Youth Speak Forum Purwokerto 2018 : Developing City through Creativepreneurship

CENTRAL JAVA – PURWOKERTO – AIESEC in Universitas Soedirman held YouthSpeak Forum Purwokerto 2018 (12/05), The event were  attended by representatives from the community and influencers sector. YouthSpeak Forum Purwokerto is aim to give insight about the progress of Purwokerto city in the digital era to the youth there. In this year YouthSpeak Purwokerto 2018, themed Developing city through Creativepreneurship.

The event was held with the hope of increasing the youth insight about  creative business opportunities in Purwokerto and surrounding areas, also giving them new perspective on contributing as Agent of Change through creating innovative business with high leadership, creativity and having good values within Purwokerto.

The event was held at Oemah Daun Restaurant and has several tracks of sessions such as:  (keynote session), workshop (master class), and YouthSpeak Competitions. For seminars, was filled by influencers and communities representative that have the same objective and vision towards Purwokerto development, all of the speakers are :  Rifqi Meidianto (LCP AIESEC in UNSOED), Anggit Pandu (CEO & Founder Banyumas Creative), and Hebbie Agus Kurnia (CEO @luarsekolah and @ alphacreative). In the Workshop ssession, we are talking about How to maintain business and How to start to be Creativepreneur to be filled by Anggit Pandu (CEO of Banyumas Creative).

Through all of this session, it is hoped, that the delegates later would submit their ideas of social enterprises to AIESEC Indonesia, that will received opportunities of having training and incubation process of their ideas to ensure that their ideas is going to be implemented in real life.

Youth Speak Forum Jember 2018 : Activating Youth Potential in Jember for Economic Social Development Through Digitalization

Ryan Daniel Pakpahan, National Head of Outgoing Global Entrepreneur and Talent Programme as speaker at Youth Speak Forum Jember 2018.

EAST JAVA-JEMBER, May 13, 2018. Explore the potential of youth in Jember, AIESEC in Universitas Jember held Youth Speak Forum 2.0 with the theme “Activating Youth Potential in Jember for Economic Social Development Through Digitalization”. The purpose of the Youth Speak Forum is not only to provide insight to youth in Jember, but also aim to provide new insight that will be useful for youth who wants to build their own Start Up. Youth Speak Forum 2.0 takes the theme of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) number 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and SDGs number 17 (Partnership for the Goals).

By looking at today’s development, proving that technology plays an important role to make Indonesia better, especially Jember. But unfortunately in Jember today the utilization of technology is still very low compared with other cities in Indonesia. For this reason, the Youth Speak This year is entitled “Activating Youth Potential in Jember for Economic Social Development Through Digitalization” which aimed to increase the sensitivity of youth in Jember to be able to take advantage of technology development in the world today.

Youth Speak Forum 2.0 was held at the Auditorium of the Faculty of Social and Political Science on Saturday, May 13, 2018. In this event AIESEC in Universitas Jember presents three highly competent speakers in its field. Among them are: Anggis Dinda Pratiwi Head of Public Relation at YOI, Ryan Daniel Pakpahan National Head of Intership AIESEC Indonesia, and Axel Giovanni Gus – Ning Jember 2015.

In this Youth Speak Forum participants not only sit quietly and listening to the material but also actively and critically being attentive as they were really concern to prepare theirself for facing future challenges with technology, which done with a workshop session where the participants can create their own project idea idea to be able to make Indonesia even Jember becomes better.

In the workshop we discussed three things that are considered important to be improved in terms of utilization of technology that consists of: Tourism, Trade, and Agroindustry. In this event the chairman of AIESEC in Jember University said that the city of Jember has a lot of potential, for example in terms of global tourism through Jember Fashion Carnival event, this resulting a good profit in many hotels, malls and other tourist areas in Jember. This kind of activities should be exist more in Jember, and we believe that youth has their powerful role to help the economic development in Jember through their creative ideas.

Youth Speak Forum Malang 2018 : Activate Youth to Collaborate Through Digital Entrepreneur Movement to Increase Economic Growth in Malang

EAST JAVA – MALANG, Sunday, May 12, 2018, AIESEC UMM held an annual event called Indonesia Youth Speak Forum. The Youth Speak forum is a forum for youths to come up with ideas that can help solve existing problems in their environment based on the theme of the SDGs used by Youth Speak that year, according to the tagline of the Youth Speak: Let Your Voice Be Heard.

Youth Speak itself is held in several cities in Indonesia. In 2018, AIESEC UMM had the opportunity to hold the Youth Speak event for the first time as a start-up cluster in Malang. The SDGs theme used by the Youth Speak event this year is SDGs number 17, Partnership For The Goals and the main theme is about Digital Enterpreneurial.

The event was held on May 13, 2018 at Grage Hotel Malang which was attended by several speakers namely M Ziaelfikar Albaba (CEO and, M Miftahul Huda (CEO of Inagata), Elang Baskoro Edi (CEO of Horizon Creative), Andina Paramitha (Director of Ngalup.Co). The theme of AIESEC UMM for Youth Speak is Activate Youth to Collaborate Through Digital Enterpreuner Movement to Increase Economic Growth in Malang. With SDGs taken is number 17 (Partnership For the Goals) and number 8 (Economic Growth).

The reason why AIESEC UMM took the theme is because of real situation in Malang City where many young people in Malang are creative and have various business ideas, but they still do not know how to spell their ideas. And because many young business people in Malang who opened the business only for personal profit and not for the surrounding community. So one of the goals from Youth Speak Malang is to invite young people in the city to start running a business that also can provide benefits to the community in Malang and solve existing problems in the environment in accordance with the SDGs.

Youth Speak Forum Bogor 2018 : Expanding Potential Business Through Digitalization

Givari Rizky CO Founder of Bookabuku and Bookasession.

WEST JAVA, BOGOR – Youth Speak Forum is an international youth movement aimed at raising awareness to the SDGs by gathering youth in one place to promote their ideas and convert their ideas by collaboration into action. In Indonesia, the Youth Speak Forum was held at 13 universities in Indonesia, one of them are in Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). Youth Speak in Bogor itself took the theme “Expanding Potential Business through Digital Approach” based on SDGs number 17 “Partnership for global goals” and SDGs number 8 “Decent Work and Economic goals.” The event was held on Sunday, May 13, 2018 at CCR Auditorium .

The event opened with the opening words from AIESEC president in IPB, Muhammad Defrianto and OCP Youth Speak in Bogor, Dellia Shanie. After that continued with the first session of the seminar with various speakers such as Afifa Urfani, Head of Marketing CROWDE, Majid Siregar, Co-Founder of Banana Pirates, and Yuke Sri Rahayu, Kasubdit Perbakan Syariah Bekraf. The seminar was led by Arga Putra Panatagama, Mapres 1 IPB as Moderator. After the seminar is over, there is a panel discussion session between participants and speakers.

The event continued with Workshop by Start up Bookabuku. In this Workshop, participants are divided into three materials according to their field and interests. The first workshop with speaker Givary Rizki, CEO of Bookabuku themed “Generate & Speed ​​Up Your Business with the Most Effective Tactics”. In this workshop, the speaker will give tips on how to develop start-up business from the idea that already exist in us. The second workshop was presented by Rani Soebijantoro, CBDO of Bookabuku themed “Inspire Whereever You are, So People will become your team & purchase your product “. This workshop will teach participants how to do  good Personal-Branding. The third workshop was hosted by Nito Waruwu, Digital Marketing Lead of Bookabuku themed “Make your Digital-age Customer Listen through story branding”. This workshop will teach participants how to become a Marketers in the digital era After the workshop session, there was an announcement about Youth Speak Competition , where participants are given a week to pitching their idea of ​​Start Up, and later their ideas will be submitted in Youth Speak Competion by AIESEC Indonesia.

Youth Speak Forum Jakarta 2018 : Activating Youth in Jakarta by Spreading Awareness and Encourage Them About Digital Entrepreneurship

DKI Jakarta – Jakarta , The 2018 Youth Speak Forum was held in Wisma BNI 46, Sudirman, Jakarta, on Saturday, the 12th of May.  The registration for the delegates was opened at 8 AM and the event started at around 09:30. The delegates were welcomed by the LCP of AIESEC in UI and the OCP for Youth Speak Forum 2018 through their speeches. After that, the first session, which was the keynote session started. There were three speakers who brought up different themes to talk about. The first speaker was Sofian Hadiwijaya whom talked about how to create ideas to build your own company. Hengki Sihombing followed next by bringing up a topic of scaling up your start-up for long term sustainable growth. Aldi Adrian from Mandiri Capital was the last keynote speaker and brought up the issue of solving business funding challenges. The three speakers then sat together for a round of Q&A session. The session was brought up in a light and fun vibe by the speakers while also having its own serious vibes. The delegates were then given time for coffee break.

The next session was the panel discussion session. In this session, four speakers sat on the stage while discussing things around digital entrepreneurship. The speakers mentioned were Irsan Aria from Fave, Tessa Tamin from Unilever, Ria Sarwono from CottonInk, and Tri Nuraini from Quipper. The speakers were very warm, open, and were playful with one another which made this session filled with fun and lots of laughter, yet still very informative and beneficial for the delegates. Each speaker talked about their experience on how they got to where they are now. Every speaker had different stories brought up in very interesting and intriguing ways. This session was also closed with a round of Q&A session.

The last session was the workshop. In the last session, delegates were able to choose one of three options of workshop backgrounds. Iyus Usman Al Idrus from Sinergi Muda brought up a topic concerning socio-preneur. Kristian Harahap brought up a topic about fashion, while Sabarudin Adinugroho brought up a background of e-commerce. Each workshop had its own room for different backgrounds. This session was done so that delegates could focus more on the things they were curious or passionate about. They were also able to pitch in their ideas and received feedbacks from the speakers.

After a long day filled with knowledge sharing sessions, networking with other people, laughter, joy, and free ice cream, youth speak forum came to an end. All the delegates and the moderator took pictures together and everyone went home with smiles on their faces.

Youth Speak Forum Yogyakarta 2018 : Activating You(th) Through Socio-Cultural Technology

Kevin Liliana, Miss International 2017 as one of the speakers at Youth Speak Forum AIESEC UGM 2018



DIY Yogyakarta -Yogyakarta, AIESEC in Universitas Gadjah Mada is holding YouthSpeak Forum Yogyakarta 2018 (12/05). This event is attended by government sector representative, private sector, and influencer. This event aims to increasing cultural values in digital era. This 2018 YouthSpeak Forum Yogyakarta themed Activating Youth Through Socio-Cultural Technology.

Through this event we wish to escalate youth understanding in startup and their capability eradicating social issues happened. Especially for the delegates, could give a positive impact for startup business in Yogyakarta as well as taking part of being agent of change and contribute in startup development in Yogyakarta.

The event is hold at University Club Hotel, Universitas Gadjah Mada and divided in Keynote Session, Master Class, and YouthSpeak Competitions. The keynote speaker is Kevin Lilliana (Miss International 2017), Samuel Abrijani Pangarepan B.Sc (Director General of Applications and Informatics), and Sayed Muhammad (Founding CEO

Master class is divided into three classes, the first one is Digital Marketing Class by Ossy Indra Wardhani (Head of Marketing and Corporate Relations of GDP Venture), the second is Product Development Class by Guntur Sarwohadi (Head of Product Digitaraya) and UI/UX Design Workshop by Arianti Sylvia (Digital Product Designer of EMTEK).

Afterwards, the YouthSpeak Competition is held in Digital Startup Idea Competitions, Delegates are grouped in plenary and share their mind and concern in social and cultural issues in vision sprint session by Sebastian Alex Dharmawangsa (Startup Holticulturist of Digitaraya).

Youth Speak Forum Solo 2018: Edge of Youth in Digital Entrepreneur Collaboration Era

Solo, Surakarta – May 13, 2018. AIESEC in Uiversitas Sebelas Maret held a youth activation event entitled Youth Speak Forum Solo 2018 with the theme of Edge of Youth in Digital Entrepreneur Collaboration Era. The forum aims to bring together youth in Solo with expert practitioners in the startup field, to create multi-generational discussions in order to get fresh ideas to make a good impact in Solo, especially in the economic sector. In appointing the theme, Youth Speak Forum Solo 2018 based the theme of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) number 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and SDGs number 17 (Partnership for the Goals).

Youth Speak Forum Solo held on May 12, 2018 at Hotel Aziza Ballroom, packed in a one-day event where during it, there are three main sessions consists of: Inspire, Engage, and Act. At the Inspire session, the participants met with three keynote speakers to hear their thoughts on start up development nowadays. At Engage sessions, participants discussin small forums guided by facilitators who are also CEOs and then submit their project ideas to be developed as a form of Act sessions.

Seeing the potential startup in the city of Solo for its happening among the youth, AIESEC in UNS invited 5 growing startup CEOs with their respective inspirational backgrounds, Irvandias Sanjaya (CEO Design For Dreams), Ryo Juara (CEO & Founder EVO & DELIVO), Carl Ideas (CEO of Ideasmart), Gisneo Pratala (CEO & Founder Wideoboard), and Agustinus Adhityap (CEO Triponyu).

Rahmi, one of the participants who is a student of Industrial Engineering UNS admitted motivated because of this event. “I feel dare to not just be a formal worker, instead everyone have their own passion, so just do what you like and passionate for.” said Rahmi.

During the session, Gisneo, one of the speakers emphasized the message “make your business as something that you love, why do I need to be here and why I do not have to be there. Do not do something we are not good at.”

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JAKARTA, SABANG – INDONESIA IMPACT CIRCLE is back again, and in this 2.0 session we are discussing about “Muda(h) Berkarya” or Innovate Easily. As INDONESIA IMPACT CIRCLE aim to give a different topic every month that align with current issues among youth, and since we are seeing the emerging number of start-ups in Indonesia that owned by inviduals under 30 years old, we are pretty sure it is a must topic to talk about.

We invited young CEOs with various focus of business, and also our representative from AIESEC Indonesia. We open the session by listening to inspirational thoughts from Rani Soebijantoro, Co-Founder of Bookabuku and Bookasession, a platform to lend books and also, they held several empowering and development workshops with topics or materials from books that they already read, impressive!. Rani Talks about her struggling back then as a victim of bully, try her best to stay in her boldness, and convert the negativity surround her into a positive business as now we called as Bookabuku and Bookasession. The second keynote session coming from our current President of AIESEC Indonesia 2017/2018, talking about the perks of being Inonesian youth, what are things that actually we should be grateful of, and try to turn all of this resources into impactful objects that could affect bigger societies. Fajri told us a lot of data about our resources, with his background in Engineering mixed with his work now as Country Director/President of AIESEC Indonesia, makes the discussion more relevant, and yet awakening at the same time. The third speaker coming from CEO of , an audiobook platform, to help people in needs (blind people) to enjoy books equally as other people. Represent by their CMO Fandi Andrian, we are mesmerized by the courage they take to touch this problem, and having a lot of discussions with people in needs, to make their platform suitable with their user. The three of them offer different kind of experiences but equallt motivating the attendants.

AIESEC Indonesia President 1718 Rahmat Fajri giving Appreciation to Rani Soebijantoro Co-Founder of Bookabuku and Bookasession

Just like usual, the most awaited session which is panel discussion comes in, as the attendants rushingly raise their hands to ask few questions to our panelist that also stand as our speakers that day, it is a good thing seeing how the attendants try to know more about how we can embrace every opportunity also try to sustain our ideas so that it will not just a one time implementation, but continuously impacting and affecting surroundings.

AIESEC Indonesia President 1718 Rahmat Fajri giving Appreciation to Fandi Andrian CMO of

We closed the session with a simple conclusion, one of the delegates ask a tricky question said “Why Now?” , the panelist took silence for a minute, and Rani comes up with a bold answer said “Because why not?”, and suddenly we are all smiling while nodding to the answer. A simple yet true answer, that contains of deeper meaning, that somehow we build walls surround us with our own thoughts that makes us afraid to embrace things ahead, while in fact, it’s a matter of how good you want to try, and how commit you want to realized your ideas.

Rahmat Fajri giving his session, and starting it fresh.

We end up that day happily, and some of the delegates are running straight to our speakers for having another discussion and networking with others. INDONESIA IMPACT CIRCLE as community format of AIESEC Indonesia not only offering a space to gathered, but also space to network and wider your circle throughout the event, so create your circle with us?

Wonderful Bangka Project : Upcoming Collaborations of AIESEC Indonesia and Bangka Belitung Local Government

AIESEC Indonesia Representative along with Bangka Belitung Governor Mr. Erzaldi Rosman andother Local Government representatives

PANGKALANBARU, BANGKA TENGAH (CENTRAL BANGKA) – The succeed of Bangka Belitung Local Government as a host of AIESEC programme within 2 consecutive years, left a good remarks for our organization. Along with kind and warm culture of Bangka Belitung people, Bangka Belitung is now hosting for internship project from AIESEC Indonesia that focusing on promoting Bangka Belitung in international level. This project will involve 20 Exchange Participants from AIESEC, with different background of nationalities.

National Vice President of Incoming Global Entrepreneur AIESEC Indonesia, Vivian when having meeting with Babel Governor Erzaldi Rosman, in Restoran Gale-Gale Pangkalanbaru Meeting room, Central Bangka, Monday (4/16/2018) , said that, “The interns will involved into a project that supporting Babel yearly programmes”.

“Their focus will be on improving tourism in babel,” Vivian continues, “all of the crafted activities will be concerning on enlarging the reach information of Babel beautiful natural scenic, while also developing the communities there to help them understand how to optimize their local resources, while leading them to create local products from Babel.”

Vivian Hasna Afifa as National Head of Incoming Global Entrepreneur Programme

AIESEC Indonesia will divided the activities in to 3 main sections, consists of : Promoting the tourism value of babel to international platform, Community empowerment in terms of creating good hospitality behaviour within the local people, and product crafting.

Mr. Erzaldi Rosman – Governor of Bangka Belitung

AIESEC Indonesia hoping that this collaborations should be really supportive, and scheduled to be ran on June 27th until August 31st 2018. While Toboali and Sungailiat will be the main area for the activities.
Babel Governor, Mr. Erzaldi Rosman, is giving good concern with the plan of AIESEC Indonesia that will held the programme in Babel, “We are hoping that the 20 participants could be separated into 3 groups, which, one of the groups will be handiling Tanjung Gunung area, as it’s planned to be the economic area that focusing on tourism in Bangka Island”

Wonderful Bangka Project is the second project that we held to support the local tourism development in Indonesia, previously held in Maluku (, we are hoping that there will be a lot of upcoming collaborations that we can create together, for creating better Indonesia.

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Why we would love to work in Google?

Why Is Google A Dream Workplace?



In 21st century, there is no doubt that Google has won the heart of many Youth that are about to start their work life. Many of the young people would consider themselves lucky if they gain the opportunity to work at Google.

Aside from its name that is huge and sellable in the curriculum vitae, the young generation is actually putting more concern to the intangible things that Google can offer.

Google is the pioneer of a modern work environment, promoting many new values that are fresh and fun to be conducted. Many companies are looking up to Google when it comes to creating workplaces.

What are those intangible things?




Google shows how much it cares about the employees’ personal lives.

Google has proven to the employees how much it cares to their personal lives. It provides things like free cafeteria meals, free use of laundry machines, and a day-care center. This was intended to make the employees stay longer and spend more productive hours at work, because the employees do not have to worry about the little necessities anymore and run away from work earlier.

The flexibility of workplaces – College-kind-of workplace, as they say.

Flexibility is not something you should be worrying about at all when you work at Google. Google is aware that in today’s technology-driven world, employees can easily stay connected to what’s happening with the business without being physically present. The employees sense it and as a result, Google is now well known for its flexibility and the less-stressful trait of its workplace environment.

Google gives many develop space – Encourages emploees to try new things.

Said Robyn Beavers of Google’s Green Business and Operations Strategy in the video profile of the search company: “A really interesting thing about Google is that it always encourages its employees to try new things.” Beavers then revealed that she started out as one of the assistants of the two co-founders back in May 2004 and had begun projects in green energy for Google’s operations in 2005.

It seems like money are not most important anymore, at least for our generation. What do you think?