My Name is Lucia Yuriko, I am Member Committee Vice President (MCVP) Outgoing Global Exchange 20.21 of AIESEC in Indonesia. My journey at AIESEC began in 2016, Join AIESEC as Staff Incoming Global Volunteer (IGV), then became Team Leader of Incoming Global Volunteer and Local Committee Vice President Outgoing Global Talent (OGT). Until now, she is the MCVP of OGX AIESEC in Indonesia.

Reason to Join AIESEC
Ever since I was in Senior High School, I’ve known AIESEC and signed up to be a host family. When entering the lecture period,  Luci joined AIESEC UPN Veteran Yogyakarta (UPNVY). She entered AIESEC because she likes projects that are handled by young people and have a real impact on society. AIESEC is a way to realize and develop young people to become good leaders.

Many young people at AIESEC are passionate about big changes, but it always starts with small things to make those changes happen. She likes to be surrounded by passionate and motivated people. These people will influence us to continue to grow in many ways because of the many supporting systems for us to continue to advance and develop.

Valuable Experience at AIESEC
Before becoming Local Committee Vice President (LCVP) Outgoing Global Talent (OGT’s), She was downgraded to become a Talent Management Staff due to problems at work. She still wants to continue at AIESEC and is interested in OGT products. She dared to go forward to become LCVP OGT’s because she has internship experience and can explore the world of work, and can inspire friends to seek experience outside of college.

From February 2019 to January 2020, served as Local Committee Vice President (LCVP) of OGT AIESEC in UPNVY, had experience dealing directly with AIESEC Products and meeting with stakeholders and customers. OGT at AIESEC in UPNVY is the second year and still has one prede (alumnae). She started the term full of confusion and fear because the team members had no experience in OGT because the former only had a manager, and no one continued. However, She and Team did not give up and kept doing something new to be able to develop OGT.

With the support of other people and the team, Kak Luci and the team were able to realize more than 10 OGT Goals and have high growth compared to other Local Committees (LC). In addition, OGT AIESEC in UPNVY also received several awards from the conference.

The most memorable thing is, all the Exchange Participants (EP) who were sent were very close and always on the phone at all times. And they always share their experiences during the internship and after the internship. After running the internship, EPs immediately get a Full-Time Employer, a good Workplace in the company, and a good Portfolio. In addition, there are those who can start their own business and own a company with their business partners, and there are those who are trusted to be managers in the company because of their good work quality. In fact, all EPs are Fresh Graduates but they can show their success through the efforts they have put in so far. We are still in touch with each other, most happy when someone is grateful for the impact that has been given by the OGT program.

Apart from the experience of the EPs, OGT members become very professional and can find their own passion. The first new organizational development system must start from small steps first, so you can’t have a big investment even though you have big goals. Everything must start from small things, then it will become big if it is always maintained and new innovations are continuously developed.

It is important to know where you are, and know where your goals are. Because AIESEC is an organization that has been structured and formally structured to develop youth. At AIESEC, everyone cares about the development of each member so that they can realize the goals of their members.

2. Networking.
At AIESEC, there is a lot of access to networking, so it can help you to find a lot of networking.

3. Place of Expression.
You can be what you want and be yourself. When viewed from the AIESEC members, many have grown until now, because they have their place of expression in AIESEC. Here no one judges you to learn and express.

4. Empathy to Appreciate One Another.
At AIESEC, when you want to develop something and make something happen, you will be supported and appreciated by many people, because you have already achieved the goals you want to achieve.