How’s life as an AIESECer?Is it challenging, or perhaps a lot of fun? Let’s find out about real life as an AIESECer through the bittersweet moments!

AIESEC is becoming a trending topic among college students, One question that often comes up is, ‘What does it feel like to be an AIESECer? Well, let’s begin with the term. “AIESECer” means for people who have registered or let’s say finally become the official member of this organization. However being an AIESECer is not only about the name, but it’s so much more than that! Being an AIESECer means that you will become an explorer where you can experience many moments and opportunities to come, AIESEC will give you a personalized and relevant experiences. But as an AIESECer, we also have ethics and system implemented in this organization within each role. There are different roles with different responsibilities,  such as LCP, LCVP, TL, and GB. Let’s find out!

Aurel’s POV: Life as a LCP (Local Committee President)

LCP means the highest role in AIESEC which leads all members in AIESEC. LCP has the biggest responsibility in the organization to keep sustain and develop. LCP create the strategy and plans at the beginning and do a quarterly refresh to ensure it still relates to the current situation. LCP’s job is to create a strategy, however they still need others (LCVP) to help brainstorming together.

Kanaesya’s POV: Life as a LCVP (Local Committee Vice President)

LCVP has the responsibility for creating strategy and planning the actionable steps to support the strategy, and moreover they also have the responsibility to deliver to their Team Leader to be executed. They also have to consider some aspects behind all the decisions, and of course they also have sweet and bitter moments.

Indri’s POV: Life as a TL (Team Leader)

Team Leader is someone who is a lead member and doing 50% planning and 50% execution which sometimes people thought it’s harder than they thought. There are sweet moments as a TL but there are also bitter moments.

Jesica’s POV: Life as a GB (General Board)

General Board is playing a big role as a full executor and helping the organization going well! This role can be the first stage to find out and explore more about AIESEC from every inch of sight and surely this role has its pro and cons.

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