AIESEC Indonesia has successfully held Youthspeak Forums and Competition in 12 cities. The roadshow started from Palembang on 6th April 2017 and ended last Saturday as final event of Competition on 6th May 2017 in Jakarta. The initial idea of Youthspeak is to raise awareness about Sustainable Development Goals among Indonesian youth. In the forum, AIESEC Indonesia invites top leaders from 3 different sectors; government, company, and community. After being inspired, in the workshop session, the participants are being assisted by expert facilitators to create social project that is relevant to the current condition of Indonesia. Not only that, AIESEC gives a platform through Youthspeak Competition for them to submit the idea. The winner will be sent to do volunteer in Thailand and their project will be implemented together with AIESEC Indonesia. “Through this forum and competition, we hope to not only raise awareness about SDGs but also encourage youth to act for it.” Said Ms. Nadira Natasya as Public Relations of AIESEC Indonesia.

Through this roadshow, AIESEC Indonesia successfully engaged 1500 young people from Padang, Palembang, Medan, Malang, Solo, Jogjakarta, Semarang, Solo, Bogor, Purwokerto, Jember, and Jakarta to participate in the forums and 35 teams from all over Indonesia to join the competition. The 5 top teams were being trained in Jakarta by Kibar Incubator. On the final event, which was held in Soehanna Hall Jakarta, the finalists present their project to judges; Rahmat Fajri (President AIESEC Indonesia), Maurice Shawndefar (Junior Urban Specialist at UNDP), Aulia Masna (Tech Blogger at Kibar). The 1st winner come from Jogjakarta, Emano Team, which project focus on SDGs no.12 Responsible Consumption. The project will raise awareness on food waste and food donation especially in campus canteen. The favourite winner come from Malang, Project focus on SDGs no.15 Life on Land by making platform for people to recycle and donate their trash.

Not only youth, AIESEC Indonesia also successfully invited top leaders from different sectors to inspire Youthspeak Forums Participants. From government side, “Youth are responsible for the development of their country” said the Head of Dispora (Youth and Sport Service) Padang. AIESEC Indonesia also invite public figures such as Young and Talented Actress, Ms. Chelsea Islan, who stated “ I believe there is you in Youth” and Journalist and News Anchor, Putra Nababan who emphasize the importance to start career from early age. In Medan and Solo, we invite representative from UNDP and UNICEF to talk about what youth can do to contribute to SDGs. Mr. Siprianus Bate Soro as Head Unit in UNDP Indonesia clearly said, “ SDGs is me, SDGs is you, SDGs is us.”. Other than that, Talented youth from different sectors also being invited as speakers such as Mr Sayed Muhamad, CEO of and Ms Ainil Islach, CEO of Jilbab BYARANA. From company side, we have speakers from Unilever, BTPN, and Commonwealth life as our main partners. Mr. Heru Dwiarta as BD Manager Commonwealth Life encourage the participants in Jogjakarta, “Opportunity is nowhere, but opportunity is now here.”

We would like to thank our champion partner : Commonwealth Life for always supporting this event from the breginning




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