Opportunity for Global Youth

Bring people from around the world to make a local impact within our community

Reasons to cooperate with us

Make a local impact through Global Volunteer


Diverse Youth Experience

We provide cultural experiences for cooperative non-profit organizations by adding multi-cultural perspective to your organization with international volunteers.

Start With Ease

We, as the world’s largest youth network helps sourcing of international volunteers with different backgrounds easier for your social project.


AIESEC Support

We take care of the logistics by providing support with visa and assist the volunteer during the exchange with personal, professional and leadership development.

Project Designed for Impact

We target various types of social issues through Sustainable Development Goals and have customized projects designed accordingly to impact the local communities.

What is it in for your organization?

Bringing youth who have a global mindset to bring new ideas to the table


Enhance The Impact and Interactivity

Bring in global volunteers to involve youth around the world to your organization with enthusiastic and motivated attitude.

Improving Perspective and Strategies

Providing a solution to your organization needs by working with global youth.


Broad Global Point of View

Creates a positive social influence by involving  global volunteer to achieve a goal and impact to your local community.

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