Hi, AIESECer! Are you thrilled to have finally reached this point after a long and challenging journey in high school? But the journey doesn’t end here – college awaits! As you embark on this new chapter, you may feel unsure about how to navigate the beginning of college life. Here are three important things to consider as a new student:

1. Define your future goals

Choose your target

Before diving into the demands of college life, it’s crucial to set clear targets for your future. Consider goals such as completing college in 3.5 years, achieving a 4.00 GPA, or securing a Master’s degree scholarship. By establishing your objectives early on, you can focus on the necessary steps and avoid distractions.

2. Create a timeline for each semester

Set your time line for each semester

To help you manage your college experience, consider creating a timeline of tasks for each semester. For example, in semester 1, focus on adjusting to campus life and researching scholarship opportunities. In semester 2, start getting involved in student organizations or event committees. During semesters 3-4, consider joining competitions or participating in training programs like Bootcamp. By semester 5-6, you can explore internship opportunities. Finally, in semester 7-8, begin preparing for your final project. Creating a timeline like this can help you stay motivated and focused during your studies each semester.

3. Plan for your future career

Plan your future career

It’s equally essential to start preparing for your future career. Many college students aim to pursue a career related to their field of study. Start seeking opportunities to gain experience and enhance your CV. In today’s competitive job market, accumulating experience and accomplishments will greatly improve your chances of landing your desired job.

Now that you know your targets and career plan, how can you gain relevant experience? There are numerous avenues to explore, such as joining organizations, participating in internships, attending boot camps, freelance work, and competing in events. Involvement in organizations is particularly valuable for developing relationships, teamwork skills, and gaining experience. With countless organizations on campus, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed when deciding which one to join. However, don’t succumb to FOMO (fear of missing out)!

If you’re feeling lost, fear not! AIESEC is here to assist you. AIESEC is a global organization that focuses on developing leadership experience. How can AIESEC benefit you? By providing opportunities to seek experiences that align with your career goals. AIESEC serves as a platform for gaining professional experience before entering the workforce, helping you build a strong foundation. Additionally, AIESEC offers various programs such as Local Projects, Global Talent, and Global Volunteer, providing valuable experiences to enrich your CV.

As a global organization, AIESEC conducts its activities based on international standards, making it an excellent environment for improving your soft and hard skills. Fluency in English is a highly sought-after qualification in the job market. AIESEC is also distinguished for its supportive community that fosters personal growth and development, creating a nurturing environment for you to thrive. Choosing AIESEC not only offers you professional experience but also supports your personal development!

So guys, joining AIESEC gives you amazing chances to gain professional experience, develop leadership skills, and beef up your CV. As you make your way through college, AIESEC’s supportive community will be there to help you grow both personally and professionally. Embrace this chance to prepare for a successful future and make the most of your college experience with AIESEC!