JAKARTA, SABANG – INDONESIA IMPACT CIRCLE is back again, and in this 2.0 session we are discussing about “Muda(h) Berkarya” or Innovate Easily. As INDONESIA IMPACT CIRCLE aim to give a different topic every month that align with current issues among youth, and since we are seeing the emerging number of start-ups in Indonesia that owned by inviduals under 30 years old, we are pretty sure it is a must topic to talk about.

We invited young CEOs with various focus of business, and also our representative from AIESEC Indonesia. We open the session by listening to inspirational thoughts from Rani Soebijantoro, Co-Founder of Bookabuku and Bookasession, a platform to lend books and also, they held several empowering and development workshops with topics or materials from books that they already read, impressive!. Rani Talks about her struggling back then as a victim of bully, try her best to stay in her boldness, and convert the negativity surround her into a positive business as now we called as Bookabuku and Bookasession. The second keynote session coming from our current President of AIESEC Indonesia 2017/2018, talking about the perks of being Inonesian youth, what are things that actually we should be grateful of, and try to turn all of this resources into impactful objects that could affect bigger societies. Fajri told us a lot of data about our resources, with his background in Engineering mixed with his work now as Country Director/President of AIESEC Indonesia, makes the discussion more relevant, and yet awakening at the same time. The third speaker coming from CEO of AyoBaca.in , an audiobook platform, to help people in needs (blind people) to enjoy books equally as other people. Represent by their CMO Fandi Andrian, we are mesmerized by the courage they take to touch this problem, and having a lot of discussions with people in needs, to make their platform suitable with their user. The three of them offer different kind of experiences but equallt motivating the attendants.

AIESEC Indonesia President 1718 Rahmat Fajri giving Appreciation to Rani Soebijantoro Co-Founder of Bookabuku and Bookasession

Just like usual, the most awaited session which is panel discussion comes in, as the attendants rushingly raise their hands to ask few questions to our panelist that also stand as our speakers that day, it is a good thing seeing how the attendants try to know more about how we can embrace every opportunity also try to sustain our ideas so that it will not just a one time implementation, but continuously impacting and affecting surroundings.

AIESEC Indonesia President 1718 Rahmat Fajri giving Appreciation to Fandi Andrian CMO of Ayobaca.in

We closed the session with a simple conclusion, one of the delegates ask a tricky question said “Why Now?” , the panelist took silence for a minute, and Rani comes up with a bold answer said “Because why not?”, and suddenly we are all smiling while nodding to the answer. A simple yet true answer, that contains of deeper meaning, that somehow we build walls surround us with our own thoughts that makes us afraid to embrace things ahead, while in fact, it’s a matter of how good you want to try, and how commit you want to realized your ideas.

Rahmat Fajri giving his session, and starting it fresh.

We end up that day happily, and some of the delegates are running straight to our speakers for having another discussion and networking with others. INDONESIA IMPACT CIRCLE as community format of AIESEC Indonesia not only offering a space to gathered, but also space to network and wider your circle throughout the event, so create your circle with us?


All of attendants and Indonesia Impact Circle 1.0 Speakers

JAKARTA, RAWADOMBA – It was a bright day in April, 1st 2018, where AIESEC Indonesia held it first gathering with their partners and few externals that having interest with the existence of AIESEC Indonesia. under the name of INDONESIA IMPACT CIRCLE, we aim to wider our network and existence to bigger scope of youth and backgrounds. Packaged in a talkshow and short keynote session, this monthly aimed event, offers an intimate session between our speakers, partners, and externals.

In this first event, we comes up with a fascinating topic which “Build The Real You” with thoughtful and inspirational speakers such as: Mr. Ali Zainal Abidin as Co-Founder of I’m On My Way, a platform for everyone who is in a high level of curiosity of seeking their ultimate passion in life, and Ms. Azalia Zatadini, as the current National Head  of Organizational Development AIESEC Indonesia, also the elected President of AIESEC Indonesia for 2018/2019.

Located in Masa Lalu Kafe, we are running an intimate 2 hours session along with the delegates, starting from the keynote session from each speakers talking about, “How we can actually detect our passion in life?” Then continued with “How we can be authentic and audacious with our passion”, delegates are inspired with the beauty of digging ourself deeper, and we are all understand that we can never compare ourselves to others while we are in the process of searching our passion, everyone has their own way to find it.

When the talkshow starts, we gave the time for the attendants to ask few questions to our beloved speakers. Of all the questions appeared, Mr. Ali from I’m on My Way, gave us a good metaphoric answer about finding our passion. “the seeking of passion, should be seen as how every detectives solve their cases, it needs detailed attention on small things, and try as frequent as we can to construct all of the things into one conclusion, that’s why we are all born as detectives actually, and our biggest quest is finding the passion and goals in life”, this answer suddenly break laughter in the room.

Session with Mr. Ali Zaenal Abidin Co-Founder of I’m on My Way

We end up the event, with a good conclusion that, we are all need to build ourself as real as we can, and start looking for our own passion from now on, because passion not always comes from big things, but also small things that we’ve done in our daily basis.

Indonesia impact Circle 1.0, is a new community format from AIESEC Indonesia to gather more youth to collaborate together with us, monthly every attendants will received newsletter about our current updates, and also monthly we will held various engagement event, to keep our connection better.

Join our circle will you?

Why we would love to work in Google?

Why Is Google A Dream Workplace?



In 21st century, there is no doubt that Google has won the heart of many Youth that are about to start their work life. Many of the young people would consider themselves lucky if they gain the opportunity to work at Google.

Aside from its name that is huge and sellable in the curriculum vitae, the young generation is actually putting more concern to the intangible things that Google can offer.

Google is the pioneer of a modern work environment, promoting many new values that are fresh and fun to be conducted. Many companies are looking up to Google when it comes to creating workplaces.

What are those intangible things?




Google shows how much it cares about the employees’ personal lives.

Google has proven to the employees how much it cares to their personal lives. It provides things like free cafeteria meals, free use of laundry machines, and a day-care center. This was intended to make the employees stay longer and spend more productive hours at work, because the employees do not have to worry about the little necessities anymore and run away from work earlier.

The flexibility of workplaces – College-kind-of workplace, as they say.

Flexibility is not something you should be worrying about at all when you work at Google. Google is aware that in today’s technology-driven world, employees can easily stay connected to what’s happening with the business without being physically present. The employees sense it and as a result, Google is now well known for its flexibility and the less-stressful trait of its workplace environment.

Google gives many develop space – Encourages emploees to try new things.

Said Robyn Beavers of Google’s Green Business and Operations Strategy in the video profile of the search company: “A really interesting thing about Google is that it always encourages its employees to try new things.” Beavers then revealed that she started out as one of the assistants of the two co-founders back in May 2004 and had begun projects in green energy for Google’s operations in 2005.

It seems like money are not most important anymore, at least for our generation. What do you think?

What to avoid when dealing with millennials

What to avoid when dealing with millennials

What can be the basic mistakes when company dealing with generation Y? Let`s take a closer look. 


1. Not offering enough opportunities in the workplaces

Millennials are very driven. They need to know how deep they can dig. Give them space to discover more and make them see that there is so much to offer by the company. Held as many trainings as possible, such as leadership training, self-improvement training, etc. Make the millennial believe that the companies offer such unlimited yet well-elaborated content they can discover in order for them to give themselves opportunities to improve and develop themselves.


2. Unclear explanation of the training’s purpose

Millennials are very concern about their career development and have such huge need to know about things in details. Make sure to make them see how the training being given by your company is applicable to long-term career growth.


3. Failure to coach

When it comes to millennials, everything is about engagement, not just entitlement. Set up a great coaching relationship can help them evaluate their progress. Make them learn much in the progress itself rather than too focusing on the outcomes. Also, provide enough feedback as you coach them, because millennial really need to know if they are doing a great job.




4. Leaving the technology behind

This is the most crucial one. One of the greatest strength of the millennial is their sound knowledge of technology. In fact, 70% have “friended” their managers and/or co-workers on Facebook. Therefore, the millennials have zero tolerance for outdated system. They are very interested in connecting with others through what-so-called nowadays as social media. Welcoming the technology and keep up with it is the best way to engage with the millennial.

As long as your company is not doing any of those 4 potential mistakes, then at least your company is on the right track in starting the new engagement strategy to welcome your millennial.

Generation Y perfect working day?

Generation Y perfect working day?

There are a number of things that guide our generation  in the workplace. We want to be happier than our parents, find more purposeful work and work with better companies. Perfect company for us is aligned with our own personal values. So, with all these desires, what does our ideal work culture look like? We asked AIESEC members from Indonesia.

bez-nazvu-003Leader vs. boss

We love to work for people who inspire is to do great job. We are not pushing forward by things like money or status, but rather by core competencies and personality traits.

Our generation wants to identify certain characteristics in leaders that make us feel great about working for them.

“I need to respect my leader and see the integrity in him, or her, gender is not problem for me at all. When I see that behavior and values are changing between personal life and work life, its not integrity of leader for me,” says Tio.







Collaborative over competitive

Gen Y employees don’t abide by this cutthroat style of employment. We know that money and status can’t buy happiness, and would rather work with their colleagues than against them.

According to the research of Intelligence Group Association, is not only collaboration what makes our generation in workspace happier, but also around half of millennials say that workplace friendships are motivating for work and make work more productive.





bez-nazvu-002 Put idealism away

We want to work on purposeful projects, thats true, but we also know, that to achieve that, we need to focus on finishing line. Clear job description and supportive colleagues are for as stabile rope we can hold during all day. “Some people think, that our generation is spoiled and lazy, that we cannot think about anything else but our comfort in work. This needs more understanding I think, we are just different, but it doesn`t mean we are bad right,” Dhania.


For some can be our generation in workplace like from different planet, so don’t you want to meet us closer?


AIESEC is largest Youth-led organization in the world but also in Indonesia. We are working on purposeful projects, that making difference in society and influencing thousands of people. We just want to make world better place by developing leadership potential of all young people we can reach. So let`s connect with us 🙂

the rules in AIESEC, you will not be shock while you jump into career’s world later on


“If you know the rules in AIESEC, you will not be shock while you jump into career’s world later on”

That statement is really true and really works on my self.

Well, my name is Zahra Annisa Hasanah. I am the first founder of AIESEC UNSRI and it was the memory that I will never forget and always be remarkable one. I know AIESEC through exchange program that AIESEC offers to collegians. Then, after I was involved into this, I do believe this organization is not only a platform for us, but it’s like the simulation for us before we face career world. The development that i got in AIESEC, such a key to make me survive in my career right now. Right now, i am not a collegian anymore and that is why my perspective about this organization is getting larger and feeling so grateful ever join as part of this organization.

I started my journey here when this organization only had a few people as member and still can be counted by “fingers”. I was the part of this, when a lot of people didnt even know what is actually AIESEC. It’s  like the biggest challenge for me on that time to expand this and how i can attract a lot of people to be aware about AIESEC’s existance. I was doubt on that time, could this organziation survive for long term? Then now, i am really proud to see the progress of AIESEC UNSRI right now, such a pride for us as alumnae and always wish the best for every process that will be faced by AIESEC UNSRI.

After a long journey I’ve been through in AIESEC UNSRI, there’s no regret in my self. Every role that I took here, has taught me a lot how to maximize our potency and how to be an impactful youth for society and world itself. Not only talking about practical experience, but I also experienced how important to live in diversity through exchange program. My exchange program was becoming Global Ambassador in China to do project about culture and environment. From those things, it has changed the perspective of my life even untill now i still keep the value from AIESEC to my career right now!

Feeling beyond blessed thorugh AIESEC and this is really an organization that actually youth needs nowadays. Why? A lot of people already shared their experiences during their life in AIESEC, so, what are you waiting for? You only live once,  let’s gain many experiences that can support our future’s path later on!



Claudia was Challenged to be Youth Speak Committee President


Claudia Hapsari

Since I was in Elementary School untill right now I have a dream to be a part of United Nation to know and solve many problems of every aspects in our world. And became an OCP (Organize Committee Presdient) of Purwokerto Youth Speak Forum 2016 as an event of Aiesec Indonesia and has coordination with United Nation and having SDG’s as our theme is my first step to open my mindset about our world. Here, I learned a lot of things. I learn about intern and extern things. In intern things I learned on how I have to become a good leader,how can I inspire others,how can I make good relation with others,and from this kind of chance,I also learned so much about my public speaking. The way I explain something to others in persuasive way in order to make them realize about our case,How can I have to be attracktive to ask people to be aware. In the other side I also learned the extern things, such as how I have to looking for people for being my team,how we have good coordination to reach our goal together,how we are looking for other aspect to support our event. And the point is the most valuable things for being an OCP of Youth Speak Forum (YSF) are make me realize & aware that we as a Young Generation we have the biggest responsibility to take care of our world (our society,environment,etc) And I also learn on how we as Young Generation must have a preparation & must be ready to face and solve our problem together to reach our world prosperity.




Ghea Became Committee for Last Year Youth Speak


Hello! I was Organizing Committee Marketing in YouthSpeak Forum 2016 held by AIESEC in Universitas Andalas and my name is Ghea Ratu Annisa. Along my journey, I never know what is YouthSpeak Forum, but after I chose to involve in the organizing committee for this project, it opened my eyes.

At the time, I just wanted to involve myself as Organizing Committee Marketing because I think I can improve my marketing skill, but as time goes by, I got many lessons out of marketing skill. I know about goals, that being done by the United Nation in the better world or commonly known by SDGs. I know, as youth, we have important roles in transforming the world through our actions.

There, in YouthSpeak Forum, youth can deliver their perspectives or ideas and how to do actions from their own ideas about SDGs. YouthSpeak Forum also can increase their knowledge and awareness about the concern for SDGs itself. It also can help United Nation in their achievement about SDGs in transforming our world to be better. Because of that, i think Youth Speak Forum is important for us, youth.

I wish for the next YouthSpeak Forum can engage more youth to deliver their ideas and do implementation those concrete actions that give impact to society. Let’s Speak Up, Youth!

Nuna and Her Experience as AIESEC Alumna


My name is Zainuna Rahayu, i am one of AIESEC UNSRI’s Alumna.

One day someone asked me to write down my  AIESEC story. it means i should rewind,  flashback and and re-telling  about my awesome experience through AIESEC after having left the organization about 2 years ago and after being away for 2 years. Well, still so EXCITED! All the things about AIESEC experiences are worth to be remembered, AIESEC is always be my favorite topic to be told and discussed.

My AIESEC journey were being an Exchange Participant and went to China on  January 2013, then being Outgoing Exchange manager and after that Fortunetly elected as VP ER and be a part of EB Team for 13/14 term.

Before joining AIESEC, I was an aphatetic youth who’s bored with my collage life, i was used to live in my comfortable box and didn’t have passion to involve in any organization. My daily life was going to university,  going to movies and hangout with friends for coffees. Until one day I heard about AIESEC. I still remember the day i spent my whole day reading all about AIESEC in internet. After the long internet surfing, i got the conclusion that “AIESEC can offer me the life changing experience”, no more waiting I decided to join.

Exchange story that i would like to tell which took place almost 2 years ago, dare to Dream Project by Renmin University Beijing China. That was an experience that i would never forget, not only because i got to see snow for the very first time in my life and visited the great wall, but also I witnessed something far more profound. I learnt how to survive and solve many obstacles, learnt how to represent Indonesia and so many other lesson that i couldnt get in collage. Seriously, it was an amazing feeling to work with diverse people from many other countries who seeing something from many perspectives.

I trully believe, one day the members of AIESEC UNSri will become the leaders that the country needs! Thats why with no doubt, I wanted to be one of AIESEC UNSRI’s founder. In AIESEC I decided to take a role and going for something even more challenging.

AIESEC gave me the opportunity to be an integral part of the business world in my young age, from the very operational level to the highest leadership position. It is learnt by doing. I had had  the opportunity to work towards ambitious goals, dealing with crisis situations, working with teams, managing budgets, learning the companies, NGOs and government, creating and execute and changing process. Well, basically ANYTHING that you can learn in practice in a business, we do in AIESEC. In real life. No simulation.

After having a chance to develop so many different skills in AIESEC like public speaking, presentation, leadership Skill, team work and etc, all I could say is, AIESEC was helping me to become more of who i’m meant to be. This organization provided me such a powerful learning experience.

Looking back, I can only be grateful for all those years with AIESEC. I wouldnt be who i am today if i had not been able to grow personally and professionally through AIESEC. If AIESEC can change my life so it can change yours too.

5 Alasan Mengapa Anda Membenci Hari Senin

Hari Senin adalah hari yang dibenci oleh sebagian besar orang. Tentunya terdapat beberapa alasan mengapa hari Senin menjadi musuh besar bagi sebagian orang. Apa aja sih alasannya? Check this out!

1. Macet



Jalanan yang macet tiap hari senin adalah hal yang paling dibenci. Wajar saja, pekerja dan pelajar saling berebut mengerumuni jalanan untuk pergi ke tempat kerja dan sekolah. Menghabiskan waktu yang panjang di perjalanan membuat anda membenci hari senin.

2. Bertemu dengan rutinitas



Kembali bekerja dan ke kampus maupun ke sekolah adalah hal yang paling tidak diharapkan dari hari senin, setelah terlena oleh weekend tentunya. Anda harus melewati 5 hari yakni dari Senin hingga Jumat untuk bertemu hari libur.

3. Belum puas dengan weekend



Dua hari liburan tentunya tidak cukup bagi Anda yang memiliki jadwal kerja yang cukup padat. Anda menginginkan untuk pergi berjalan-jalan pada hari libur, namun anda tidak memiliki tenaga pasca jadwal kerja anda yang padat.

4. Pekerjaan yang tertunda



“Rapatnya dilanjutkan senin aja ya, sabtu-minggu libur dulu”, banyak sekali hal-hal yang anda tunda di minggu sebelumnya sehingga mengakibatkan pekerjaan tersebut menumpuk di minggu berikutnya. Kebanyakan orang akan menyepelekan dan ‘melimpahkan’ pekerjaan tersebut di hari Senin.

5. Tidak Siap



Kurang persiapan adalah hal yang paling mendasar untuk menjadi alasan mengapa anda membenci hari senin. Belum menyiapkan tugas untuk minggu ini, persiapan mental yang kurang untuk aktivitas kamu bisa menjadikan anda benci dengan hari senin. Hari libur seharusnya bukan menjadikan anda terlena dan melupakan kegiatan yang akan dilakukan pada minggu ini. Nah, ketidaksiapan anda ternyata dapat berimbas lumayan besar lho! Jika anda tidak siap dengan hari senin,  bagaimana anda siap dengan hari berikutnya?