AIESEC in Indonesia helds a webinar called Youth Today which aims to provide young people to create awareness of the importance of developing leadership skills. The theme raised for this time webinar is “Youth Alert: Build Up Future Leaders, Learn from Experience” with the tagline #LEADwithYOUth.  The webinar was held on Saturday, 3rd July 2021 via zoom meeting with 344 participants.

This whole event was moderated by Putri Nida Farihah, a Local Committee VicePresident of Outgoing Global Volunteer AIESEC in Universitas Sriwijaya and Meita Izzati Prameswari, a Local Committee of  Outgoing Global Volunteer AIESEC in Bandung.  The Youth Today webinar begins with welcoming participants by the moderators and followed by a speech from Ricky Gunarto as the Organizing Committee President of Youth Today. And then, the first session started. 

The speaker for the first session of Youth Today (Youth Alert: Build Up Future Leaders, Learn from Experience) is Azalia Zatadini. She is the former MCP of AIESEC in Indonesia in 2018/2019 and solution lead for the leadership community. The key point that is going to be delivered in the first topic is “Leaders Must: Mastering The Confidence, Speak Louder.” Through the first session, Ms. Azalia delivers a lot of materials on how to be confident in front of many people and being vocal. This is where communication knowledge will come in handy.

The second speaker is delivered by Vicario Reinaldo, a program manager in Gojek and content curator. The topic that is given in this session is “What I Wish I Knew When I Graduated From High School.” Through this session, Mr. Vicario delivers his experience from his high school life up until the point he tried to find a coach that is suitable for him. Based on his own experience, he can convey the significance of having a coach in our life to guide us and lead us. 

The third session is filled with the topic “How Coaching Can Help You Develop Yourself.” This session is brought by Julia Jasmine, a career Education Practitioner. Still related to the previous session, Ms. Julia is giving the delegates with deeper knowledge about the role of a coach and how to get a coach. Julia Jasmine said that coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. Coach is there to guide us on how to learn and master something and not directly teaching us about specific materials.

The last session was brought by Zahra Izzati, National Supporting Team Marketing Coordinator of AIESEC Future Leaders. In this fourth and final session, Ms. Zahra will lead and guide all of the delegates that already got inspired on the three previous sessions to join AIESEC Future Leaders, a program that can help them to build leadership skills. After this session, delegates are allowed to join a breakout room based on their local committee or nearest local committee from their place of stay for AIESEC Future Leaders explanation in detail.

Writer: Adzkia & Ricky Gunarto