Have you ever felt tired and also lost your enthusiasm for doing something you used to love? if you answered “yes”, it means you are experiencing what is called “demotivation”. Demotivation is a feeling where we feel tired and lose enthusiasm and cause a feeling of wanting to give up on doing a job. 

Demotivation arises because you feel you can’t do something optimally, be it work or tasks that are already the responsibility of your friend. Demotivation can also be caused by physical, mental, or emotional fatigue caused by excessive stress. When stress is prolonged you will feel unmotivated to do something. 

This demotivation can affect the quality of our work because we can’t do our work optimally because we don’t feel enthusiastic about doing it. 

So what are the signs that we are demotivated? Here are the signs you need to know:

Isolating Yourself from the Environment

When someone is demotivated, they have no interest in socializing, even just doing what they used to like, such as doing hobbies. So someone who is experiencing demotivation will tend to ignore the surrounding environment. 


Loss of Interest in Developing Yourself

Someone will feel disinterested in doing certain things because they are losing the enthusiasm to do it. For that, if you are demotivated, you should take a break and return to doing it after you feel better. 


There is an Excessive Fear

Loss of initiative can also appear along with excessive fear in yourself so that it can eliminate your interest in developing yourself. Excessive feelings of fear can hinder you because it makes you a pessimistic person.


So what causes demotivation? 

As explained earlier, the cause of demotivation consists of many factors, such as physical, mental, or emotional fatigue caused by prolonged stress. This condition can cause a person to lose motivation to do a job so that he looks not enthusiastic about doing it.

The way to overcome this is to take a break from all kinds of routines, let your body, thoughts, and negative feelings go away. After feeling better then you can run all these routines. 



Writer : Yoga Indrawan 

Image Source : Freepik.com

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