Digital Marketing & Content Design Intern

at PT. Bahasa Kinerja Utama


This job opportunity is paid.


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About Company

PT. Bahasa Kita focuses on developing sound technology products as well as artificial language intelligence, such as speech-to-text transcription, speech synthesizer, speech to speech translation, voice biometrics, emotion recognition, acoustic inspection system, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and clustering, document summarization, and etc.


Role Details


As Digital Marketing & Content Design Intern in PT. Bahasa Kiinerja Utama, Intern will conduct the digital marketing activities regularly, maintain the website and social media, and learn product knowledge from the Product and Business team.

Working hours

Monday to Friday: 08.00am-05.00pm


3 months


  • Periodically review all existing digital marketing activities
  • Create content and Tools that support digital marketing renewal
  • Conduct marketing activities using digital marketing platforms
  • Perform daily updates and content maintenance of websites and Social Media
  • Conduct intelligence competitor agencies in cyberspace and provide information
  • Learn product knowledge from the Product and Business Development Team
  • Keep up with the relevant IT industry developments in cyberspace


This opportunity only and only for 1 slot, in which the realization will be on July, 2021



Marketing, Communication, IT, or Management


Familiar in operating MS Office, familiar and following the development of social media platforms, having extensive networking in cyberspace, good in English, willing to work with target deadline, fast learning, work effectively and smartly, understand writing effectively in Bahasa, teamwork, result-oriented manner.

Minimum Study Level

  • Minimal in 3rd year
  • Majoring communication, marketing, IT, or management


  • Get certificate as Local Internship Participant
  • Develop a set of leadership qualities through our Leadership Development Model
  • Get personal & professional support from your local AIESEC office
  • Boost your career prospect in the youth field
750.000 IDR

**Administrations Fee to AIESEC


Estimated Process Time: 
6 Days
  1. CV Reviewed by AIESEC
  2. CV Reviewed by Company
  3. Video-Screening
  4. Company result