32nd National Election Conference

NATIONAL ELECTION CONFERENCE 2017 or well known as NEC, has just finished. For about 4 days, since 19-22 January 2017, NEC was succesfully held in Travellers Phinisi Hotel Makasar, South Sulawesi. NEC is the annual event which is held by AIESEC INDONESIA in order to elect the next President for next term in AIESEC INDONESIA. Not only that, NEC also has a purpose to do evaluation for all Local Chapter in previous semester by giving them appreciation in awarding night and also to enlarge all AIESECers’ leadership experience and networking. This conference will not be perfect without the well hospitality that offered by AIESEC in UNHAS. The scenery of Phinisi ship decorated in the plenary during this conference has successfully giving the traditional ambience.

On the 3rd day, PRESIDENT of AIESEC Indonesia for term 2017/2018 has been elected. Having 3 strong candidates, through the whole day process of screening from personal quoestions, strategical questions, until external perspective from our Alumnus, all members of AIESEC Indonesia has chose their next leader. Cleo Indaryono, Rahmat Fajri, Ariyani Tiara, were the one who really brave and really have a determination to lead AIESEC Indonesia. In the end of the day, Rahmat Fajri was poured by a bucket of water by Dina Sonyah, President AIESEC Indonesia term 2016/2017, as a symbl that he will be the one to continue the legacy as President of AIESEC Indonesia.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

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