How did AIESEC changed Kak Ai’s life? let’s check it out!


What made you want to join AIESEC?

I first joined AIESEC because I was interested in the global network it offered, a chance for me to network with the coolest people around the world was something I couldn’t resist! Not only that, I was also intrigued by the diverse environment that AIESEC in Unpad has back then, it felt so warm and supportive even to me that was just a new university student!

What benefit did you get from your AIESEC experience?

I’m beyond grateful with the personalized development and network I got here, it contributed so much towards my growth as a person. I gain a personalized and relevant leadership experience that I really cherished back then as a new university students, it led me to tons of opportunities outside and inside Universitas Padjadjaran (that eventually gave me a managerial position even when I was still a 1st year student!), and the best of all a wide range of network that engages me with all youths in Indonesia! It’s such a pleasure to give back what I receive so I’m able to spread more impacts to the members of AIESEC.

Did your AIESEC experience help you in your professional life?

YES, SO MUCH!, I think one of the most concrete experience was when I’m studying in class to a topic I already implemented in AIESEC. It gave me such a huge academical advantage as my major aligns with the roles I took in AIESEC. Thanks to that I’m able to study much more comprehensively compare to my peers! Not only that, I got such a big exposure in terms of career development as the roles I took in AIESEC helped me to gain so many networks that leads to new opportunities and boost up my personal branding. I won’t lie that an AIESEC experience is a golden ticket to career portfolio as what we implemented on a daily basis are the values and efficiency of a professional company.

How did you manage all of your activites while still maintaining good grades?

I don’t think AIESEC took that much time out of my studies, because AIESEC ultimately became my learning ground to practice what I study in my major. It gave me a tough and challenging environment to balance my time between studying and student activities. A simple time management strategy and productivity tools really help me in managing my priorities that ultimately help me to maintain a 3.9 GPA! AIESEC is the one that offered me a starting point to tackle these problems and set boundaries so I’m able to balance my academics.

What’s your tips and trick for people to manage their activities effectively?

To know what you want! It’s essential to know who we are, what we’re capable of, and the ambition we strive to get. Self management is a huge part in how I manage my activities as it allows me to foster effective skillset that help me to manage my activities. Being aware of what I’m feeling emotionally and how my surroundings react to my presence helps me to position myself in setting priorities. Lastly, know your energy so we’re able to distribute the energy core we have into concrete actions in everyday settings.

Can you give us one sentence to describe your journey as an AIESECer?

Exhilarating! It’s a never-ending journey of Self Discovery. I learn a lot from myself and the people around me as it allows me to develop myself further. It was an emotional roller coaster journey that I never regret stepping upon to contribute another year in each discovery I experience.

What message would you like to give for future AIESECers?

What scares you and excites you at the same time is a journey worth to take and challenge on!

What scares you and excites you at the same time is a journey worth to take and challenge on. You will never know what you might unlock with AIESEC, we strive ourself on a personalized and relevant experience for youths to take on. So what do you seek in AIESEC? If you hear the call that it will be worth it to take on, believe me. Stepping upon my 3rd year in AIESEC it always gave me different experiences that made me level up my leadership and strive the blue journey!

Kak Ai got where he is today because of his resilience and always learn from his experiences. You too can follow his footstep!