AIESEC in Indonesia helds a National Graduation of AIESEC Future Leaders which aims to graduate AFL participants 2.0 after their 3-months journey with AFL. The theme raised for this graduation is “Zero Gravity: Journey to the Outer Space”. Furthermore, the graduation was connected with 350+ youth around Indonesia from different Local Committees and was held on July, 24th 2021.

AFL Graduation

AFL National Graduation runs from 1 p.m and ends at 3.30 p.m. The Master of Ceremonies (Clarissa Gabriella and M. Arqam Gaffar) opened the event and started with check-in. After that, Kezia Albertha as the MC responsible for AFL gave us opening remarks.

After that, we continued our session into a talk show session. The talk show session was moderated by Muhammad Naufal Munadi, a Local Committee Vice President outgoing Global Volunteer AIESEC in UNHAS. The first speaker was Nicco Ravi Tampubolon, who is the Ace Program Coordinator TCS Chennai India. The second speaker was Muhammad Azam Fuadi, a Web Developer Intern at Cosy Inc. Japan.

In this talk show, Nicco and Azam shared their experiences and insight for all of the participants

. There was a space for participants to give questions for both of the speakers.

After the talk show ended, the National Marketing Coordinator of AFL showed us the AFL’s after the movie which consists of participants’ journeys from 10 different Local Committee. The video showed us how far the participants have gone in this 3 months program. From the very beginning, induction session and then 6 bi-weekly sessions, 6 coaching sessions until LC Debrief. 

The next agenda, we awarded the representative of each Local Committee. We appreciated all of the participants from every Local Committee. The Master of Ceremonies called every representative of each Local Committee.

As the graduation letter has shown, we congratulated them for their 3 months journey with AIESEC Future Leaders and officially graduated them. We were pleased to welcome them into our alumnae of AIESEC Future Leaders.

We also announce the Leaderboard of the program. The leaderboard is people who have the ability and interest to lead further. The Leaderboard is a representative from each batch of AIESEC Future Leaders who have the opportunity to join in more journeys as a self-investment by leading the graduates and synergizing with the National Team of AIESEC Future Leaders. The team for Leaderboard has Ivan Handryks Sitanaya as General Leader, Jessica as General Secretary, Alicia Putri & Zulfa Azka as Comm. Development, and Anastasya Diana & Farah M. as HR.

AIESEC Future Leaders held the Tiktok Challenge before the National Graduation was held. We also announced the winners, there were five winners in this Tiktok Challenge. They came from AIESEC in USU, AIESEC in UNHAS, AIESEC in UNTAN, AIESEC in UNILA, and AIESEC in IPB.

After the Tiktok Challenge announcement, we have some talent shows to be shown! The first talent came from AIESEC in UNJ, Lisana Shidqi and Haniyo S and the last one is Setia from AIESEC in UPNVJ. 

After the whole session we did check out with participants and took a picture to keep the memories with all of the participants of AIESEC Future Leaders 2.0. We are grateful to see the development of 350+ participants while joining AIESEC Future Leaders. We are extremely thankful for the support from speakers, coaches, and participants because no event can be a success without its participants. See you on top, our lovely future leaders!

We are also pleased to welcome you as a participant of AIESEC Future Leaders 3.0.  Register yourself at the link down below.