CENTRAL JAVA – PURWOKERTO – AIESEC in Universitas Soedirman held YouthSpeak Forum Purwokerto 2018 (12/05), The event were  attended by representatives from the community and influencers sector. YouthSpeak Forum Purwokerto is aim to give insight about the progress of Purwokerto city in the digital era to the youth there. In this year YouthSpeak Purwokerto 2018, themed Developing city through Creativepreneurship.

The event was held with the hope of increasing the youth insight about  creative business opportunities in Purwokerto and surrounding areas, also giving them new perspective on contributing as Agent of Change through creating innovative business with high leadership, creativity and having good values within Purwokerto.

The event was held at Oemah Daun Restaurant and has several tracks of sessions such as:  (keynote session), workshop (master class), and YouthSpeak Competitions. For seminars, was filled by influencers and communities representative that have the same objective and vision towards Purwokerto development, all of the speakers are :  Rifqi Meidianto (LCP AIESEC in UNSOED), Anggit Pandu (CEO & Founder Banyumas Creative), and Hebbie Agus Kurnia (CEO @luarsekolah and @ alphacreative). In the Workshop ssession, we are talking about How to maintain business and How to start to be Creativepreneur to be filled by Anggit Pandu (CEO of Banyumas Creative).

Through all of this session, it is hoped, that the delegates later would submit their ideas of social enterprises to AIESEC Indonesia, that will received opportunities of having training and incubation process of their ideas to ensure that their ideas is going to be implemented in real life.

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