DevOps Engineer

at MTarget


This job opportunity is paid.


These are the locally spoken languages that you’ll have to know.

About Company

MTARGET is the #1 marketing automation tool in Indonesia. We help business become more personal with customers. MTARGET features are designed to optimize marketing activites by seeking an economic side compared to conventional methods. The MTARGET platform is currently used and trusted by many companies from various industries and scales throughout Indonesia and Southtes Asia.

Role Details


As a DevOps engineer at MTARGET, DevOps engineer introduces processes, tools, and methodologies to balance needs throughout the software development life cycle, from coding and deployment, to maintenance and updates.

Working hours

24 hours/week ( Flexible )



  • Designing and build secure and fast server infrastructure
  • Monitoring and reporting on server health, load, usage, and / or attack
  • Build the services needed to support product development and company operations
  • Analyze and resolve system security problems
  • Collaborate with developers for system implementation and integration.
  • Creating configuration documentation, procedures and standards in accessing the system.
  • Participate actively in discussions about solving technical and non-technical problems, and help the team to find technical problems with optimal solutions.


This opportunity only and only for 1 slot



Information Technology


  • Understand about Linux System- Comfortable with programming and scripting languages
  • Understand about container and orchestration system
  • Know about monitoring systems
  • Understand about CI/CD system
  • Understand about source control system (GIT)
  • Strong motivation and willingness to learn

Minimum Study Level

  • There is no minimum study level specified



  • Get certificate as Local Internship Participant
  • Develop a set of leadership qualities through our Leadership Development Model
  • Get personal & professional support from your local AIESEC office
  • Boost your career prospect in the youth field
750.000 IDR

**Administrations Fee to AIESEC


Estimated Process Time: 
6 Days
  1. CV Reviewed by Company
  2. Video-Screening
  3. Interview with Company
  4. Company result