It is the duty of every individual to work so that they can live to meet their needs and develop their abilities which will be the provision of the future. However, at work, try not to spend too much time working or it called by overworking.

Every additional hour of work doesn’t equate to an increase in productivity, and can instead lead to overwork and burnout. Working too many hours actually impedes productivity, both for individuals who are working too many hours and for their teams, resulting in a substantial decrease in effectiveness. Excess busyness and long hours can actually produce more errors, lead to declines in health, and lead people to emphasize reactiveness over proactiveness.


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Therefore, you must commit to managing your time so that you have a fighting chance to show your best results, the most inspired and the most productive.

So how to deal with overworking?

Recognize and deal with the current situation

When you do a job, sometimes you don’t see the future goals and make plans to pursue the dreams you want to achieve. Although there are definitely things you need to do every day to achieve that. What you think and do becomes less important if you do it excessively and it affects your long term goals. That’s why you have to recognize your current working situation and conditions in terms of long-term goals and short-term goals so that you can work ideally and not too much.

Schedule the most important tasks first

Determine and schedule the most important tasks and do them first, so that we can focus on the work we are doing and time will be stable if we schedule the tasks we will do from the most important and most needed at that time.

Give time to rest

Give yourself time to take a break from work that makes you tired. This is the best decision to reflect and rest your body. Do something that can make the body bounce back to work such as walking around and buying your favorite food.

Use time to socialize with family, friends and friends

When you feel that your work is too much, you need relaxation by socializing with family, friends or friends to just share interesting stories and tell stories about current work complaints.

Overworking will make you tired and have no enthusiasm for work, but if you balance your activities with various activities that you like and manage your time well then you can avoid feeling tired while working. These four ways hopefully can help you to get rid of boredom and fatigue when working too much.

Writer: Salsabila Rahma Az Zahro

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