Hi future leaders! Did you know leadership also has several different types? This can happen because every human being has different personalities and values. According to International Institute for Management Development, leadership styles are a leader’s tactics, traits, and actions when leading, inspiring, and managing their teams. The success of a leader’s leadership can be greatly influenced by a range of elements, such as their personality, values, abilities, and experiences.

There are varieties of leadership, each with advantages and disadvantages. In this post, we’ll look at three most common leadership styles. Let’s check it out!

Autocratic Leadership   

Leadership - AIESEC Future Leaders

An autocratic leadership style is one in which the team members are not consulted during decision-making. This technique works well when judgments must be made fast or when team members lack the necessary information or experience to make wise decisions. However, it could result in low team morale, resistance, and diminished output.

Transformational Leadership

Leadership - AIESEC Future Leaders

A leader that practices transformational leadership encourages and motivates team members to reach their maximum potential. A shared vision is developed, properly communicated, and team members are given the freedom to work toward it. Nevertheless, it could be difficult to adopt in businesses with strict hierarchies or systems.

Democratic Leadership

Leadership - AIESEC Future Leaders

Democratic leadership refers to a management style where the team member participates on decision-making. The democratic leader seeks input and feedback from team members and considers their opinions when making decisions. When team members can offer their knowledge and expertise to the decision-making process, this type works well. If team members are unable to agree, it may cause delays and confrontations.

In conclusion, a group’s or organization’s success is greatly influenced by the leadership style used. Effective leaders may change their approach depending on the circumstance and cultivate a team culture that encourages respect, trust, and cooperation.

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