Global Talent

Searching for the next opportunity to level yourself up and gain professional experience? Differentiate yourself through an international internship.

What We Do

You can gain experience in new work settings, equip yourself with skills needed cross-culturally and bring a fresh perspective for companies.

Benefits You Can Get

Build your CV

Take your professional and life experiences to the next level by exposing yourself to a whole new culture and environment as you live your internship in a completely foreign society

International Volunteering Certificate

Symbolize your experience right after you go back to your country

Our Support For You

Safe living conditions

Ensuring your life and health insurance is mandatory to us. We provide you information regarding accommodation and basic living costs in the desired country

Learning experience

We set clear expectations, provide cultural preparation and facilitate learning spaces before and during experiences.

Clear job description

We accompany you to the project place on the first day, ensure your job description and goals are clear, and working hours/duration align to the initial description.

Logistic support

We ensure you get the right visa, arrival pick-up information before your experience and departure instructions post-experience.

The Admission Fee

IDR 4,000,000,-

Sign Up and Connect

Build your profile on the AIESEC Opportunities Portal and we can start matching you with opportunities.


Filter search results to find the perfect opportunity that fits your skills and interests.


Once we find a match, we can start the process of organizing interviews and putting things in place for your volunteering.

Finalize Payment

You need to pay for the admission fee in full after you are approved to your opportunity.

Confirm and Go

Congratulations! You have been through the interview and selection process. From here we will get you prepared for your new adventure.

How to Join

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