In 2021, I got into my university. Because I already had some experience in event organizing and student organizations so I thought  university would be no different. In a way I was right…..until AIESEC was introduced to me during the orientation week. 

AIESEC had such a distinctive name when compared to other organizations. With just reading what it is from google and watching some videos about it on youtube I decided to give it a shot and register myself to Youth Today. Fast forward to my acceptance and I become an official member. I became a marketing staff for one of AIESEC ‘s Outgoing Global Exchange (OGX). During my time as staff my ideas about student organization were all broken… a good way. I learned a crazy amount of stuff in such a short time. I learned about social media marketing planning, graphic design, video editing, copywriting,……it was a lot. Because I see how impactful AIESEC is for me, I pushed myself even harder to learn more. In AIESEC not only I learned marketing skills but also on time management, task delegation and obviously leadership. I also made meaningful connections with the people there, I met amazing people that are now my best friends.  So when the term was about to end, I said to myself that my journey in AIESEC isn’t over yet.


For my second year, I chose to step it up and tried to apply for a team leader position as the Digital Marketing Strategist Team Leader for AIESEC in Unpad. I got accepted. With a new role, new team environment and entirely different people that I’m used to working with, I find myself motivated to learn even more. I watched hours upon hours of tutorials on graphic design, visual design, video editing and anything you can think of about content creation. I was determined to learn all of this so I can pass the same determination to my staff. Well obviously I didn’t mastered all of it, but it was a great start and motivated me to keep learning even to this day.

Now I’m a team leader, I have staff working with me. I learned so much about leadership, team management and how to delegate tasks accordingly. I have to make sure they have a good experience as staff like I did when I was a staff member. I also applied for the National Supporting Team (NST)  for AIESEC Indonesia where I learned more about customer service, copywriting, platform-specific content creation, public relations and so many I can list. All these skills and knowledge I gained wouldn’t be even possible if I didn’t become a member. If I had to do this all over again my answer would be…no, not because I didn’t enjoy my time as an AIESECer but because I want to develop myself even more.