AIESEC in UGM was brought AFL (AIESEC Future Leaders) 2022  with a variety of outstanding leadership activities through a professional curriculum this summer. “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”, said John C. Maxwell. To know, go, and show, a leader must let themselves involved in many kinds of challenges and opportunities. 

AFL Summer Peak 2022 

Targeting youth that are currently final year high school students, first-year students, and sophomores, AFL Summer Peak 2022 by AIESEC in UGM offers exclusive leadership training by providing bi-weekly sessions, sharing sessions, networking spaces, and activating leadership support. The curriculum is divided into three main parts with two sub-points.

1. Downscaling your Goals into Achievable Milestones

In this first part, Ms. Chalida Noorseptina (Career Coach and BoA of AIESEC in UGM) brought the materials regarding personal goal setting as well as the strategic planning and timeline set by Agalia Ardyasa (Customer Success Account Manager at Microsoft USA).

2. A “Holy Grail” Skillset

In this second part, Cindy Fatika Sari (Internal Auditor at PT ALTO Network) delivered materials about Cloud Offices 1o1 and Shuhei Kanke explained Time Management and Scheduling.

3. Interpersonal Skills You Might Need

Shania Binti Mahir Hamdun (Indonesia’s Next Top Model Finalist Cycle 1) and Ayuning Galuh (HR Asst. Manager at FMCG) delivered a session about confidence and communication skills. For each part of the curriculum, the participants will get in-depth learning through the bi-weekly sharing session followed by a call-to-action so it will track their progress and challenge them as future leaders.

What is the Participant Saying?

Nabila Intan, one of the future leaders from AFL Summer Peak 2022 by AIESEC in UGM, stated that

“Joining AFL by AIESEC in UGM was a good decision I made in my second semester at university. In the past three months, I got unforgettable experiences in my life. Meet new friends from different institutes, backgrounds, cultures, and countries also get many new insights in every session. Besides, I can improve my leadership and English skill in a really fun way.”

AIESEC in UGM believes that these steps from the future leaders will lead them to more challenging and eye-opening experiences. We hope that the learnings will build confidence and also lead these future leaders to have the courage to take action for the greater good. Moreover, more joyous and exciting sessions will be awaited in the next AFL Winter Peak 2022. So, are you ready to become future leaders?