The decisions we make will determine our lives, but doesn’t it feel bad knowing that we’re sometimes still unable to choose on our own? We frequently have self-doubt and seek solace from others. Thus, is there any valid qualification we should acknowledge in order to make the best choice?

No, the answer is no. The least we can do is streamline the options that work best for us. Yet, it’ll be more efficacious when we realize our worth. We’ll set boundaries without being influenced by outside factors and we’ll be more focused on achieving our objectives. It allows us to be more optimistic in our actions than to be preoccupied with impractical idealism. However, the following query is: how do we recognize our value?

Since we all live and grow in different environments, not everyone is born with the ability to understand what they want to do. But that won’t be the justification for not moving on. Don’t regard our lives as a scheme for which we must wait years before beginning. If defining what we actually want is difficult, we can start by defining what we do not want instead. Well, most of the time, people don’t know what they want until they have proven what they do not like. People tend to be better at identifying things they don’t like.

“I know for sure that I don’t want to be a longtime follower; I want to lead.”

“I know for sure that I don’t like to waste my time on this.”

As a result, we have bent the uncertainty by eliminating all the obstacles we have created for ourselves, and this will finally give us hope. We will proceed in the manner we have laid out for ourselves. It’s important to act and not let self-analysis paralyze us. Ensure that the path of action we’re pursuing is consistent with what we’re certain of. Concentrate, and we’ll unintentionally discover what we were looking for.

Uncertainty has the power to grant us hope.


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Author: Rahmah Alyanisa