Some people may have a different stereotype about what goals they want to achieve, or what kind of success they want. Including you isn’t it?  We can do every task or activity that we want, we can make our money back, we can do everything we want, but one thing is important: we can’t take the time back.

Once we waste it, they are gone forever.

So, at the end of the day, everyone who wants to achieve their goals and make them close to the “glory” is facing this thing called “time management”. Has it ever crossed your mind that most successful people are able to do a lot of great things, can run more than one business, and can spend time with their relatives? It’s not because they are a superhero that has split power into several bodies, It is because they know their limit, they know that they can’t do everything all at once. So, they try to control the time instead of letting it control them. And they try to manage their time in order to do all the jobs that should be done perfectly and eventually make them achieve their glory.

So what is exactly time management?

Time management is a term that we call a technique for using time more efficiently and effectively. In other words, you are going to manage and prioritize your workload to the time you have so you can be focused and give your energy to the work that matters the most. You also can be more organized in your personal and professional tasks based on how important and urgent they are.

With what tool can time management be more organized efficiently?

There exists the Eisenhower Matrix, an often-used time management strategy for prioritizing tasks we have. This matrix is divided into 4 quadrants, each of which has a different priority scale and treatment.

priority scale

Then,how Successful people achieve their glory with time management skills?

#1 – They know the value of their time

Everyone knows they only have 24 hours but not everyone realizes that time of life is simply a trade-off. Successful people always know how to invest their time instead of wasting it.

#2 – Start the day early and make a morning routine

By starting the day early, you have more time to do something productive and be able to do the morning routine. You can activities like meditation, exercise, planning to-do-list, and make your whole day’s mood brighter.

#3 – Set the goals and priorities when planning to-do-list and eliminate waste

Successful people always plan the whole day’s to-do-list and make sure the goals they have can be achieved. They know how urgent and important their work is so they can give the treatment for the task they have effectively.

#4 – Focus on one task at a time

Successful people always know that, instead of multitasking, they choose to focus on just one task at a time. They later try to finish another task, but they put their focus first. Multitasking can throw away our time because we simply can’t focus on more than one task at a time.


So in short, those are the things you can learn from the time management skill successful people have. They always invest their time and avoid wasting it. They always make sure however they spend the time, they will get a return in any term. Anyway, talking about time, AIESEC is one of most organizations that values time and makes members develop time management skills. You can learn a lot of things related to time management skills through various activities AIESEC offers. And the good news is that AIESEC in UNPAD will open recruitment soon! Wait for #JoinAIESEC2022.


Author: Azkia Putra Wibawa – Public Relation AIESEC in Unpad