What is a quarter life crisis?

A quarter life crisis is a period of searching for one’s identity that occurs in the age range of 25 to 30 years. People are in a condition in where they are trying to discovering themselves. It affects 86 percent of millennials today with symptoms of discomfort, loneliness, and depression. You don’t need to be afraid because this is normal in your twenties to thirties.


What are the signs?

Then, how can a quarter-life crisis happen to someone? This is due to a problem that arises as an adult for the first time to trigger this condition to occur. The following lists are signs that someone is having a quarter-life crisis:

1. You feel unhappy in running the routine.

The first sign you may feel is the emergence of an unhappy feeling in carrying out your daily routine. This is because you feel like you always do the same thing every day, making you feel unhappy while running. It could also be due to coercion that makes your friend do this.

2. Always think about what will happen in the future.

The future is not something that we can predict, so some individuals will feel fear and anxiety when thinking about what will happen in the future. It is normal to worry about what will happen in the future, but too much anxiety is not good and can impact your life.

3. You were constantly comparing yourself to others.

The next sign is you constantly compare yourself to other people, both about your career and personal life. Social media also plays a significant role in triggering this.

4. Feeling unhappy even though you have got a lot of achievements

Another sign that can indicate you or your friend are going through this phase is that you always feel sad; even though you’ve got a lot of accomplishments, you still feel like you’re not enough. This is due to both the environment and oneself.


How to deal with it?

Then what are the tips for dealing with this quarter life crisis? Here are three tips that we provide for you:

1. Get to know yourself

You must first know yourself by finding out your strengths, weaknesses, and what you like; by knowing yourself. You can start to acknowledge your potential and develop some skills through AIESEC Future Leaders program.

2. Making plans

Your friends can plan to reduce anxiety when thinking about what will happen in the future, such as career planning, education, and others.

3. Reduce use of social media

You should reduce your use of social media first, so you don’t compare yourself to others; besides, reducing your use of social media can also help your friends focus more on their daily routines. Those are the signs of a quarter-life crisis, as well as tips and how to deal with it. It’s okay if you don’t feel well, take a moment to recover yourself.


Writer : Yoga Indrawan
Image Sources : freepik.com
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