3 Years and Counting – An Inside Out Journey

If you just met me now, you wouldn’t have guessed that I was such a different person back then. I am always known as an ambitious person to achieve my goals – which still exactly made up who I am now – but the kind of ol’ me is different on what I pursue now. Back then I have never engaged with any kind of organizational work. This was merely because I didn’t really into teamwork and my mindset was all about having great academic report then in the future you can do pretty much all things by yourself.

It has always been like that, until on that day – as I remember it clearly – I was walking into a stand with a group of people with high pitch voice basically yelling and screaming to promote something which I couldn’t see clearly from afar. As I walked nearer, I began to see a lot of winter decorations with different nation’s flags. It turned out to be an AIESEC stand. They told me that they send people abroad; which is a very exciting opportunity for a freshman like me on that time. Then I decided to apply for the experience later on so they gave me the member form. I thought it was fine and I undergone the application process. Long story short, I got accepted.

After got accepted, the journey has been crazy. I was constantly challenged with things I have never done before and even previously I didn’t want to be involved into. During the beginning of my journey, I became one of the organizing committee (OC) of a big project involving foreign students to study about Indonesian culture; something that I never really learned before. Aside from teaching me to appreciate my own culture, this OC experience was the very first time I involved by volunteering myself to join a social project in which I had to work as a team. Because of the experience, I learned to turn down my ego, set team’s goals, learned and taking feedbacks from others and solving problems together as a team.

And it was not only that. After my first OC experience, I was chosen to be the OC President on a project to raise the awareness of the high risk of diabetes among Javanese local people that consume high level of sugar daily. It was a very difficult project to begin with, I have never been pointed as a leader of a project let alone I also have to involve foreign students. So there were a lot of things on my shoulder on that time. Fortunately, I got the best team I could ever ask for. With them, I discovered not only just a working team, but more than that, I found a family that can work and support you no matter what. For that, I am truly grateful. Despite all things that happened, they were never give up on me and the project. Even in the end of the project, our project awarded as Top 5 of the Most Impactful Project around the world from AIESEC International and GMAC. Hard work paid off, right?

I think all of the experiences I have been through in AIESEC have taught me the real meaning of the proverb :

” If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

As I look back, I realized young innocent Elory was so naïve for the world; she thought she can do everything by herself. Little did she know that the world is a big place for oneself; thus she needs others to go beyond everything. Little did she know that if she develops with people, she will gain a lot more than she could ever think of. But now I am grateful to be a part of AIESEC and currently on my term as a Vice President of Outgoing Global Talent in my LC to challenge myself more. I want to see in the end, how big impact that I could give during my higher role.

After all these years, AIESEC’s journey has made me to embrace on things that I want to do the most and actually make a path on turning that into reality. Leadership skills and voluntary social community experiences that I gained through AIESEC has made me achieved a lot of things and opportunities that I couldn’t even imagine before. Several experiences including visiting Thailand and Japan both to represent Indonesia in worldwide events also to be awarded with a prestigious grant from Cargill – worldwide companies and one of the top 10 companies originates from U.S.A. -, I must to say, were inseparable from the leadership abilities I acquired from AIESEC. So, yes, I am a proud member of AIESEC.

As a conclusion, it is indeed a journey that shaped your inner-self. I chose word ‘shaped’ because I don’t think I am ‘changed’ in AIESEC, but my journey here made me find my authentic-self and instead of turning it to something I am not, it helped me to mold myself in order to become better. During times, you will find your shape is getting improved and just like an overflowed cup, you’ll find yourself helping others completing their shape.

So, after all these amazing three years, I might be an alumni of AIESEC – but the journey still carries on. Because once you are an AIESECer, that means it’s your journey of a lifetime. Even right now, I am excited to expect every single strange encounter with people in any part of the world that might notice my blue sticker on the back of my laptop and say;

“Hey, are you an AIESECer?”

November is a month of actions towards Sustainable Development Goals


November is a month of actions towards Sustainable Development Goals

 Exactly one year ago, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals. During this time the initiative Youth4GlobalGoals become one of most powerful movements towards the SDGs. The reach has crossed more than 120 countries and territories around the world.

According to the YouthSpeak Survey results, only 46% of young people know about the SDGs. However, they are the ones who will experience the consequences of implementation of the Goals the most. The level of engagement of young people in the Agenda today will directly result in the state of the world in 2030.

While majority (68%) believes the society will be in better state in 2030, young people still ask the question about who is responsible for implementing the SDGs. In reality, youth still relies on the public sector while it’s partnership between public, private sectors and civil society that will be a key to success this time.

Youth 4 Global Goals campaign was created to mobilise young people to take action towards the SDGs. It has a set of initiatives aimed to make people aware about the Global Goals, understand them and act.


What exactly we are doing to support Sustainable Development Goals?youth_speak_forum_logo

  • Youth Speak Survey: the survey got 7,400 responses from Indonesia Millenials. The result is the voice of Indonesian Youth is giving an opinion about what SDGs they would act upon, what kind of motives and fears they have.
  • Youth Speak Summits:  those events are realized around Indonesia and bring together young and senior leaders to form a space for inspiring conversations and creation of actionable ideas around global issues. We are focusing on global goals 1,4 and 3 (No poverty, Health and Well-being and Quality Education).
  • Youth Speak Projectsconsidering the insights got in the Survey, AIESEC is running the social projects around SDGs, Millennials and region needs. This is how a young person gets an opportunity to directly contribute to an issue he or she relates the most to, while developing the leadership potential. This year, we are going to have grand finale in Jakarta (Youth Speak Forum) where investor and experts are going to choose best project from all four summits in November and support it financially and by coaching as well.

Stay update on our Instagram 🙂

Looking forward to see you in the Summits or Forum.

AIESEC UNDIP – Global Citizen


Global Citizen Program is a program provided by AIESEC as a platform for youth to do a social project for 6-8 weeks to more than 124 countries. The Global Citizen Program is an opportunity for young people to develop social awareness and responsible leadership qualities and skills. This is the platform where you will be actively involved in one social project, going through a cultural learning experience while working for projects and NGO’s that aim to create a positive impact in society.


Global Citizen  Program offers the following issues  if you choose to participate732110


Projects are available in so many countries. The image below shows popular destination countries, check it out!


Below are the phases that you’ll follow in Global Citizen Program



Administration Fee

1. Selection Fee = Rp 30.000 (Paid during selection)

2. Raising Fee = Rp 1.500.000 (Fee for registering you to Global Integrated System)

3. Matching Fee = Rp 1.000.000  (Project Approval fee for those who have matched with a project)






  1. Go to this link bit.ly/gcitizenUNDIP
  2. READ all of the instruction & description carefully!
  3. All question must be filled and don’t forget to attach your photo
  4. You are required to attach the following documents in the online form:

    – CV (Curriculum Vitae)

    – Parent’s Permission Letter

    Just click “choose file” in the last question to upload your document. Click “add another file” to attach another.

    You can find the document template in this link.  (Document uploads are not compulsory, but if you don’t upload it now please bring it over during the interview. The parent’s permission letter should be signed (signature can be scanned or image format)

  5. Use English language to fill the form!


For more information, you can contact our representatives!

syara :

line id : syarahafshoh





Global Citizen Program merupakan salah satu program dari aiesec yang menawarkan kalian untuk melakukan suatu project sosial yang cakupannya Internasional yang mana kalian akan menjadi seorang relawan/volunteer selama kurang lebih 6-8 minggu di salah satu dari 126 negara yang tergabung dalam AIESEC. Global Citizen sendiri bertujuan untuk memberikan sebuah dampak langsung pada masyarakat melalui project sosial ini. Global Citizen berfokus pada beberapa isus-isu di dunia seperti Kesehatan, Pendidikan, Budaya, Lingkungan, dan kewirausahaan. Kalian juga akan mendapatkan banyak manfaat seperti International Networking, personal development, ataupun menjadi representatif dari Indonesia.

Program Global Citizen ini ditujukan untuk mahasiswa dari UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Universitas Sanata Dharma, Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa Yogyakarta, Universitas Mercubuana, dan Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Kalijaga. Tapi tidak menutup kemungkinan bagi mahasiswa dari universitas lain untuk dapat mendaftarkan diri pada program Global Citizen ini.

Global Citizen untuk winter season ini akan diaksanakan dari bulan desember sampai dengan bulan Januari. Namun kalian sudah bisa mendaftarkan diri kalian sebagai Applicant dari sekarang.

Lalu apa saja persyaratannya?

  1. Mahasiswa atau Fresh Graduate
    Berumur minimal 17 tahun dan maksimal 30 tahun,
  1. Mampu berkomunikasi dalam Bahasa Inggris
    Jika kamu fasih dalam bahasa asing lainnya akan menjadi nilai lebih buat kamu,
  1. Mempunyai Motivasi Tinggi untuk bergabung
  1. Memiliki Paspor yang legal,
  1. Mengikuti Proses Seleksi.
  1. Membayar biaya administrasi

Untuk biaya pendaftaran Rp 15.000 dan untuk Administrasi Program kalian akan dikenakan biaya Rp 1.500.000 untuk biaya pendaftaran sistem Internasional AIESEC dan Rp 1.000.000 untuk biaya ketika kalian sudah mendapatkan project yang kalian inginkan.


Dan Gimana sih cara mendaftarnya?

  1. Kalian bisa Apply di link berikut ini: http://tiny.cc/ThinkActChange
    Dan jangan lupa untuk pilih Global Citizen Program ya.
  1. Proses Seleksi
    Setelah kalian mendaftar untuk Global Citizen, kalian harus mengikuti proses seleksi yaitu interview
  2. Pengumuman Hasil
    Jika kalian lolos proses seleksi kalian dapat memilih project yang sesuai dengan minat kalian. Dan kalian dapat mempersiapkan diri kalian untuk menjadi seorang Global Citizen.


Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

  1. Apa itu AIESEC?
    AIESEC merupakan suatu organisasi pemuda Global yang berada di sekitar 126 negara yang mana AIESEC ini memiliki tujuan untuk mengembangkan diri kalian melalui beberapa program AIESEC yang salah satunya yaitu Global Citizen.
  1. Kapan dan berapa lama Program Global Citizen ini berjalan?
    Global Citizen ini akan mulai dilaksanakan pada bulan Desember hingga bulan Februari. Dan kalian akan mengikuti program ini kurang lebih 6 – 8 minggu.
  1. Negara mana saja yang bisa kalian pilih?
    Saat ini AIESEC berada di 126 negara, namun untuk program Global Citizen ini kita fokuskan kepada negara negara berkembang, karena tujuan dari Global Citizen sendiri untuk memberikan dampak positif pada masyarakat. Seperti misalnya negara-negara di ASIA (Cina, Thailand, Filipina, Kamboja, Malaysia, Vietnam, dan masih banyak lagi) atau negara negara di Eropa (Polandia, Republik Ceko, Rusia, dan masih banyak lagi).
  1. Apa yang AIESEC sediakan untuk kalian?
    Apabila kalian sudah membayar biaya administrasi sebesar 2.500.000, kalian sudah bisa mendapatkan akses mudah dalam sistem Internasional AIESEC dan bisa memilih project yang sesuai dengan minat kalian. AIESEC tidak menyediakan biaya tiket pesawat ataupun pengeluaran lainnya. Semua biaya ditanggung oleh applicant sendiri. Namun kita menyediakan seorang pembimbing untuk memberikan segala informasi yang kalian perlukan untuk program ini.
  1. Apakah kalian bisa mendapatkan sponsor atau bantuan dana?
    Ya, tapi kalian harus mencari sendiri sponsor tersebut. Dari pihak AIESEC akan membantu memberikan surat rekomendasi atau cover letter.

Untuk mendapatkan informasi lebih lanjut, kalian bisa menghubungi:

Koordinator Global Citizen Programme:

Vita Maulidina

+62896 2754 2134vitamaulidina.pratiwi@aiesec.net

Koordinator Marketing:

Egy Fazri

+62812 8168 8944 | egy.fazri@aiesec.net

From Language Mishaps to Weird Foods

From Language Mishaps to Weird Foods: Common Fears about Going Abroad… and How They are Proven Wrong!


You are in a half-sleeping position, the screen of your phone is previewing a poster with a picture of giddy, joyous group of people smiling at you, as if yelling the letters written atop of their heads: LET’S GO VOLUNTEER ABROAD AND SEE WHAT IMPACT YOU CAN BRING! Your chest is sparking with excitement—sure, doing volunteer work abroad and helping people from an entirely new culture has been a dream for you—but as soon as your mind wanders, your stomach is also flushing with fears and worries.

You have never been so far away from home, and you can’t deny you are scared despite your strong will to go abroad. And the voices inside your head go like this:

  1. I cannot speak the language!”


Wonder if I said it right… (from i.telegraph.co.uk)

You are afraid you will get lost in translation, ending up using so many gestures and being misunderstood. This kind of fear is one of the most common among people who have doubts about going to a place with a completely new language to you. But, don’t make this hinders you from going abroad! Language can be learnt, and to get yourself prepared, make sure you have learnt some conversational basics prior to your departure. Many people from non-English speaking countries are also already accustomed to simple English, too. So, have no worry!


  1. What if I get sick?”

2Ah-choo! (from www.thingsnerdslike.com)

Being in a new place can be thrilling—mostly because everything is very foreign to you. But what if you get sick and nobody takes care of you? Well, well, being sick abroad would not be a problem as long as you go abroad smart—one of them is by taking part in a project from an organization with a good credibility. That way, you have people who hold your back: your host family, buddy, or local program representatives will be there to make sure you are doing alright.


  1. What if I get my study back home distracted?”


I don’t want to miss all of these! (from: wlbpa.org)


Leaving home for a certain span of time will make you have to leave college for a little while, and you’re just afraid that your study plans would be disturbed and you’re left behind with everything. Dealing with this can be a little tricky, moreover when you depart in effective college weeks. But no problemo. If you do, make sure you consult your plan to go abroad with your academic advisor so that your study plan will go as planned. One thing to remember is: classroom is not the only place to study—you have the whole world, and going abroad will do the teaching. Everything will be fine!


  1. I have never been abroad before; I have little to none knowledge about the country I want to go to!”


When what-ifs make you stop in doubt (from: favim.com)


What if the food won’t suit my taste? What if the people are unfriendly? What if I get lost?

Stop asking what ifs, and do a research before deciding a destination instead. Your basic knowledge about a place—the food, the weather, the people, the geographical aspect—would help you a lot during your first days of stay in the location. The first weeks might be a bit bumpy, but you will eventually get used and even love the place you’re in.


So, stop having the worry, and ensure yourself that the benefits of going abroad to learn or volunteer will give you so much bigger than the fears consuming you. Don’t make the reason that you don’t know much about going abroad stops you from realizing your dream—because what it takes to know, is not to know at the first place.

Be proud that you don’t know, as long as you have the eagerness to learn. Because that way, you will be the best of learners.

Go Follow @YouthSpeakPU !


Go Follow @YouthSpeakPU This is AIESEC PU campaign for you to join us in our global youth movement to ensure that young people are represented at the decision making table on transforming youth development. With 35.000 respondents so far we are not far from our goal of 50.000 youth opinions

Take global Youth Speak survey and let our voice be heard at youthspeak.aiesec.org

Tell us your opinions than take a selfie like ours and tag 5 friends to do the same but don’t forget to tag @AIESECPresuniv and @YouthSpeakPU with #AIESEC #AIESECPU #YouthSpeak



Youthspeak – Let Your Voice be Heard!

Youthspeak merupakan sebuah gerakan inisiatif yang diinisiasi oleh organisasi pengembangan leadership anak muda internasional terbesar di dunia, yaitu AIESEC. Youthspeak bertujuan untuk menggerakan suara anak muda dalam berpartisipasi meningkatkan program pengembangan anak muda (Youth Development Program) oleh United Nations post-2015. Kita adalah generasi pertama yang memiliki kesempatan untuk mengakhiri kemiskinan dan mengatasi perubahan iklim. Tahun 2015 adalah tahun yang penting dalam membentuk pembangunan 15 tahun ke depan menjelang dilaksanakannya post-development goals oleh PBB pada bulan September 2015 nanti. Dengan tujuan untuk mengumpulkan 50.000 suara dari berbagai anak muda di belahan dunia, saat ini Youthspeak telah mengumpulkan lebih dari 30.000 suara semenjak dilaksanakan Youthspeak campaign pada November tahun lalu. Indonesia memberikan salah satu kontribusi terbesar mewakili anak muda di Asia Pasifik dengan hampir menyumbang 2000 suara. Untuk itu, demi menyemarakkan gerakan Youthspeak agar dapat mengumpulkan lebih banyak suara sebagai representasi suara anak muda khususnya anak muda Indonesia, 3 Juni 2015 kemarin dijadikan sebagai Youthspeak day. Youthspeak day sendiri masih berlangsung hingga tanggal 8 Juni 2015.

YS DAY2 (1)

Bagaimana cara berpartisipasi dalam Youthspeak day?
1. Suarakan pendapat kamu dengan mengisi survey di youthspeak.aiesec.org
2. Berfoto dengan kertas yang bertuliskan “I speak up for (your concern)
3. Upload foto dengan hashtag : #YouthSpeak #AIESEC #UnitedNations di instagram, twitter &
4. Tantang lima temanmu untuk melakukan hal yang sama dalam 24 jam.
5. Kamu juga bisa menantang tokoh-tokoh berpengaruh di kota mu.

Apa yang akan kami lakukan dengan pendapat yang telah dikumpulkan? Kami akan berkerjasama dengan para representasi di PBB mulai dari perusahaan multinasional untuk startups, orang-orang muda dan universitas untuk mengembangkan inisiatif dan mempengaruhi kebijakan untuk membantu jutaan orang muda agar lebih baik dalam mencapai pengembangan potensi diri. Jangan lewatkan untuk berpartisipasi dalam Youthspeak day: Let Your Voice be Heard!

AIESEC in Prasetiya Mulya on National Website!

Been wondering if only we had more simpler ways to get you through all the greatness and opportunities of AIESEC?

Congratulations. Your wish has just been granted!

Farewell to the old story. Welcome, new one.

AIESEC in Prasetiya Mulya is now shifting to national website for a better experience of yours. Here, you can find all the opportunities you’ve been longing for, from leadership, volunteering to internship experiences. All will ensure you convenience, from the time you look for your interests until when you enrol yourself to our programs.

Stay tuned as we’re starting to bring all the stories to this national website!

To keep you updated:


Youth on the Move

Do you know anyone who has gone abroad for any internship, youth program or university scholarship? Have you ever seen any foreigners in your own country? Have you at least once searched online about work, study or travel abroad opportunities?

Well, let’s face it, we have all answered yes at least once, if not three times. Countless organizations and agencies are fighting for the attention of middle or upper class students and graduates with their wide “go abroad” portfolio. Universities themselves are also not falling behind. Students are often exposed to exchange students and programs and encouraged to study abroad as well. Every young person entering a job market knows now that an international experience is not an extra asset anymore, it’s a must.

Scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, many travel opportunities pop out everyday. Conferences, projects, exchange programs, and cheap airlines offering flights to other continents for 200 euros. Than switching to Instagram. Pictures from Erasmus, long weekend vacations, or hitchhiking trips by my peers. We are determined to travel and experience the world; it’s trendy, it’s necessary, and it makes life more exciting. Almost 23% of YouthSpeak respondents are listing global opportunities as the most important thing they will be looking for after graduation and more than 45% of those surveyed list travelling the world as their current priority in life.

Youth are on the move! What does this mean for them and society beyond selfies?

Conclusions? Well, the capacity of young people to move between different countries, regions and cultures has never been easier and more desirable than it is now. But what’s in it besides selfies with pyramids and macaroons in Paris? Changes in society and economy, and a hell of a lot of them.

Global Talent Management

How can businesses attract and retain talents in the era of youth who want to explore as much of the world as possible in their 20s? Campus recruitment and career fairs may not be enough soon unless you are proposing a truly global experience which will be challenging enough for a millennial to stay in the company for a while. Youth simply needs to be enabled to move. So talent managers around the world — brace yourself for innovating on new sourcing solutions!

Recovery from Current Economic Situation

Take an example from Spain, where more than 55% of youth are unemployed. As a result, educated youth need to leave in search of better job opportunities. But this way, the country will not recover since it cannot keep the best and most educated talent. On the other hand, they are also not ready to receive this amount of talent. Another consequence is that this youth will not contribute with taxes which could help in rebuilding economy. Youth mobility can influence your country more than you think.

Social integration

By bringing youth together through different exchange programs and projects, we can enhance social integration. There is no better way for one to understand a foreign culture than to experience it on your own. It supports intercultural dialog and eases the adaptation of youth to new environments. As a result, we can predict a more tolerant, understanding, and peaceful world.

Youth mobility is unstoppable.

Youth mobility is a complex matter and like everything, has its pros and cons. But there is one thing I know for sure, youth is on the move. And they are unstoppable.