Being a youth is fun yet challenging at the same time. As we are getting prepared to face the responsibilities of adults, we surely still have the curiosity and playfulness of teenagers. Since we are obliged to build and be responsible of our future, here are some things you can do to maximize your life as a youth.


1. Find your passion

You may have heard about this so many times before, but this is really important. Find what your calling is, what you really like doing and you’ll never get bored of. Is it music, art, science, business, or else? By following your passion, you can grow as far as you want to (and you might not want to stop growing!)


2. Explore, explore, and explore

You already know what your passion is? Great! Now all you have to do is to set up a goal and plan the steps to reach that goal. Remember to set a S.M.A.R.T. goal!

If you haven’t found your passion, that’s alright! Challenge yourself to try new things! That sport you’ve never tried sounds great. Starting a business is also an awesome idea. Basically, just go past your comfort zone and explore yourself. Go for something you really want to do but haven’t done yet just because you are not brave enough to do it. It’s worth the shot!


3. Build connection

While you are still a youth, the possibility of building new connections is really wide open. Use your chance well and maximize it! Join organizations or committees that you share same values and dreams with. Talk with strangers. Be social. You’ll never regret having strong connections.


4. Gain experience

Once you know what you are interested into, go find opportunities you can join in. Research shows that people who spend their money for getting experience are happier than those who spend their money for buying things. Collect moments, not things. The more experience you are getting, the more you can explore and understand about yourself. See that internship opportunity you’ve never had? Go for it!


5. Run for your dreams

Now, we’re pretty sure you already know what your dreams are. Is it to be a businessman; a volunteer; a musician; an artist? It’s all up to you! Dream as high as you can, set your goals, and make sure you know the steps to go there. Maybe it sounds scary at first, but time is something you can’t have back. So while you are still young, do the best you can do for your future!


Hopefully those tips can help you to maximize your life as a youth. Happy International Youth Day!

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