Database Engineer Intern

at Loko IT Solution


This job opportunity is paid.

Information Technology (IT)

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About Company

LOKO IT Solution is engaged in the field of information technology services that include system integration services for software development and infrastructure procurement. LOKO is committed to creating appropriate software with usefulness in accordance with the needs of its customers since March 3, 2015. The analysis and design process is carried out together with the customer so that the pouring of ideas is implemented perfectly. Software quality and customer convenience are our priorities. In addition, we also provide system maintenance that needs to be updated. Ready to make business processes run by customers with the convenience of the software from the store.


Role Details


As Database engineers intern at Loko IT Solution, interns are responsible to design and maintain databases, increase data storage capacity, and troubleshoot database functionality issues. They also review database performance and user reports.

Working hours

Monday to Friday: 08.00am-04.00pm


  • Optimizing the performance of the organization’s database
  • Enhancing data storage capacity
  • Writing new support programs and scripts
  • Troubleshooting database code
  • Working with the latest or newest technology


This opportunity only and only for 1 slots, in which the realization will be on July 2021



Information Technology (IT)


Familiar with database, SQL Server, SCRUM, MySQL, SQL server, and expected as a critical thinker and able to work in a team.

Minimum Study Level

  • Minimal in the 3rd year of study, and have experience related to the project is a plus.
  • At least, the intern has ever conducted/made an IT project.
  • Willing to work from the office.





Food (One meal per day)


  • Get certificate as Local Internship Participant
  • Develop a set of leadership qualities through our Leadership Development Model
  • Get personal & professional support from your local AIESEC office
  • Boost your career prospect in the youth field
750.000 IDR

**Administrations Fee to AIESEC


Estimated Process Time: 
6 Days
  1. CV Reviewed by AIESEC
  2. CV Reviewed by Company
  3. Video-Screening
  4. Company result