On 25th May 2021, AIESEC in Indonesia organized the much-awaited National Alumni Gathering with over 100 alumni members attending the event from all over the years. This year, the batches from the 1980s,1990s, 2000s, and 2010s joined the national alumni gathering. 

This alumni gathering is carried into several parts as; ceremonial, engage, inspire, and connect. Before the event commenced, there was a video projected of the alumni’s first memories as an AIESEC member. The memorial video showed along with the song that was popular back then called “Tunak-Tunak Tun”. The video contains all of the photos and videos shared by our alumni in the AIESEC Rindu Board that was given before the event. Rindu Board is a pre-event before the National Alumni Gathering. It is a platform for alumni to share what they’ve been missing during their period in AIESEC. You can still look and access to AIESEC Rindu Board here: aiesec.or.id/RinduAIESEC

After that, Ebin and Zilva, as the representative of AIESEC Indonesia Alumni Organization (AIAO), started to communicate with the alumni that have already joined the room. At the opening ceremony, we also had Kessy, the Member Committee President (MCP) of AIESEC in Indonesia to explain the purpose of this event, and the current updates of AIESEC in Indonesia. 

Furthermore, the alumni moved into different rooms based on their batch. This room was provided for batch 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s. The purpose of this was to connect with the alumni per decade ​​ and there were also special events such as; sharing, quizzes, and trivia that were proudly made and customized for that decade.

Subsequently, the alumni went back to the main room to come to the connect session. This connect session is called ​​“Alumni Idea Fest” where alumnis can share to other alumnis regarding their initiatives, business, start up, program that is now being executed or they can share invitation to collaborate, invitation to join the initiatives, or to join the business. The purpose of this event is to facilitate collaboration between alumnis per batch, various LCs and various areas in which it is able to give a positive impact that is more significant.

These are lists of alumni who share in the Idea Fest, which are; Samuel Davidsen (Founder of Aksel), Akino (initiative for refugee mentorship program), Ilmaa (Bridges to the Future Program by google.org), Bintang (Founder of kelaspenyiar_id), Badar & Anggi (Founder of Pacmann), Avi (Founder of Marvy), Ardantya (Founder of Generasi Muda Indonesia), Sabrina (Founder of Natuno), Samuel (Founder of F project), and closed by the initiative program from AIESEC in Indonesia that is Local Internship.

“Alumni Gathering kemarin sangat seru , karena bisa ngobrol dari lintas angkatan dan mendengarkan alumni dari tahun 80 an sampai sekarang. Yang bikin makin seru juga adalah Ideas sharing session, jadi bisa punya ide baru dan explore kemungkinan kolaborasi !” – Ebin, President of AIAO

“Alumni Gathering AIESEC kemarin benar-benar refreshing, kita bisa ketemu Alumni lintas generasi 10-20 tahun di atas/bawah kita dan mereka semua really friendly and welcome, jadi kita ngobrolnya asik aja udh cair gitu. Dan juga para alumni ini banyak punya ide dan kreativitas yang di implement as a business or activity yang berkontribusi positif bagi sosial/masyarakat dan tetap bisa sustainable as a business” – Dimas, Member of AIAO

This alumni gathering, can strengthen the relationship between alumni and can unite other members to get to know each other and share experiences with AIESEC alumni.