Story From Chase- LCVP IGV Bandung

1. My biggest change that i brought to iGV in Bandung that i can make Bandung as the capital for the future leaders of the world and ensure all of the youth in Bandung realizing their potential as the changemaker of Bandung itself and being the ambassador of Bandung to the world within giving the unforgetable experiwnce to every youth from all around the world with a taste of Bandung friendly warmth environment. Beside that every people that contributing to the bigger change for Bandung in the future can have a  purposeful action towards positive impact that they give to Bandung society

2. The thing that driven me a lot along my journey as the vp igv of bandung is what i always believe that Indonesia is a home, Bandung is a home, and from the Home itself comes love and passion of what you’re doing to make people happy and smile at the same time, and happiness always be my remedy of perceive my life as a marvelous gift ever that has been given from God.
3. I always believe what i believe it can change people’s life, before i never trust myself on the way i choose my life path but after this intense and a lot of inner peace that i ot from my life journey as being a VP IGV, i gained a lot of confidence what i trully believe in life no matter what obstacles and challege i face along the way even i always underestimated by my friends and ny surrounding because im just being their “clown” and for them im not considered a trully good leader. But in the end, i proved them that even a clown itself can beat what it said to be a “true leader”, anyone can be a great leader even for a clown, because a leader is a person that can lead themselves and living his life with his passion and compassion to reach what he/she belives in life with hardwork and struggles, and i showed them that even i’m not a perfect leader but i have a true family that always support me in the good or the worst moment during my journey, which is my iGV team who trust me as their leader. Because i know every person is matters, and they have their own way of life of achieveing their own goal.
4. My biggest inspiration is our founding father, Ir. Soekarno, without him we as a great nation, Republic of Indonesia can’t be so powerful as now, as one of the new emerging power in Asia and the world. I really inspire his passion that he knows Indonesia has really big potential of being the contributor to the world peace and freedom, also as the leading nation to ignite the power of third world nations, uniting Asia and Africa as the new world power, driving this 2 continent to make peace and fulfillment of humankind potential inside the tiger and lion of the third world

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