On Thursday, May 13, 2021, it is not only Muslims who celebrate Eid. Christians on this day also commemorate the Ascension of Jesus Christ. In fact, Isa Almasih’s sentence is trending on social media today.

Eid al-Fitr or Lebaran is celebrated by Muslims as a day of victory after fasting in the month of Ramadan for a whole month. Meanwhile, the Ascension of Isa Al Masih or the Ascension of Jesus Christ is commemorated by Christians in Indonesia. The commemoration of these different religious days is special because it is rare. Apart from being a big day for followers of their respective religions, this year’s Eid celebration and the Ascension of Isa Al Masih can be a moment to strengthen tolerance among religious communities in Indonesia.

religious tolerance


Tolerance in religion means an act of mutual respect between religious communities. No matter what religion is followed, people must respect each other. Religious tolerance is an attitude of realizing that differences are a social reality in a society that is used as a mosaic that can make life diverse but still in the same unity. As an individual religious community, what can be done in respecting and respecting the beliefs and beliefs of other individuals who are different.


Tolerance between religious believers will continue to grow if we are cared for. It is our common duty and responsibility to continue to foster tolerance in this country so that it will flourish and soar so that it can shade us with calm peace as brothers in one country. Hopefully, the two religious holidays that are celebrated simultaneously this year are a symbol of tolerance that is getting better in this country.

Source Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons

Writer: Salsabila Rahma Az Zahro