Impact Circle

Impact Circle is a webinar event held by AIESEC in Indonesia to raise awareness about the SDGs and specific unfamiliar topics for Indonesia’s youth. Impact Circle aimed to create the platform to unite like-minded youths who are concerned about SDGs to create something real for the society around them and make it better while helping implement the SDGs themselves. In 2020, AIESEC in Indonesia had managed to do 20+ Virtual Impact Circle events, attended and engaged 10k+ youths across Indonesia and watched by 20k+ people on YouTube live. This year Impact Circle hopes to engage more youths and create a broader impact for the environment around AIESEC in Indonesia.

Ongoing Events


How To Keep Up With Digital Growth

By selecting the theme of “Begins With YOUth : How To Keep Up with Digital Growth” we believe that digital growth awareness is a fundamental thing that must be learned by youth in order to achieve the goals of SDGs number 8.

Impact Circle 3.0 is one of the best platforms that aim to improve youth’s awareness related to digital growth, help youth to gain knowledge in this digital era, and give opportunities for them in creative industries by utilizing digital platforms so that youth could gain additional skills in terms of understanding the steps to improve their self in this challenging environment, including digital growth.

Saturday, May 28th 2022
13.00 – End (WIB)

Via Zoom Meeting


Essential Skills to Face Society 5.0

HEY AIESEC! #ImpactCircle is back!

We know, YOU know the world is changing day by day, Human-created technology evolves, and social reforms are setting their sail. Aiming to introduce our #YOUTH to Society 5.0 era, we got you covered by summarizing the knowledge, skillset, and future opportunity you can’t miss out on at this event!

AIESEC in BINUS prepares you to face the newest challenge that comes alongside those changes, say Introduction to the latest society 5.0, Self-branding through Social Media and Digital CV, and Knowing more about Data Analyst: skills of the future with professionals in the respective fields.

Saturday, May 20th 2022
19.00 – End (WIB)

Via Zoom Meeting

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“Keren banget acaranya bagus. Kegiatan ini memberikan edukasi baru terutama untuk kaum milenial dalam menjaga keramaian lingkungan ”

Lutfi Muktar ~

“Nothing perfect in this world, so this event is almost perfect because make us aware with our surroundings especially nature”

Naufal Faras Nibras Rae ~

“ Acaranya dikemas dengan baik, pembicara yg dipilih juga expert di bidangnya jadi apa yg kita ekspektasikan dlm mengikuti webinar ini dpt sesuai”

Yosua Putra Laoli ~