An opportunity for young people in Indonesia who seek to develop themselves by experiencing a new perspective, making an impact, and supporting action. Local Project is known as a volunteering program through the virtual platform for 4 weeks. Through this program, we aim to enable young people to experience virtual volunteering programs in order to develop their leadership skills and increase the awareness of The Sustainable Development Goals to society.


Grownesia is a subprogram of Local Project that focuses on Entrepreneurship, especially Sustainable Development Goals:

Decent Work & Economic Growth also Sustainable Cities & Communities


Environesia is a subprogram of Local Project that focuses on the Environment, especially sustainable Development Goals:

Clean Water & Sanitation, Affordable & Clean Energy, Responsible Consumption & Production, Climate Action, Life Below Water and Life on Land.


To Dare Yourself!

What are the steps to join local project?

  • Select the project which fits you based on the opportunities list below for details on each of the projects already attached to the pages by clicking read more.
  • Apply to interest opportunities. Depending on the opportunities you’re interested in, follow the booklet’s instructions for Local Project registration.
  • We’ll be in touch, and The processes vary depending on the opportunities yet usually include an online application, interview, and selection process.

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During SkillUP Project, all the people was so fun and kind! For a high schoolers like me, this experience can be a beginning for me to enter university life! The project is amazing! Lots of knowledge that I gained

Yuda Trianggara

SkillUp Project Batch 1 Participant

An unforgettable experience of being a LEO warrior. Of course, the goal is to have beneficial impact, especially at sea. Here I get a lot of knowledge about the ocean, learn to share time, and influence many people to follow the programs that we make. Make me more productive and sensitive to the environment

Alif via Melati Putri

LEO: Lost in the Eastern Ocean Project Participant

A lot of knowledge, insights, and education that I get in this project, especially in the marketing field and I can straight implement all the theories that I gained to the MSME that I’m working on. Such a big experience for me!

Ardhita Aulia Putri

SkillUp Project Batch 1 Participant

I feel that being a volunteer makes me realize how big the actual problem is. It is not something that we continue to turn a blind eye to. And of course, gaining some knowledge about the marine and how an organization works. Including how to work as a team and as a whole. It was a great and fantastic experience for me


LEO: Lost in the Eastern Ocean Project Participant