EAST JAVA – MALANG, Sunday, May 12, 2018, AIESEC UMM held an annual event called Indonesia Youth Speak Forum. The Youth Speak forum is a forum for youths to come up with ideas that can help solve existing problems in their environment based on the theme of the SDGs used by Youth Speak that year, according to the tagline of the Youth Speak: Let Your Voice Be Heard.

Youth Speak itself is held in several cities in Indonesia. In 2018, AIESEC UMM had the opportunity to hold the Youth Speak event for the first time as a start-up cluster in Malang. The SDGs theme used by the Youth Speak event this year is SDGs number 17, Partnership For The Goals and the main theme is about Digital Enterpreneurial.

The event was held on May 13, 2018 at Grage Hotel Malang which was attended by several speakers namely M Ziaelfikar Albaba (CEO Komaldev.com and kotakan.id), M Miftahul Huda (CEO of Inagata), Elang Baskoro Edi (CEO of Horizon Creative), Andina Paramitha (Director of Ngalup.Co). The theme of AIESEC UMM for Youth Speak is Activate Youth to Collaborate Through Digital Enterpreuner Movement to Increase Economic Growth in Malang. With SDGs taken is number 17 (Partnership For the Goals) and number 8 (Economic Growth).

The reason why AIESEC UMM took the theme is because of real situation in Malang City where many young people in Malang are creative and have various business ideas, but they still do not know how to spell their ideas. And because many young business people in Malang who opened the business only for personal profit and not for the surrounding community. So one of the goals from Youth Speak Malang is to invite young people in the city to start running a business that also can provide benefits to the community in Malang and solve existing problems in the environment in accordance with the SDGs.

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