements towards the SDGs. The reach has crossed more than 120 countries and territories around the world.

According to the YouthSpeak Survey results, only 46% of young people know about the SDGs. However, they are the ones who will experience the consequences of implementation of the Goals the most. The level of engagement of young people in the Agenda today will directly result in the state of the world in 2030.

While majority (68%) believes the society will be in better state in 2030, young people still ask the question about who is responsible for implementing the SDGs. In reality, youth still relies on the public sector while it’s partnership between public, private sectors and civil society that will be a key to success this time.

Youth 4 Global Goals campaign was created to mobilise young people to take action towards the SDGs. It has a set of initiatives aimed to make people aware about the Global Goals, understand them and act.


What exactly we are doing to support Sustainable Development Goals?youth_speak_forum_logo

  • Youth Speak Survey: the survey got 7,400 responses from Indonesia Millenials. The result is the voice of Indonesian Youth is giving an opinion about what SDGs they would act upon, what kind of motives and fears they have.
  • Youth Speak Summits:  those events are realized around Indonesia and bring together young and senior leaders to form a space for inspiring conversations and creation of actionable ideas around global issues. We are focusing on global goals 1,4 and 3 (No poverty, Health and Well-being and Quality Education).
  • Youth Speak Projectsconsidering the insights got in the Survey, AIESEC is running the social projects around SDGs, Millennials and region needs. This is how a young person gets an opportunity to directly contribute to an issue he or she relates the most to, while developing the leadership potential. This year, we are going to have grand finale in Jakarta (Youth Speak Forum) where investor and experts are going to choose best project from all four summits in November and support it financially and by coaching as well.

Stay update on our Instagram 🙂

Looking forward to see you in the Summits or Forum.

AIESEC and UNDP – partnership to make a difference


AIESEC and UNDP – partnership to make a difference

As young people, we have the incredible opportunity to shape the future and influence a world we want to live in. To get there, we must understand what’s already happening that will shape our future. 2015 was a year when the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) were adopted by the United Nations and governments of the world set of commitments that will define the next 15 years of global development.

“AIESEC is largest Youth organization in Indonesia, and one of the thing that Youth can contribute are ideas. We face a lot of challenges in these days, we need innovations, we need technology and creative ideas. Engaging with young people can help to identify new solutions for current problems like hunger, poverty or quality education, thats why we are excited about cooperation with AIESEC Indonesia,” with these words launched Francine Pickup, Deputy Country Director for UNDP, cooperation with AIESEC in October 2016.


We are realizing that unless we take it in our hands nothing will change. It is on us to push leaders across governments to businesses to include young people in the decision-making process and to participate in creating a society that meets the needs of young people in Indonesia— millions of us.

AIESEC Indonesia with network of more than 2000 members, is able to achieve big things, create  projects which influence thousands people, but we are not able to make it alone, thats why we are  striving for purposeful partnerships as this one with UNDP.



If you want to partner with us on projects that matters, don’t hesitate to contact us.

[Opportunity] Ready to Study Abroad?

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

Talking about opportunity, AIESEC is partnering with Fourth Valley and we have something good in store for you. Check it out!

TOP CAREER Study Abroad & Scholarship Fair will be held in Jakarta! For more than 5 years, we have been supporting young graduates to find positions such as engineers, business man/woman, and other renowned jobs abroad. Our clients are currently mainly top Japanese multinational corporations in various industries such as SONY, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, UNIQLO or Rakuten to name a few. We also provide support for students by holding seminars, conducting individual counselling and interview training sessions so that they will be ready for the global challenges.

(Of course we have never charged students, it’s FREE)

Not only do we provide career opportunities, we also support the youth to challenge themselves to pursue further education abroad. We are now matching companies, educational institutes, and students by bringing different opportunities such as international job opportunities, internships, study abroad, cultural exchange, and collecting scholarships from companies to provide to educational institutes and students. Because of financial matters, many students don’t have the chance to study abroad. Being aware of that, we have prepared the exclusive SCHOLARSHIP BOOTH. By visiting this booth, you will get information about many scholarships available all over the world.

■Name of the event

TOP CAREER Study Abroad & Scholarship Fair in Jakarta

■Time & Date

October 11 Sunday 11:00 to 17:00


The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan

■Entrance Fee


■FREE Gift from Japan only for first 300 registrants

We have decided to give a Japanese souvenir to those who reserve to the event from our

website and come to the event. Don’t miss this chance to get for FREE a gift from Japan!!!

■How to participate?


Register to our service

Click here!


Visit the URL link which is on the confirmation E-mail from TOP CAREER


Click “Reserve”


Come early to the event and show us your reservation confirmation e-mail for the fair

■Facebook Page

Visit our Facebook page for updated information

Click here!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Jakarta!

AIESEC UNDIP – Global Citizen


Global Citizen Program is a program provided by AIESEC as a platform for youth to do a social project for 6-8 weeks to more than 124 countries. The Global Citizen Program is an opportunity for young people to develop social awareness and responsible leadership qualities and skills. This is the platform where you will be actively involved in one social project, going through a cultural learning experience while working for projects and NGO’s that aim to create a positive impact in society.


Global Citizen  Program offers the following issues  if you choose to participate732110


Projects are available in so many countries. The image below shows popular destination countries, check it out!


Below are the phases that you’ll follow in Global Citizen Program



Administration Fee

1. Selection Fee = Rp 30.000 (Paid during selection)

2. Raising Fee = Rp 1.500.000 (Fee for registering you to Global Integrated System)

3. Matching Fee = Rp 1.000.000  (Project Approval fee for those who have matched with a project)






  1. Go to this link bit.ly/gcitizenUNDIP
  2. READ all of the instruction & description carefully!
  3. All question must be filled and don’t forget to attach your photo
  4. You are required to attach the following documents in the online form:

    – CV (Curriculum Vitae)

    – Parent’s Permission Letter

    Just click “choose file” in the last question to upload your document. Click “add another file” to attach another.

    You can find the document template in this link.  (Document uploads are not compulsory, but if you don’t upload it now please bring it over during the interview. The parent’s permission letter should be signed (signature can be scanned or image format)

  5. Use English language to fill the form!


For more information, you can contact our representatives!

syara :

line id : syarahafshoh


Global Citizen Program 2015

The Global Citizen Program is an opportunity for young people to develop social awareness and responsible leadership qualities and skills. This program is executed by actively involving in one social project that is conducted in one out of 124 developing countries in which AIESEC does exist for the duration of 6 to 8 weeks. A young volunteer goes through a cultural learning experience while working for projects and NGO’s that aim to create a positive impact in society. For the winter season, participants or volunteers will depart in December, January, and February.


With a network of 124 countries and over 20,000 international internships each year, AIESEC offers more than just an international experience. AIESEC offers you the most intense learning experience by enabling you to live and work in a foreign country as you nurture your passions and fight your fears.


Eligibility only for Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta, Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta, Universitas Islam Indonesia, Universitas Teknologi Yogyakarta, AMIKOM, and STIE YKPN

What are the requirements to join a program with AIESEC?

  1. Student or recent graduate

Minimum 17 years old and maximum 30 years old

  1. Able to communicate in English

Having experience with another language will be a plus point!

  1. Meet our minimum criteria and pass our selection process

Details regarding the selection are below. Keep reading!

  1. Have high motivation to get new experiences

and passionate about participating in a life-changing experience and positively impacting others! How to Apply?

  1. Apply here

Fill the application form here as your first step to joining this program. Don’t forget to select “Global Citizen (Volunteering Experience) in the Program section!

  1. Forum Group Discussion & Interview

Those who passed the Document Selection will proceed to Forum Group Discussion and Interview Session. It will be held at October30th (first wave) and November 6thth (second wave), time and place announced soon!

  1. Final Announcement

Congratulations! Check out who passed the interview stage of GCP Winter Season and ready for the life-changing leadership experience with AIESEC UGM here!

Contact us!Sri Anggun Mutia

Line ID: anggunmutia_h

Phone number: 085255481202


Check out our EP returnees sharing their volunteering experience abroad with AIESEC!

Kemas Destia

Nabillah Aisyah

Nabillah Aisyah

Exchange Participant Returnee from AIESEC in Craiova, Romania Winter Project: International Kindergarten January-February 2015 It’s an unforgettable experience, you will learn how to respect other cultures. The sweetest moment is when all the interns explore Romania together also with the OC. From this experience of volunteering abroad, you will learn the basic language of the country also and cultures from other countries. I really miss the good moments there! Make sure you join GCP! You will never regret it!

Windy Oceany Azzahra

Windy Oceany Azzahra Exchange Participant Returnee from AIESEC in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Winter Project: Jump Above Sky High (JASH) January-February 2015 Going to Kyrgyzstan to volunteer abroad is the best decision I ever made in my life. I had learned a lot of things through this opportunity. I become more confident and open minded. This experience taught how little movement that made by youth can give impacts to society. And from this volunteering experience, I also met lots of people from various background that becoming my second family now.   Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Global Citizen Program actually?

Global Citizen Program or GCP is a volunteering program provided by AIESEC. Rather than focusing on the academic area, GCP emphasizes more on social projects. There are several fields of social projects, such as children education, women empowerment, health care, HIV/AIDS, culture, entrepreneurship, etc.

  1. AIESEC has Global Youth Ambassador Program the last term—is Global Citizen Program a different program?

No, it’s exactly the same volunteering project, only the name has changed to GCP.

  1. How long will the program be?

It depends on which project you will be involved in, but commonly, it will last for 6 to 8 weeks.

  1. When will I depart for the program?

As for winter, you will likely depart around December, January, or February

  1. Where are the destination countries?

There are 124 countries in which AIESEC exists. But however, you might need to note that our main destination countries are the developing countries, such as the Eastern Europe (Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, etc.), ASEAN countries (Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Cambodia, etc.), South Korea, India, Morocco, Egypt, etc.

  1. Will AIESEC cover my airfare and/or other expenses?

No, we do not cover your airfare and/or other expenses. But the price you pay is going to be worth it!

  1. How much will is the overall cost?

It depends on which country you went exchange to, and there are many other factors that go into overall costs, such as international health insurance, visa, and vaccinations (if necessary).

  1. Can I get a sponsor for my program?

Yes, but you need to search for sponsors by yourself. However, we can aid you in giving recommendation and cover letter.

  1. Who can join a volunteering program with GCP?

Anyone who are university students (both undergraduate up to post-graduate), minimum 17 years old and maximum 2 years after your graduation (maximum 30 years old). Eligibility only for UGM, UAD, ISI, UAJY, UII, UTY, AMIKOM, and STIE YKPN

  1. Should I be an AIESEC member to be eligible to join a program with AIESEC?

No, you don’t have to be an AIESEC member to join AIESEC volunteering programs.

  1. Are there any fees before we depart?

Yes, there are some fees that you need to pay before the departure. Application package: Rp. 20.000,00 Forum Group Discussion and Interview Session: Rp. 135.000,00 After you pass the FGD and Interview Session, you should pay Rp. 1.500.000,00 to register in AIESEC System (or also called as ‘raising’) And, after raising, if you are already got matched with a project in AIESEC System (or also called ‘matching’), you need to pay Rp. 1.000.000,00

Young Entrepreneurs Alert! liveWIRE Seminar is Coming to Jogja!

AIESEC in UGM collaborating with Shell presents:


AIESEC and Shell invites you together with every Jogjakarta youths that is interested in entrepreneurship to come to our seminar, entitled ENTREVOLUTION liveWIRE Seminar. In this seminar, you will hear it live from the experts about their opinion in entrepreneurship. The schedule and theme is as follow:

1. Bright Ideas : “Increasing the awareness of future young enterpreneurs”

June 26th 2015

Ruang Seminar Lt.2 Perpustakaan Pusat UGM

12.00 – 16.30

2. Becoming Successful Owner and Manager : “Equipping the Business Management skills of young enterpreneurs”

June 27th 2015

Wanagama Hall UC Hotel UGM


It’s FREE! Plus, you will get Business Guideline Book and Certificate. What are you waiting for?

Register now!

How to register?
Send the text to Faris 081289945245

See you at the event!

Powered by Shell and Shell liveWIRE

[IIP] Student Review Board Result Batch 3

The result for Student Review Board Batch 3 is here! Are you ready for the next application process for International Internship Program? Here we go! Congratulations to:


Muh. Ade Artasasta from AIESEC in Universitas Hasanuddin

Arniati Labanni’ from AIESEC in Universitas Hasanuddin

Mirah Midadan from AIESEC in Universitas Hasanuddin

Rahmi Mar’atus Soleha from AIESEC in Universitas Hasanuddin

Herlina Rasyid from AIESEC in Universitas Hasanuddin

Ferdinand Melyanus Nagal from AIESEC in UPN Veteran Yogyakarta

Juan Andrianto Tejoprayitno from AIESEC in President University

Dara Kurniawan from AIESEC in Universitas Gadjah Mada


Congratulations on passing the SRB Batch #3! You will be contacted by us for the next process of the application. For those of you who hasn’t passed the SRB process, don’t worry – there are still tons of opportunities ahead available for you to apply, so prepare yourself better 🙂 Cheers!

[IIP] Student Review Board Result Batch 2

HOY AIESEC! For those of you who have applied for International Internship Program and joined Student Review Board Batch #2, are you ready for the result?

Here we present: the result of SRB Batch #2! Congratulations to:


Ratri Lalitamanik from AIESEC in Undip

Roberta Lei Easter from AIESEC in Undip

Harlika Tiatara Welsa from AIESEC in Undip

Lia Achmad from AIESEC in Undip

Fanny Febriani Susilo from AIESEC in Bandung

Meywinda Ritya Iriyanto from AIESEC in UGM


Congratulations on passing the SRB Batch #2! You will be contacted by us for the next process of the application. For those of you who hasn’t passed the SRB process, don’t worry – there are still tons of opportunities ahead available for you to apply, so prepare yourself better 🙂 Cheers!