AIESEC in UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta held the first Youth Today webinar in 2021. This webinar is a platform to connect youth especially in Yogyakarta with a range of ages 19 to 30 years old to create awareness regarding the importance of their leadership. Youth Today aims to bring relevant topics and discussions for youth to have leadership skills, connecting impact, and world awareness. AIESEC in UPNVY Youth Today theme is “Prepare Your Career Through International Internship in Quarter Life Crisis”. Therefore Youth Today comes as a solution for discussing QLC (Quarter Life Crisis) and how to overcome it. 

This webinar was held on Sunday, April 25th, 2021, through Zoom by reaching more than 250 participants. The participant almost came from outside Yogyakarta and variety of different educational background, ranging from university students to alumnae. 

Youth Today starts at 1 p.m. and ends at 3.40 p.m. This whole event will moderated by Ghina Raihanah, a Secretary General of Jakarta International Model United Nations also a second- year law student at Universitas Indonesia. Before the first session started, Youth Today hosted by Haifa Salwa as Organizing Committee Partnership & Marketing gave the place and time to Thomas Eza Christiawan as Local Head for giving a speech.

The first speaker was opened with an “Inspire” session, brought by Claudia Rosari Dewi. Claudia is an Awardee of Chevening Scholar 2020/2021 and currently, a student pursuing Magister of Science in Psychology of Education at the University of Bristol, UK. The first session filled with the topics about “Quarter Life Crisis during Pandemic and How to Deal it”.   

A Quarter Life Crisis (QLC) is a crisis that mostly happened in a period ranging from a person’s early twenties up to their thirties. Youth often feel confused or lost about steps to take once in early adulthood. In this session, Claudia explained what you define as Quarter Life Crisis, the differences between Midlife Crisis or Midlife Growth, How to navigate and deal with QLC during a pandemic and Find Your Life Purpose (IKIGAI). 

Next for the second session block is “Discussion”, which was explained by Nabila Mediana Natasha. Currently, Nabila works at Uang Teman Member of the Recruiters Community as a People Partner. Regarding her specialty in Recruiting fields, Nabila will be brought to the topic of “Benefits of Starting an Internship Program for Companies”.

The session started with the explanation about what’s the importance to take an internship both for company and employee. After that, Nabila encourages the participant for a conveyed type of challenge while applying for the job. In the midst of this session, Nabila reviewed two CVs from the participants. At last, Nabila closed the session with the tips “How to Accelerate Your Career Journey”. 

The last session “Engagement” was filled by Gratia Sidabutar. Gratia is an enthusiast of youth development with 5 years of experience in AIESEC and had started her career after the international internship in Thailand with AIESEC. Currently, Gratia working as a lecturer, researcher, and analyst in the field of tourism management. 

Gratia began the session with her Quarter Life Crisis story and explained things to choose next. At that time, Gratia did an international internship with AIESEC in Drecom, Thailand. In addition, Gratia also shared some videos briefly about the company and what kinds of activities she had as an intern. 

She closed with the statement for developing professional skills in Global Environment while enjoying the culture to the fullest, say yes to life experience and investment. 

Writer: Anastasia Kinanti