AIESEC in Unsoed has held paid webinars that are intended for the public, especially those who are in their productive age. Youth Today: A Desperately Needed Break That We Didn’t Know We Needed with the #TakeABreath campaign invites youth to realize the importance of taking breaks and resting between jobs as a form of achieving a balance between personal life and work to create a healthy mind so that they can support future productivity of the individual.

This event was hosted by the moderator Dian Ummi Lestari who is a student of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Deputy Chairperson of the DLM FIKES, Jenderal Soedirman University. And in this webinar, AIESEC in Unsoed presented two very inspiring and insightful speakers.

The first session, namely Insight Session, was delivered by Mr. Daud Antonius. He is the Co-Founder of the @PsikologiID digital community who is active in various social media in presenting knowledge that applies to mental health problems and is also the CEO of Learn-Academy, an educational institution, and soft-skills development. Besides, he also owns a psychotherapy clinic and has successfully written 16 best-selling books in Indonesia. 

The session that he conducted emphasized breaking the stigma against mental health. He also emphasized that self-healing and self-awareness are important things in life, but we need to reduce self-diagnosis behavior, if we feel that we have problems related to mental health, he suggests consulting doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists through the application. If necessary, we should come directly to the nearest therapy clinic. He said that,

“Coming to a therapy clinic doesn’t mean we are ‘crazy’, but because we care about our mental health.”

The next speaker was Ms. Firdani Apriana. She is a psychology graduate who graduated from Padjajaran University who has interests and experiences in studying and leading human resources. During her time as a student, she was the Head of Talent Management AIESEC at Padjajaran University and was active in sharing other student activities at both the university and national levels. After graduating from university, she worked in several companies and is now the Former One Percent Human Resource Manager, a company that focuses on providing services for mental health in Indonesia.

In the Experience Session with Kak Firdani Apriana, she shared his experiences related to Hustle Culture which he had experienced. Starting from a motivation due to a broken heart, making Firdani Apriana busy herself with various positive activities as self-development. However, it had made her compare her achievements with other people around her, so she was trapped in the bad side of Hustle Culture. Anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and life imbalances. 

She emphasized that having many activities that can improve ourselves is a good thing, but as humans, we cannot forget our life balance, because life is not just about work and career. We need to be aware of our capacity, care for ourselves, do our work efficiently, have a support system and self-care. The session with Ms. Firdani Apriana was closed with the words,

“Manage your time, energy, and priorities wisely.”

Writer: Zahara Septiningtyas