The Story of 10 International Interns in Tihulale, Maluku

The Story of 10 International Interns in Tihulale, Maluku

by Caroline Wallace


Ten interns, eight different countries, and one epic adventure into the stunning, mystical heart of Indonesia. In the project collaboration between AIESEC Indonesia and Yayasan Citra Kasih Abadi. Project collaboration between AIESEC Indonesia and Yayasan Citra kasih Abadi. Welcome to Tihulale…

We arrived in Tihulale village on Wednesday, 10th May, with our goal to help put the village “on the map” and promote the unique and vibrant culture the community in Tihulale has to offer, not only to the people of Indonesia, but also to the rest of the world. Our project, “The Wonderful Maluku Project”, consists of three components, involving a total of twenty eight interns from around the world, and each section of the project focuses on three rural villages, located in West Seram; Tihulale, Kaibobo, and Niwelehue villages.

Our team (the Tihulale team) is made up of ten interns, each with a specific role to help generate and promote tourism as an overall objective. The team consists of roles in marketing, business development, product innovation, and journalism. We are a diverse group, and come from countries ranging from Europe to North and South America. With Tihulale being a very rural village, not many tourists or travellers have ventured into the unknown of West Seram. Our goal as a team is to uncover Tihulale’s hidden gems, found in the lush green forests, to the clear, crystal beaches, and help create awareness of such a paradise to outside communities. All of the interns involved in the project have different backgrounds, with the majority of us having travelled prior to arriving in Tihulale. However, a large proportion of the team were both unsuspecting and naïve to the Indonesia culture that was there to greet us with open arms, and both the challenges and adventures we would face. Even today, we as a group, are experiencing new and extraordinary events, which help us discover more about the culture and allow us to be able to promote a tangible and genuine Tihulale, rather than an illusion.

After spending roughly two weeks submerged in Tihulale’s traditions, we have managed to explore some of the natural wonders of West Seram. A few include, the beautiful Lahena waterfall, which is hidden in the tropical forest surrounding the village; once a home of the “Old Tihulale”. Lahena waterfall is both grand and magical, due to the sheer volume and power the waterfall posses. We also took a forty minute speed-boat ride to the island of Molana, which was just breathtaking and something one might see as a computer screen saver; a destination so perfect, yet untouched.  It was like a paradise. Each day we continue to explore the island, in amongst work and during our free time. A new and beautiful world slowly unravels each day, to expose a new layer of Tihulale, with its rich, and deep culture.

Throughout discovering Tihulale and it’s potential, we have developed ideas to help promote tourism within the village, and expose the rich and diverse places the village has to offer, to the people of Indonesia, and also globally. By doing so we are putting Tihulale “on the map”. We are giving the village the voice it needs and also deserves, for being unique and beautiful. We have come up with various projects, involving promoting the village through social media channels (such as Facebook, Instagram, blogs, and Wikipedia), focusing on “hot spots” within the village and surrounding areas. We also are concentrating on boosting the recognition of Tihulale through the use of brochures/ booklets and through the creation of an overall website. These projects will be able to not only display our work as a team, it will also provide a platform displaying what the Tihulale village and its people have to offer. We also wish to spread the word about two larger events which we have been planning, and which will take place in Tihulale.

During the beginning of June, we will hold a recycling event, which both the interns and villagers will participate in, with the aim to clean up Tihulale, collect all the rubbish; dividing the collected items into waste material and recyclable items (mainly plastic). The goal is to gather enough plastic which can be further recycled and help contribute to a larger and more efficient recycling program. The remaining waste, collected from the garbage, will be put toward starting a landfill site, with the hope of an appropriate waste management system in the future. The goal for this event is not only involve the villagers in a clean up of their village; demonstrating the true potential for the village within the tourism industry, but also allowing for sustainable and environmentally friendly living conditions within Tihulale. This event creates awareness of the benefits of recycling, within the village (and potentially on a larger scale), and will also be the focus point for starting a maintainable waste management plan. The recycling event, goes hand-in-hand for the preparation of the traditional day event.

Traditional Day will be held on Saturday 17th June, with the event focusing on empowering the people of Tihulale, while showcasing their rich and diverse culture throughout the day (focusing on an array of food, crafts, and dances). In the afternoon, there will be a competition, “Tihulale’s Got Talent”, where individuals from the village will take part in pieces involving cleaning (similar to the recycling day), English speaking, and singing. Each section will be judged separately, with a panel of judges consisting of interns and villagers. These events are to showcase Tihulale’s potential as a village, and promote the local culture to both tourists, and people from Indonesia, as well as demonstrating to the villagers themselves, the beautiful traditions.

As a team, our overall aim it to encourage people to visit not only the beautiful Tihulale, but the region of West Seram. This region, untouched and striking, is the beating heart of Indonesia. If you wish to uncover, explore and have an adventure, this is the place to come!


Links to social media:

Facebook Page: Wonderful Tihulale – Maluku

Instagram: wonderfultihulale

AIESEC Indonesia Brings The Name of Papua to International Level

AIESEC Indonesia Brings The Name of Papua to International Level


Not many young people are brave enough to see the outside world. Casparina Theresia Renwarin, Papuan-born girl, Ririn, at the age of 17 years after graduated from YPPK Taruna Bakti Jayapura High School Jayapura decided to study at President University majoring in Banking and Finance.

At the campus located in Jababeka Industrial Estate, Cikarang, where 1700 multinational companies are located from 30 countries, Ririn had the opportunity to travel abroad. In August 2013 Ririn held a Campus Exchange event to Europe for 2 weeks. In Europe precisely in the land of the Windmill, namely the Netherlands, this 22-year-old girl deepens his ability to speak English, which then continued to visit Germany and Belgium. One year later from Western Europe Ririn flew to Eastern Europe precisely in Russia following the Global Volunteer Program at AIESEC, the French acronym, the International Association des étudiants en sciences économique et commerciales, or an International Student Association of Economics and Commercial). Located in 126 countries that focus on developing youth leadership, and become overseas ambassadors to run social projects.

“From July to September 2014 I was in the city of Saint Petersburg to teach English and Mathematics for children from the age of 7 to 18 years,” said the first child of 3 siblings.

From Eastern Europe, Ririn changed to West Asia, in New Delhi in March 2015. This time, she joined Global Talent Programme of AIESEC Indonesia. For six months Ririn’s apprenticeship at an IT company was named Denave Pvt Ltd.

“India as the world’s largest IT country after the United States, so I want to find experience here, because the plan in the future wants to open a similar type of start-up companies that move in e-commerce,” said Ririn.

“Early in India, I had a bit of trouble with food and culture, but now I’m getting ready,” said Ririn, who was shy to be close to someone there, now she feels more comfortable.

Although Indonesia added more than 1 year, Ririn never forget the family. To overcome the feeling of miss every day Ririn communicate through the phone.

“Since I first went to the land and lectured at President University, my communication with the family was very smooth. I knew about AIESEC from the organization expo in my campus,” said Ririn who actively look at the outside world in order to have a wide network, so that later will be easier when developing the business.

Ririn who has the motto “Hard work will always give satisfactory results” still want to continue to deepen his knowledge about the IT fur that supports e-commerce business. In India Ririn knows IT a lot through workshops.
“The growth of IT business in India has been remarkable,” said the daughter of a lawyer who is planning to take a Master’s degree in Australia

Although still young and coming from the Eastern Indonesia region who is still left behind, has not made Ririn underestimate herself, even it encourages her to go further. Hopefully there will other Ririn from Papua land that can make Indonesia proud.

AIESEC Indonesia Raise Awareness About SDGs Through Youthspeak 2017


AIESEC Indonesia has successfully held Youthspeak Forums and Competition in 12 cities. The roadshow started from Palembang on 6th April 2017 and ended last Saturday as final event of Competition on 6th May 2017 in Jakarta. The initial idea of Youthspeak is to raise awareness about Sustainable Development Goals among Indonesian youth. In the forum, AIESEC Indonesia invites top leaders from 3 different sectors; government, company, and community. After being inspired, in the workshop session, the participants are being assisted by expert facilitators to create social project that is relevant to the current condition of Indonesia. Not only that, AIESEC gives a platform through Youthspeak Competition for them to submit the idea. The winner will be sent to do volunteer in Thailand and their project will be implemented together with AIESEC Indonesia. “Through this forum and competition, we hope to not only raise awareness about SDGs but also encourage youth to act for it.” Said Ms. Nadira Natasya as Public Relations of AIESEC Indonesia.

Through this roadshow, AIESEC Indonesia successfully engaged 1500 young people from Padang, Palembang, Medan, Malang, Solo, Jogjakarta, Semarang, Solo, Bogor, Purwokerto, Jember, and Jakarta to participate in the forums and 35 teams from all over Indonesia to join the competition. The 5 top teams were being trained in Jakarta by Kibar Incubator. On the final event, which was held in Soehanna Hall Jakarta, the finalists present their project to judges; Rahmat Fajri (President AIESEC Indonesia), Maurice Shawndefar (Junior Urban Specialist at UNDP), Aulia Masna (Tech Blogger at Kibar). The 1st winner come from Jogjakarta, Emano Team, which project focus on SDGs no.12 Responsible Consumption. The project will raise awareness on food waste and food donation especially in campus canteen. The favourite winner come from Malang, Project focus on SDGs no.15 Life on Land by making platform for people to recycle and donate their trash.

Not only youth, AIESEC Indonesia also successfully invited top leaders from different sectors to inspire Youthspeak Forums Participants. From government side, “Youth are responsible for the development of their country” said the Head of Dispora (Youth and Sport Service) Padang. AIESEC Indonesia also invite public figures such as Young and Talented Actress, Ms. Chelsea Islan, who stated “ I believe there is you in Youth” and Journalist and News Anchor, Putra Nababan who emphasize the importance to start career from early age. In Medan and Solo, we invite representative from UNDP and UNICEF to talk about what youth can do to contribute to SDGs. Mr. Siprianus Bate Soro as Head Unit in UNDP Indonesia clearly said, “ SDGs is me, SDGs is you, SDGs is us.”. Other than that, Talented youth from different sectors also being invited as speakers such as Mr Sayed Muhamad, CEO of and Ms Ainil Islach, CEO of Jilbab BYARANA. From company side, we have speakers from Unilever, BTPN, and Commonwealth life as our main partners. Mr. Heru Dwiarta as BD Manager Commonwealth Life encourage the participants in Jogjakarta, “Opportunity is nowhere, but opportunity is now here.”

We would like to thank our champion partner : Commonwealth Life for always supporting this event from the breginning




Loud and Proud Bayudi

Story from Bayudi – LCVP OGV Unsri

1. What do you think the biggest change that you have brought to your functional?
Perubahan terbesar yang aku bawa buat ogv aiesec unsri adalah memperkuat International relation terutama LC2LC untuk memastikan co delivery berjalan for dengan baik sehingga EP mendapatkan development yg sesuai dg apa yg kita janjikan.

2. What drive yourself to give the best performance? Why do you think it is important to achieve the goal?
Yang membuat aku dna team selalu terpacu untuk melakukan yg terbaik adalah semngat dri para exchange participant untuk ikut serta dalam program volunteer.

3. What has changed in yourself during the past 6 months? (Before and after this semester)
Yg berubah selama 6 bulan term 1617 adalah the way of thinking. Ketika menjadi manager aku masih bekerja untuk memenuhi JD sesuai dg apa yg di intruksikan oleh Vp, semntara kita menjadi VP aku belajar untuk bekerja karena memiliki tanggung jawab akan member, Ep dan entity. Bekerja dengab ikhlas akan tanggung jawab yg sudah d amanahkan membuat kita menjadi lebih dewasa dlm menghadapi mslah dan lebig menghargai orang lain.

4. What inspire you the most to be who you are right now?
Yang menginspirasiku untuk menjadi orang yang seperti skrg adalah kelurga, sahabat dan orang sekitar yang selalu memberikan semngat dan dukungan akan setiap kegiatan positif yang aku lakukan.

Loud and Proud Kent

Story From Kent – LCVP Marcom PMBS

1.  What do you think the biggest change that you have brought to your functional?
Hal terbesar yang pernah saya bawa ke functional saya adalah adanya behaviour saling membantu dan percaya satu sama lain baik di dalam functional itu sendiri maupun antar functional. Karena functional kita tidak berarti apa – apa tanpa functional lain, begitupun sebaliknya. Selain itu kita juga memiliki satu tujuan yang sama dimana kita memikirkan perkembangan LC kita. Tentunya hal ini dapat tercapai melalui hal kecil seperti saling supportive itu sendiri.
2.  What drive yourself to give the best performance? Why do you think it is important to achieve the goal?
Culture yang ada di lingkungan kerja kita dan juga orang – orang yang ada disekitar kita. Ketika seseorang di sekitar kita menaruh kepercayaan terhadap kita, tentunya hal ini akan membuat kita semakin percaya diri serta mau berusaha semaksimal mungkin. Selain itu dengan adanya culture yang baik akan memotivasi kita untuk tetap setia terhadap organisasi tersebut. Dengan hal ini tentunya result yang didapat seseorang akan maksimal. Semua itu berasal dari kepercayaan. Achievement yang kita peroleh tidak berarti apa – apa jika tidak ada orang lain yang percaya kepada kita.

3. What has changed in yourself during the past 6 months? (Before and after this semester)
Kembali lagi dengan kondisi organisasi ini yang sangat menanamkan behaviour supportive. Ketika awal saya berkerja, saya adalah tipe orang yang tidak mudah percaya dengan orang lain. Keinginan saya akan hal ambisius, sifat perfeksionis yang ada di dalam diri saya serta ketidakpercayaan saya terhadap orang – orang disekitar saya justru membuat saya kearah negative dimana saya sulit untuk bekerja sama dengan orang lain. Selama perjalanan 6 bulan ini tentunya saya mendapatkan pelajaran dimana ketika kita bekerja secara team tentunya hasil yang diperoleh lebih maksimal dibandingkan jika dikerjakan sendiri. Saya paham bahwa achievement itu dapat kita peroleh kapan saja dengan berbagai strategi, tetapi untuk mendapatkan kepercayaan seseorang itu bukanlah hal yang dipelajari, tetapi bagaimana kita bertindak terhadap orang lain itulah yang menentukan.
4.      What inspire you the most to be who you are right now?
Saat ini yang menginspirasi saya adalah Executive board saya dimana mereka percaya dan peduli terhadap saya. Tetapi yang sangat menginspirasi saya adalah President saya dimana Ia selalu menjadi role model bagi saya. Bagaimana ia berkomunikasi, memberikan solusi, culture yang ia bawa menjadikan saya seseorang yang lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Meskipun ia tidak pernah membedakan posisi dia sebagai president dengan saya sebagai vice president, tetapi saya sangat menghargainya. Tanggung jawab serta kepercayaan yang ia berikan membuat saya termotivasi untuk mencapai goal yang diinginkan

Loud and Proud Chase

Story From Chase- LCVP IGV Bandung

1. My biggest change that i brought to iGV in Bandung that i can make Bandung as the capital for the future leaders of the world and ensure all of the youth in Bandung realizing their potential as the changemaker of Bandung itself and being the ambassador of Bandung to the world within giving the unforgetable experiwnce to every youth from all around the world with a taste of Bandung friendly warmth environment. Beside that every people that contributing to the bigger change for Bandung in the future can have a  purposeful action towards positive impact that they give to Bandung society

2. The thing that driven me a lot along my journey as the vp igv of bandung is what i always believe that Indonesia is a home, Bandung is a home, and from the Home itself comes love and passion of what you’re doing to make people happy and smile at the same time, and happiness always be my remedy of perceive my life as a marvelous gift ever that has been given from God.
3. I always believe what i believe it can change people’s life, before i never trust myself on the way i choose my life path but after this intense and a lot of inner peace that i ot from my life journey as being a VP IGV, i gained a lot of confidence what i trully believe in life no matter what obstacles and challege i face along the way even i always underestimated by my friends and ny surrounding because im just being their “clown” and for them im not considered a trully good leader. But in the end, i proved them that even a clown itself can beat what it said to be a “true leader”, anyone can be a great leader even for a clown, because a leader is a person that can lead themselves and living his life with his passion and compassion to reach what he/she belives in life with hardwork and struggles, and i showed them that even i’m not a perfect leader but i have a true family that always support me in the good or the worst moment during my journey, which is my iGV team who trust me as their leader. Because i know every person is matters, and they have their own way of life of achieveing their own goal.
4. My biggest inspiration is our founding father, Ir. Soekarno, without him we as a great nation, Republic of Indonesia can’t be so powerful as now, as one of the new emerging power in Asia and the world. I really inspire his passion that he knows Indonesia has really big potential of being the contributor to the world peace and freedom, also as the leading nation to ignite the power of third world nations, uniting Asia and Africa as the new world power, driving this 2 continent to make peace and fulfillment of humankind potential inside the tiger and lion of the third world

Loud And Proud Habibie

Story From Habibie – LCVP IGV Unej

1. What do you think the biggest change that you have brought to your functional?

Make iGV program more relevance toward my society, because it’s a big chance to open the barrier of globalization.
Now everything is in line, it’s time to take AIESEC in UNEJ to the next level by expanding our reach, by this experience I believe that we close to achieving Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential.

2. What drive yourself to give the best performance? Why do you think it is important to achieve the goal?

Because my personal’s value with one of AIESEC’s value which is “Striving for excellence”  is related, I believe if we put our best in any kind of situation, we can be the respectable person in the future.

3. What has changed in yourself during the past 6 months? (Before and after this semester)

Believe with whatever that I take, I put, and I gain will paid off in the next, and being the best of your version is important to shaping yourself into a better person.

4. What inspire you the most to be who you are right now?

My father, because he is doing the best for our family no matter how hard it was, but he always do the best for us.

5. Tell us about your Achievement

When I was elected to the executive board in 1617 that was my second time, I feel more prepared because I experienced before, I was elected for IGT and from this function I discovered the wonderful of teamwork, but the reality iGT was not relevant in Indonesia and I couldn’t be involved for this function, but at the same time AIESEC UNEJ got a problem that VP of iGV couldn’t continue her struggling for this entity.

On October 25, 2016 that I trusted to run the function iGV, at the time it was very hard for me because I’ve felt comfortable in IGT and almost fulfill the target of 1 year in less than 4 months since the first program and the target was not much and when I’m running  iGV, I’m on matching peak it’s extremely hard because there’s no data and I just believe with myself and my team.

The hardest thing in my opinion is to integrate this team, it was very hard for me because I had never led an iGV before and my team still can’t be the same vision with me, but over the  time we can reduce our selfish and thinking into one vision for this entity.

In less than 3 months, I just believe in the theory that the efforts never betray the results and it proved when I run this function I could reach the achievement growth until 650% in only  3 months of the term 1516, and I was very grateful when I can bring an award for my entity. the overriding sense of pride. For me to be the best of your version is the most important thing to make yourself better in the future.

Loud N Proud Uufi

Story From Uufi- LCVP Finance UNJ
What do you thing the biggest change that you have brought to your functional?
I’m from Start Up entity and I have no predesessor before. So during this 6 months, I did coaching to another LCVPs and EST about finance in AIESEC. And voila, I can do finance in my function and got an award for Start Up Finance in NEC 2016.
What drive yourself to give the best performance? Why do you think it is important to achieve the goal?
My members drive me to give the best performance in this term. It’s because I’m their VPs. Being a VP that has no predecessor it’s a kind of challenge to me. I need to learn everything so they know where to ask and lean on in the function. Everyone has their own goal and so do us. We will set our goal and it’s going to motivate us and give us something to strive for.
What has changed in yourself during the past 6 months? (Before and after this semester)
Having an eargerness to learn is something that I appreciate in myself after this semester. It’s super fine when you don’t know about something, but the important thing is how you faced that “not know anything” became “know eveything” by learning from another people.
What inspire you the most to be who you are right now?
Many people in AIESEC were inspired me a lot. But one thing I got from them is “everything is learning”. You can be failed during your experience in here, but don’t forget to learn from it.

Loud n Proud Tutut Cahyani

Story From Tutut – LCVP OGV Undip

1.       The biggest change that I have brought to my functional is about the culture.

Salah satu goal aku saat menjadi  VP adalah give good performance to my LC, dan aku tahu untuk achieve itu tidak semudah yang kita bayangkan. Jadi aku berpikir untuk kickstart kita harus mulai dari culture nya, jadi di awal aku berusaha how to shape culture yang hardwork but engaging to my member sehingga they know the time when they have to total on doing their job and when we can have fun after doing our job. Karena aku tahu workload functional aku tidak sedikit, jadi aku berusaha untuk menamankan work hard and work smart through innovation to my members yang nantinya hal ini juga akan menjadi benefit bagi mereka setelah selesai jabatan mereka di AIESEC.

At first it wasn’t easy, a lot of obstacles came to challenge us, dan aku sangat bersyukur mempunyai member-member yang cooperative sehingga kita bisa melalui nya bersama-sama dan give the better performance to my beloved LC.

2.       The thing that drive me to give best performance is commitment, jadi kalau aku udah choose something yang sesuai minat, aku akan berusaha 100% to do on it.  Sehingga apapun rintangannya, karena sudah commit then I’ll face it and overcome it. Selain itu juga karena my members capability, I think they smart enough in their role sehingga aku sebagai leader harus memfasilitasi mereka untuk menyalurkan ide-ide through the spaces yang kita adakan di functional kita. With their capability as well, membuat ku percaya untuk bisa memberikan performance yang lebih baik untuk entity kita.

Achieving goal is important karena bagi ku itu adalah prinsip. Dari achieving goal kita bisa belajar either from the way we achieve it and the capability the leader itself. Kita bisa belajar banyak hal, that’s why sebelum kita satisfied from achievement kita harus melewati berbagai proses dimana hal tersebut juga merupakan part of development.

3.    Yang berubah di 6 bulan terakhir adalah in terms of self management. Jadi sekarang I tend to selfless than selfish in everything that I wanna do, dan lebih bisa kontrol kapan harus selfish and selfless. Facing a lot of HR membuat banyak belajar bagaimana mengerti orang, meskipun belum expert tapi selalu berusaha untuk melakukannya. Selain itu dari 6 bulan ini aku banyak belajar untuk well planned, dan selalu hati-hati dalam merencanakan sesuatu karena terkadang efek nya bukan hanya ke diri sendiri tetapi ke banyak orang.

4.    Person who inspire me a lot adalah my LCP. That person yang selalu kasih masukan dan share pengalaman dia during his experience di AIESEC yang sedikit banyak menginspirasiku. Sometimes the way he leads us is kind of good karena dia selalu berusaha membuat our entity balance antara hard work and engagement, and it’s proven by our achievement in first semester


Loud & Proud – Alvin Kurnia Sandy

Alvin dan AIESEC
Oleh Alvin Kurnia Sandy

Perjalanan saya di AIESEC dimulai pada awal tahun 2014 ketika saya memutuskan untuk mengisi aplikasi pendaftaran untuk perekrutan panitia kegiatan sosial yang diselenggarakan oleh AIESEC Universitas Lampung. Sejak saat itu, saya mendapat kepercayaan untuk menjalankan beberapa peran di tingkat lokal maupun nasional. Saat ini ketika saya telah menjadi alumni, bertemu dengan ribuan pemuda-pemudi inspiratif dari seluruh dunia serta mendapat kesempatan untuk tinggal dan belajar di Amerika Serikat selama satu semester akademik, saya ‘pergi’ dari AIESEC sebagai individu baru yang lebih percaya diri, positif, dan menghargai perbedaan. Selama dua tahun terlibat di AIESEC, berikut ini adalah beberapa pelajaran berharga yang saya dapatkan.


Percayalah pada dirimu dan orang-orang di sekelilingmu.
Pada awal 2014, saya diberi kesempatan untuk menjadi ketua pelaksana YEP Project, program sosial bertema kewirausahaan yang secara statistik menjadi program sosial terbesar yang pernah AIESEC Universitas Lampung laksanakan hingga artikel ini ditulis. Dengan pengalaman organisasi yang minim, saya sebagai seorang mahasiswa yang sebelumnya kupu-kupu (kuliah pulang kuliah pulang) dipercaya memimpin 10 rekan saya sebagai panitia pelaksana program. Di AIESEC, saya belajar bahwa sebagai seorang pemimpin, kepercayaan memiliki perananan vital dalam sebuah tim. Saya percaya bahwa kesuksesan itu dilandasi oleh rasa saling percaya bahwa setiap individu dalam tim memiliki kelebihan dan kekurangan masing-masing yang saling menguatkan, dan jika disatukan akan membawa kita pada pencapaian yang tak kita duga-duga sebelumnya. Benar saja, program yang terlaksana selama 2 bulan ini berhasil melibatkan 32 ‘bule’ dari 16 negara, puluhan Usaha Kecil Menengah (UKM), beberapa perusahaan nasional serta lebih dari 5000 siswa sekolah di Bandarlampung. Ya, tak akan ada pencapaian-pencapaian baru yang bisa diraih jika kamu tak percaya bahwa kamu bisa mewujudkan mimpi-mimpimu. Dan satu hal yang harus dipahami bahwa kamu tak akan mungkin mampu membuat orang-orang di sekelilingmu percaya padamu jika kamu sendiri pun tak percaya pada dirimu. “You can’t do it if you don’t believe you can, and you can’t do it alone.”


Cobalah hal-hal baru.
“You will never get where you want to go by remaining where you are.” Tak akan ada raihan baru dengan tinggal dan menetap di tempat kamu berada sekarang. Kamu pun tak akan pernah tau kemampuanmu yang sesungguhnya jika kamu membatasi diri untuk melakukan hal-hal baru. Melangkah keluar dari zona nyaman memang merupakan hal yang begitu sulit dilakukan. Kecemasan-kecemasan selalu menghantui. Namun, ketakutan akan sesuatu yang asing bagi kita adalah hal yang mampu AIESEC taklukkan. Setidaknya begitu lah yang saya rasakan. Melakukan presentasi di depan ribuan orang, bekerja di tim yang anggotanya dari berbagai negara, mendaftar beasiswa akademik ke Amerika Serikat, hidup sendirian di Negeri Paman Sam, bekerja tanpa dibayar di negara orang, belajar memahami budaya baru, mengenalkan budaya sendiri kepada orang asing, serta hal-hal lain yang membuat hidup dan cara pandang saya terhadap dunia berubah. Bertemu dengan orang-orang baru, belajar hal-hal yang kita anggap asing, berani mengambil resiko – di sana lah kita belajar.

Ikhlas Bertotalitas.
“Do excellently. Work enjoyably.” Lakukan dengan sebaik mungkin. Bekerja dengan nikmatnya. Itu merupakan motto yang dibuat oleh tim saya, ICXecutor, pada tahun 2014. Kata-kata tersebut terinspirasi dari salah satu AIESEC Value atau nilai-nilai yang AIESEC ajarkan, yakni “Striving for Excellence” atau berjuang untuk yang terbaik. Di organisasi ini, kami AIESECers diajarkan untuk selalu melakukan apapun dengan segenap kemampuan yang kami miliki secara bersama-sama. Kami percaya bahwa jika kita melakukan semuanya semaksimal mungkin serta memanfaatkan peluang-peluang yang ada, akan ada hasil baik pada akhirnya.

Ketika saya menjadi panitia YEP Project di tahun 2014, saya beserta kesepuluh rekan saya telah melakukan persiapan sejak 4 bulan sebelum kegiatan terlaksana. Hampir tak ada sore yang kami lewatkan untuk meeting rutin membahas rencana kegiatan serta evaluasi, baik dengan bertemu secara langsung (di rumah salah seorang dari kami, di kafe, dsb.) maupun secara virtual (LINE, WhatsApp, dsb.) Hampir tak ada minggu yang terlewatkan untuk selalu melakukan aktivitas marketing atau mempromosikan kegiatan kami kepada calon partisipan program kami dari berbagai penjuru dunia. Kami manfaatkan waktu kami untuk mengenalkan program kepada berbagai pihak yang berpotensi untuk bisa mendukung berjalannya kegiatan seperti sekolah, perusahaan, Usaha Kecil Menengah, dan pihak-pihak lain. Terlebih ketika program berjalan selama 2 bulan, tak ada hari yang tak kami lewati bersama melaksanakan berbagai kegiatan yang telah kami ranjang. Kami selalu coba lakukan yang terbaik. Bagaimana dengan masalah dan tantangan? Ya, selalu ada saja tantangan serta masalah yang muncul. Tapi bagi kami di AIESEC, masalahmu bukanlah masalahmu yang sesungguhnya. Masalahmu adalah sikapmu terhadap masalah yang kamu hadapi. Oleh karena itu, jika kami menghadapi masalah, kami coba selalu berunding untuk menemukan solusi dengan sebaik mungkin.

Gagal. Coba lagi. Gagal lagi. Coba dengan lebih baik lagi.
“Don’t be afraid of failing. Be afraid of remaining the same.” Jangan takut gagal, takutlah menjadi sama terus menerus. Ya, teruslah belajar dari pengalaman rekan-rekanmu, pemimpinmu, dan tentu saja pengalamanmu sendiri. Selalu ada pelajaran yang dapat dipetik dari pengalaman baik maupun buruk sekalipun. Pernah gagal itu wajar. Pernah salah itu manusiawi. Jangan sampai kegagalan dan kesalahan itu mengendurkan niat kita untuk berbuat lebih. Yang harusnya kita terus lakukan adalah terus belajar dan melakukan hal yang lebih baik di masa mendatang. Itulah yang AIESEC coba berikan; pengalaman. Jangan pernah ragu. Terus ‘kotori’ dirimu dengan kegagalan dan jangan ulangi kesalahan yang pernah kamu lakukan.

Menjadi bagian dari organisasi yang eksis di 126 negara dan beranggotakan 70.000 pemuda kreatif dari 2.400 kampus di seluruh dunia merupakan pengalaman yang sangat berharga. Sebagai seorang AIESECer, saya belajar bahwa dunia adalah tempat yang begitu luas, berisi milyaran manusia dengan keberagaman pendapatnya, keunikan etnik dan budayanya, serta kompleksitas permasalahannya. Yang perlu kita lakukan sekarang adalah terus berkarya dengan kemampuan dan keahlian kita, lebih peduli terhadap lingkungan sekitar, dan melakukan semuanya dengan maksimal… atau mungkin dengan sempurna. Terlalu berlebihan mungkin karena kita semua tau bahwa kesempurnaan hanya milik-Nya. Tapi apa salahnya melakukan semuanya semaksimal mungkin dengan potensi yang Maha Sempurna di atas sana telah anugerahkan kepada kita? Ambil inisiatif, rencanakan langkah-langkah untuk meraih targetmu, belajar terus dari pengalaman karena kualitas semacam itu lah yang membedakan antara mereka yang unggul dan mereka yang rata-rata. Tetap semangat!