Being an AIESECer means…

Taking part in transforming the world into a better place, Developing your leadership qualities as an individual and a team, Learning things outside of your box.

No matter who you are, No matter what you do, AIESEC can help you unleash the greater side of you.

What AIESECers do

Get AIESEC noticed in your area

  • Attend marketing stands and perform lecture shouts on campus/in nearby universities,
  • Arrange sales meetings with companies,
  • Organise and execute marketing campaigns and events, and
  • Create digital marketing materials on social media platforms

Facilitate exchange experiences

  • Become an expert consultant for one of our exchange programmes and help your fellow students to go abroad on a life-changing experience,
  • Ensure a quality customer experience by managing and supporting young people for the duration of their programs.
  • Build your global network and foster partnerships with AIESECers from all around the globe.

How we’ll help you

  • Meet every week with the rest of your team to talk strategy, get training & support on how to achieve your goals, and have fun!
  • Get access to all our training materials through our Online Resource Hub and attending National Conferences.
  • Receive guidance on how to create and track Personal Development Plan through one-to-one meetings with your Team Leader.

What AIESECers get

Business Skills

Being a no ordinary organization, AIESEC offers an environment similar to a start-up in which our members do activities related to sales, marketing and management, where transferrable business skills can be developed regardless of academic background.

Diverse Community

Present in 26 Universities across Indonesia, our membership is made for people of every race and nationality with no exceptions. We embrace our differences as a community and strive to adopt a global mindset in everything we do.

Leadership Development

By facilitating cross-cultural exchanges, AIESEC provides you with a platform to become value-based leaders who are self-aware, solution-oriented, empowering others and world citizens. Members can also take their leadership development further by running for Team Leader or Executive Board.

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