Writer by Annisa Kurnia and Salsabila Rahma Az Zahro

Impact Circle is an initiative from AIESEC in Indonesia which focuses on creating a discussion platform for community, organization, and other institutions to discuss the current issue and how youths can help to solve it that is based on SDGs implementation in Indonesia.

By February 27th, 2021, AIESEC in Indonesia already held an Impact Circle that has collaborated with SOMPO insurance by Zoom virtual meeting that was attended by more than 200 participants. At this time, AIESEC in Indonesia held Impact Circle under SDGs number eight, which is Decent Work and Economic Growth, which aims to bring awareness about investment. By the main topic, AIESEC in Indonesia brings “Foster Financial wellness through Saham and Reksadana.” as the theme for the Impact Circle x SOMPO and invited speakers that have specialization in this field such as Tirta Prayudha, Nicko Yosafat, and Nurul Asri. 

The Event Session

The event started with a warm opening from AIESEC Indonesia’s President, Kessy Abreka Sembiring. After it was officially opened by the president, the event started and was handled by the moderator and session by the speakers with questions and answers at last.

For the first session, we had Tirta Prayudha. He was a financial analyst at one of the biggest Oil & Gas Companies in the world and currently CEO and Co-Founder of Big Alpha. He delivered a session on the topic of “The Stock and Mutual Fund Investment in Indonesia” which aims to introduce investment, stock, and mutual funds to youths. Tirta also explained the risk of investing and the investment frauds in Indonesia.

At the second session, we had Nicko Yosafat who is an Economist at Ciptadana Sekuritas Asia who is responsible as a macroeconomic consultant, he also a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Idekonomi. Idekonomi itself is a platform that has a concern in economic issues. In this session, he delivered a session which is “The importance and benefits of investing” that aims to help youths understand the benefits of the investment that are not limited to personal benefits but increasingly to Indonesia’s economy, especially during the pandemic.

Last but not least, we had Nurul Asri as our last speaker. Nurul is an Investment Analyst at Global Venture Capital and a Founder of  @9thfloor_id which actively gives financial and investment literacy. In the last session, Nurul delivered a session with the topic of “How to start to invest in stocks and mutual funds” to enlighten youth for starting to invest in stock and mutual funds and explained more in an investment strategy that is suitable for a beginner, the steps to invest for each instrument, and the things that need to be prepare before start investing.

The Importance of Stock and Mutual Fund Investments for Youths

Picture by Liza Summer from Pexels

Picture by Liza Summer from Pexels

From this webinar session, it was explained that investing in stocks and mutual funds is very important to help young people start investing to create goals that are targeted in the future. In addition, making regular investments forces you to set aside a certain amount of money regularly, which helps you to instill a sense of financial discipline in the long run. By Investing to ensure the current and future long-term financial security. The money you make on your investment can provide financial security and income. Therefore, let’s start trying to invest when we are young for a better life!