How AIESEC changed me and take role in my achievement (Part 2: Nida Athfyanti’s Story)

Let us introduce you to Nida, Vice President of Human Resources AIESEC Bandung 16/17. In this opportunity, Nida shared her story about her achievements; being a recipient of Djarum scholarship program, 2nd place in her major’s honor student, being an intern in GWASH, and how AIESEC take a big part of those achievements. “I was someone who is quite, introvert, and hard to socialize. Especially to someone who is older than me. I am also someone who has no confidence at all, at first time I applied to become AIESEC member I cannot answer some questions fluently” She started. But now, her 3 years full of new experiences in AIESEC could lead her to become who she is right now, who can talk in front of others to speak out her mind confidently.


“After being elected as VP of Human Resources term 16/17, I applied for Beswan Djarum batch 32. During the selection process, we were interviewed and we played a game where our leadership capacity was tested and it tests how the delegates could do teamwork and leading and I had no problem doing that because it’s not something new for me to work as a team” She stated.  As we know, Beswan Djarum is one of prestigious scholarship program in Indonesia, with acceptance rate only to 0,025%. “In the interview, I explain why I wanted to be a part of Beswan Djarum. I wanted to join Beswan Djarum because I wanted to gain more and develop my soft skill especially my leadership which is something that I learned a lot from AIESEC. While AIESEC had taught me more about practical things, Beswan Djarum taught me about leadership in terms of theory and such. Beswan Djarum and AIESEC complement each other to teach me about the true meaning of leadership both theoretically and practically.” Her numerous achievements in AIESEC such as being chosen as best manager in several quarters and also being a delegate for star conference which lead her to have a chance to become an exchange participant had also contribute to her acceptance in Beswan Djarum, beating hundreds of other students.


Aside from being a recipient of Djarum Scholarship Program, Nida also managed to get second place for her major’s honor student. In the selection process where all the candidates were obligated to make a paper, AIESEC once again had help her as she pick up the theme for her paper from her previous experience as a talent development manager. She completed her paper with the theme of “Youth Behavior Development” and had no problem presenting it in from of judges. Last but not least, Nida also successfully secured a spot as an intern in a project called GWASH (Gamify Wash) that was held by Global Shapers Bandung and World Economic Forum. The project itself initially looking for a final-year student or fresh graduate student to become their intern, and to her surprise, Nida, who was only a third year student was accepted and managed to become the project coordinator in Bandung region. She believed that another AIESEC experience of her like handling big events such as conferences had open the door for her to become a GWASH intern.


“Don’t wait. Life goes faster than you think” is the words that drive her to where she is now. In such a young age, Nida had proved us that we should try and challenge our self to its limit in order to know what we actually capable of. The key to her success is her persistence on everything she does and her ability to always maximize and take advantages on every experience she had.


A glimpse of her experience:

spotted in Character Building Beswan Djaroem, winning as “red ribbon putri”

With James Gwee famous motivator in Leadership building Beswan Djaroem

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