How AIESEC changed me and take role in my achievement (Part 1: Viani Hafiza’s Story)

Let us introduce you, Viani Hafiza, Vice President of Brand Experience and Public Relation AIESEC in Bandung 16/17. Currently she has just got achievement for being selected as delegates of International Conference in United States of America. Curious about her journey? Let’s take a look.

On 9th April, Viani had the chance to attend Entrepreneur Summit called Asia-pacific Student Entrepreneur Society (ASES) Summit in Stanford University as a delegate. She said that most of key to succeed in getting chance for International Conference, she got from AIESEC. “I learned a lot from AIESEC. The first thing I learned is about self-awareness, because self-awareness is the most important thing anyone should have. During the selection process, they asked me, ‘what will be your contribution?’ in which I had to go depth in reflecting what my strength and weakness is. Most of the time, after every AIESEC’s experience I was encouraged to really reflect what I felt, what I didn’t like, and what I got from the process that makes me know more about myself.”

“Second, is how to deal with people, because International Conference always looking for people who are able to deal with people coming from different culture and have different perspective from us. In AIESEC, I was challenged to manage a team across different universities. The barrier was there, which are different importance, different perspective, and different schedule. But the thing is I’m used to it. A simple example is I learn a lot about how social people think and in which way they think differently with people comes from engineer background. This learning make me more open and prepared to deal with culture shock.”

“Third, is being purposeful, because in AIESEC we were challenged to think every essence that we do. Why has to be like this? Why has to be like that? My perspective about life before AIESEC was really simple, but after AIESEC, I know I can do more than I think and how I can take role in society after this.” This essence going to be your power to really understand what is my strong motivation that underlies my reason to join this summit.”

As additional, Viani said there is one more important things. I can say being AIESECer is one step ahead. I still remembered in the interview, my interviewer was amazed with my business experience in AIESEC as Vice President. I can be proud of what I’m doing as I do a lot of things significantly. Starting from improving reach of marketing content, being the first people who create brand advocacy guideline for AIESEC activity, until changing procedure or creating new tracker system that can enhance AIESEC operation. AIESEC give me a hard challenge but never told me what to do, so I can explore my creativity, challenge me to create innovation, and of course implement my idea so I can learn from that. From that point, I knew that what people looked from us is not about what our position is or how many club that we have experienced. Instead, people will look for what we really do, and how significant it is. People need prove and result, not position. So I can say, don’t worry with what you do, just being significant with it.

“The very last learning point, in AIESEC I always surrounded by people who encouraged me to stay positive. Before this, I’ve tried to apply in a few international conferences and those few times I failed. This one was different, I finally succeeded, and that is why you need to stay positive. I knew that I might have failed before because at that time I wasn’t ready, but instead of letting those failures stop me from moving forward, I used them to improve myself so I could be better. In the end, I can say you will get your success in the right time. Don’t worry! What you have to do is building your quality, after you get the quality you get your own success in the right time. Also, don’t forget to pray. As I believe at the end, everything that I get is part of What Allah plan and gives to me.”

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