DKI Jakarta – Jakarta , The 2018 Youth Speak Forum was held in Wisma BNI 46, Sudirman, Jakarta, on Saturday, the 12th of May.  The registration for the delegates was opened at 8 AM and the event started at around 09:30. The delegates were welcomed by the LCP of AIESEC in UI and the OCP for Youth Speak Forum 2018 through their speeches. After that, the first session, which was the keynote session started. There were three speakers who brought up different themes to talk about. The first speaker was Sofian Hadiwijaya whom talked about how to create ideas to build your own company. Hengki Sihombing followed next by bringing up a topic of scaling up your start-up for long term sustainable growth. Aldi Adrian from Mandiri Capital was the last keynote speaker and brought up the issue of solving business funding challenges. The three speakers then sat together for a round of Q&A session. The session was brought up in a light and fun vibe by the speakers while also having its own serious vibes. The delegates were then given time for coffee break.

The next session was the panel discussion session. In this session, four speakers sat on the stage while discussing things around digital entrepreneurship. The speakers mentioned were Irsan Aria from Fave, Tessa Tamin from Unilever, Ria Sarwono from CottonInk, and Tri Nuraini from Quipper. The speakers were very warm, open, and were playful with one another which made this session filled with fun and lots of laughter, yet still very informative and beneficial for the delegates. Each speaker talked about their experience on how they got to where they are now. Every speaker had different stories brought up in very interesting and intriguing ways. This session was also closed with a round of Q&A session.

The last session was the workshop. In the last session, delegates were able to choose one of three options of workshop backgrounds. Iyus Usman Al Idrus from Sinergi Muda brought up a topic concerning socio-preneur. Kristian Harahap brought up a topic about fashion, while Sabarudin Adinugroho brought up a background of e-commerce. Each workshop had its own room for different backgrounds. This session was done so that delegates could focus more on the things they were curious or passionate about. They were also able to pitch in their ideas and received feedbacks from the speakers.

After a long day filled with knowledge sharing sessions, networking with other people, laughter, joy, and free ice cream, youth speak forum came to an end. All the delegates and the moderator took pictures together and everyone went home with smiles on their faces.

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