Impact Circle

Impact Circle is a webinar event held by AIESEC in Indonesia to raise awareness about the SDGs and specific unfamiliar topics for Indonesia’s youth. Impact Circle aimed to create the platform to unite like-minded youths who are concerned about SDGs to create something real for the society around them and make it better while helping implement the SDGs themselves. In 2020, AIESEC in Indonesia had managed to do 20+ Virtual Impact Circle events, attended and engaged 10k+ youths across Indonesia and watched by 20k+ people on YouTube live. This year Impact Circle hopes to engage more youths and create a broader impact for the environment around AIESEC in Indonesia.

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It is a collaboration event by AIESEC in Indonesia and Kraft Heinz Indonesia that aims to spread knowledge and awareness about SDGs topics, enable young people to be aware of their role towards the community and as and future leaders to take a call to action towards their surroundings. We will explore the role of youth in the FMCG industry to support both AIESEC and Kraft Heinz vision, AIESEC: “Peace and Fulfillment of humankind’s Potential”, Kraft Heinz: “To sustainably grow by delighting consumers globally”..

Saturday, September 25th 2021
13.00 – End (WIB)

Poster Impact Circle AIESEC in PM

AIESEC in Prasetiya Mulya

Impact Circle: Planning and Executing Your Own Venture carries a theme from the Sustainable Development Goals no. 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth, which “promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all”. We aim to help the economic growth of our nation by connecting successful entrepreneurs with the young generation, so that these young entrepreneurs are able to receive insights, strategies, and solutions in building their own venture. Through this event, we hope that youth can learn and pave their own journey to be our future successful entrepreneurs that shape the Indonesian future economy.

Friday, September 24th 2021
18.30 – End (WIB)


“Keren banget acaranya bagus. Kegiatan ini memberikan edukasi baru terutama untuk kaum milenial dalam menjaga keramaian lingkungan ”

Lutfi Muktar ~

“Nothing perfect in this world, so this event is almost perfect because make us aware with our surroundings especially nature”

Naufal Faras Nibras Rae ~

“ Acaranya dikemas dengan baik, pembicara yg dipilih juga expert di bidangnya jadi apa yg kita ekspektasikan dlm mengikuti webinar ini dpt sesuai”

Yosua Putra Laoli ~